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By: Devvy
June 14, 2011

"Satan is an artist. He paints sin in rainbow colors." - Billboard in front of a local church where I live in Big Spring, Texas

Christians believe the King James Bible is the word of God. We (Christians) are to live our lives under His Commandments (not requests) or surrender our souls to eternal damnation. Growing numbers of Americans simply slough that off as something out dated or hocus pocus.

Recent headlines proclaimed:

"The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) on Tuesday voted to allow the ordination of openly gay and lesbian ministers. The church put the vote to its 173 presbyteries, or governing bodies, nationwide.

"On Tuesday, the Twin Citites Area presbytery, which covers Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, became the 87th presbytery -- and the deciding vote -- to approve an amendment that will remove the constitutional requirement that all ministers, elders and deacons live in "fidelity within the covenant of marriage between a man and a woman or chastity in singleness."

"The change, which opens up the possibility that people in same-sex relationships can be considered for ordination, is expected to take effect starting on July 10. It is the latest move by a Protestant denomination toward the inclusion of gay and lesbian clergy.

"I see this as an opportunity to build a stronger church. Faithful and qualified lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Presbyterians will be able to openly serve the church with energy, intelligence, imagination and love," said Rev. Dr. Janet Edwards, a Presbyterian minister in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, soon after the vote."

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) above has slapped God in the face. Their churches will now have male reverends who have sex in each other's rectums and feces (sodomy or what I call bowel movement sex) and female reverends who slobber in each other's vaginas and suck on each other's breasts (lesbian sex) stand at the podium "in God's house of worship" and teach "the word of God."

The word of God? Could it be any easier to understand?

"You shall not lie with a male as those who lie with a female; it is an abomination." -- Leviticus 18:22

"For this reason God gave them over to degrading passions: for their women exchanged the natural use for that which is against nature. And in the same way also the men abandoned the natural use of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty for their error." -- Romans 1:26-27

"Who, knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them." Romans 1:32

"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Leviticus 18:22

"If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them." Leviticus 20:13

Well, perhaps the churches above use what's called the NIV - New International Version of the Holy Bible. But, did this "new" version of the Bible have a little help from a sexual deviant with an agenda?

Virginia Ramey Mollenkott, Ph.D.

"In the mid-1970's, while still closeted personally, Mollenkott began to advocate at church conferences in behalf of lesbian and gay Christians. In l978, with Letha Dawson Scanzoni, she published Is the Homosexual My Neighbor?, which became the spearhead volume of Harper San Francisco's collection of LGBT texts. The book, which won an Integrity award for "extraordinary support of the gay Christian movement," was revised and vastly expanded in 1994.

"Mollenkott served as Stylistic Consultant for the New International Version of the Bible, and as a member of the National Council of Churches' Inclusive Language Lectionary Committee, coming out to the NCC convention in support of the Metropolitan Community Church's application for membership. She has guest lectured at hundreds of universities, church conferences and seminaries, and testified on behalf of the New Jersey anti-discrimination law, receiving a l992 Achievement Award from the NJ Lesbian and Gay Coalition. In 1999, SAGE (Senior Action in a Gay Environment) presented her with a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work of combating heterosexism in religion.

"Mollenkott has served as Board Member for various GLBT-friendly organizations, including Evangelicals Concerned, The Center for Sexuality and Religion, and Kirkridge Retreat Center, where for many years has led several GLBT events annually. She is a founding member of the GLBT-inclusive Evangelical and Ecumenical Women's Caucus.


"Among her twelve books, the most explicitly lesbian is Sensuous Spirituality: Out From Fundamentalism, although lesbians have also enjoyed The Divine Feminine: Biblical Imagery of God as Female. Her most recent and most radical work, Omnigender: A TransReligious Approach, won the 2002 Lambda Literary Award in the bisexual/transgender category."

A butch dyke blaspheming the word of God all in the name of tolerance. Tolerance? Excuse me while I spit out such foul vomit.

How can any Christian bring their children to a church that teaches such filth? How can any Christian who believes the Holy Bible is the word of God attend a church that openly and aggressively uses propaganda in convincing their flock that such dangerous sexual preferences are good for your body and soul? How can any Christian bring their children to a "House of God" presided over by sexual deviants who don't reproduce, but must recruit the young and vulnerable into believing they are "born that way" - a myth shoved down the throat of people anxious not to offend others for their "alternative lifestyle". Sin is not an alternative life style.

In my column, The Cloning of the American Mind & Gays, February 19, 2007, I wrote, "Political Correctness: The Cloning of the American Mind, is a short but very precise book published back in 1992 by David Thibodaux, Ph.D., English professor, University of South-western Louisiana. Dr. Thibodaux hit it right on the