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By: Devvy
March 14, 2011

"The militia is the natural defense of a free country against sudden foreign invasions, domestic insurrections, and domestic usurpation of power by rulers. The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of the republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers; and will generally ... enable the people to resist and triumph over them." Joseph Story, Supreme Court Justice, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, p. 3:746-7, 1833

Everyday my mail box brings in several urgent notices to fight some gun bill either in the Outlaw Congress or the states:

3/16/2011----- Original Message -----

Senate to Consider Anti-gun Funding Resolution on Thursday

Gun Owners of America has written Senate members to ....

Here's another one:

NJ Continues To Trash 2nd Amendment! March 17, 2011

New Jersey Continues to Trash Second Amendment in Right to Carry Lawsuit - Second Amendment Committee

"NJ Attorney General Argues That The Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms Does Not Apply Outside the Home and That the Public Needs to be Protected From Those Legally Carrying!! On March 16, the New Jersey Attorney General filed its final lower court response in the recently-filed lawsuit challenging New Jersey's extreme and subjective handgun carry laws. As in its previous papers, the Attorney General again trashed the Second Amendment, arguing that the right to bear arms does not apply outside the home, and that New Jersey's carry laws are constitutional and necessary to protect the public from those who legally carry firearms."

Same old, same old and it's been going on for decades. Now, one would think that gun owners in this country would have gotten fed up a long time ago with this never ending game of back and forth on the Second Amendment. After all, the solution is there, it's always been there, but for some reason, no one wants to cure the cancer, just treat the symptoms. That is especially true for politicians. After all, there's no reelection in the cure, only more Band Aids.

How many headlines have we seen over the past two years about the usurper camped out in the White House going to grab your firearms? Endless. There are approximately 85 million gun owners in this country. How many of them voted for the putative president, Obama/Soetoro/Dunham? If every single gun owner in this country had gotten off their backsides and voted against him in November 2008, not even vote fraud could have ushered such a despicable liar into office.

Yet, the numbers tell us a whole lot of gun owners must have voted for Obama/Soetoro. Why? Because the fraud in the White House, Mr. Cool, had his mojo working and promised hope and change. Guess their Second Amendment rights didn't count for much when sweet talked by such a skilled snake oil salesman who couldn't possibly (and never intended) deliver what he promised the masses.

Millions of words have been written about the Second Amendment, never ending court cases and endless bushels of money thrown at politicians to "fight for our Second Amendment rights". Yet, gun owners are still fighting battles instead of decisively winning the war.

Do gun owners really want to stop the constant assault on the Second Amendment? Quite frankly, so far, I don't think so. Oh, there are many who do, but it's a very small percentage of gun owners pushing for the solution instead of more hurry up and call the Outlaw Congress or your state house to fight another gun bill. Why, some gun owners believe the right to own and bear arms means their hunting rifle for deer season; I kid you not.

What is the final solution? The constitutional militia reconstituted by the state legislatures. That is the ONLY constitutional solution that will stop federal and state gun laws and activist judges interfering with your gun rights. Why? Because as Edwin has written based on historical facts and the whole wording of the Second Amendment: if you're between the ages of 16 and 60 you are required to own a firearm and be part of the militia. Not private militias, of which there are many who are peacefully training and being prepared for natural disasters in their area. However, there are no constitutional militia in this country as mandated by the Second Amendment.

Like millions of Americans, I didn't fully understand or appreciate the real meaning of the whole Second Amendment until I began reading Edwin's columns back in 2005 on NWVs. These are a must read:

The Constitutional Militia, Slavery, & Contemporary "Gun Control"
"The Militia of The Several States" Guarantee the Second Amendment

Once you fully understand the intent of the militia as is defined in the Second Amendment, then you will begin to understand, as I did, why all this time and money expended on fighting one anti-gun bill or another thousand is simply a waste of time and money. It hasn't cured the problem, it just drags it out in one court room battle after another. All the emails screeching the UN is going to take your gun maybe good for fund raising, but I never see the real solution in the sales pitch.

I ask again: Do gun owners in this country want to stop all the gun grabbing bills or do you want to continue treating the symptoms? Every time I see another email with the subject matter: Stop this gun bill, I trash it because they're all the same.

What can you do? First, do like I did and get fully educated on the issue. Start with the two columns cited above. You can also listen to a few of Edwin's columns on audio for free; click here. I recorded them so that every American can listen and learn. Download to a CD or your IPod and listen on a plane or a train or the bus. Time is in short supply, but without a complete understanding of what the real militia to maintain a free state actually means, you cannot help defeat our enemies. I've sent dozens of copies to state reps and senators in my state and half dozen others asking them to please reconstitute the militia under the control of the state. Not counting more than 18,000 hard copies over the past years since I recorded that special edition. Just imagine what would happen if 40-50 MILLION gun owners did the same. State legislators would feel the heat of the 2012 elections.

Think it wouldn't make a difference with your state legislator? Of course it would and it would also tell your state legislator you have their back because the stupid and ignorant in the state houses who hate the Second Amendment will go after them if a bill is introduced with slash and burn labels like radicals. Patrick Henry was called a radical. He gave several speeches on the purse and the sword. If not for Patrick Henry, the "radical", it's unlikely there would have been a Bill of Rights at all. So, let the name calling begin and we'll see who wins the war.

I guarantee you that if the millions of gun owners in this country don't go after the cure, nothing will change no matter which party holds power in the Outlaw Congress or your state capitol. If you are a member of Gun Owners of America, the NRA or other gun rights organizations, write them a short letter asking them to help lead the way in reconstituting the constitutional militia in the states; include a copy of the CD. Since they are pro Second Amendment, I don't know why they won't come out on the front lines to advocate for the true meaning of the Second Amendment, do you?

Of course, there will be all kinds of screeching and hysteria from gutless cowards like Chuckie Schumer, Michael Bloomberg (Fascist mayor of NYC), the incredibly, stupid empty headed, Rep. Carolyn McCarthy [D-NY] and many others. Forget them and drown out their ignorance with the truth and persistence. Focus on your state rep and senator. Get your local gun organization together, find out who can get to your state capitol and send a delegation to meet with your public servants. Bring my CD (for which I profit not a penny) to give to him/her, and if you can afford it (pool your $$ and buy two copies), purchase Dr. Vieira's book, Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States. Volume I, The Nation in Arms; one for your state rep and one for your state senator.

Lots of fine books are out there on the right to own and bear arms, But A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States is the definitive work on the history of the Second Amendment every gun owner should know. Edwin is working on Vol. II and once it's published, I'll get a few copies and get it to my state rep and a few of his colleagues. In my case, I won't bother with my state senator. He's another Republican who wouldn't know what the U.S. Constitution said if James Madison stood in front of him and read it word for word.

Now, where are my fellow Texans who are gun owners and believe in the Second Amendment? Are you willing to do what I've done or just sit on the side lines? It doesn't cost anything to download the CD except the cost of a blank CD. If you can't make it to Austin, send a short letter with the CD to your state rep; will cost you less than a buck in postage. Then follow up phone calls. Is that so difficult to win this war instead of just more skirmishes? How about you up in Montana or over in Kentucky? Do you want the solution or just more "call your congress critter"?

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It will take only one state to bring itself back into constitutional compliance and other states will follow. Okay, realistically, it won't happen in California or New York. Not that you shouldn't try, you should. If your state rep or senator is an ignorant anti-gun zealot like Carolyn McCarthy, it would be a waste of time, but you can get the above mentioned materials to your local gun group and contact Gun Owners of America, the NRA and others asking them to put their considerable weight behind this effort. Because, guess what? I can tell you as sure as the sun shines that unless we see this happen, the crack down on guns (and ammunition) will continue with more and more laws. Gun owners will continue "fighting" gun "laws" with more of their money and time only to get little for their efforts. Kind of like trying to climb a sand dune.

How about stop doing the same thing that brings the same losing results? Either you're sick and tired and fed up with worn out non-solutions or you're willing to work towards the solution. The choice is yours and I hope it will be the constitutional one.

Educational links:

Order: Constitutional Homeland Security: A Call for Americans to Revitalize the Militia of the Several States.
Volume I, The Nation in Arms
$19.95 ($20.95 for Virginia residents) to: Dr. Edwin Vieira,
52 Stonegate Ct., Front Royale, VA 22630

Dr. Edwin Vieira's columns free on CD

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How many headlines have we seen over the past two years about the usurper camped out in the White House going to grab your firearms? Endless.










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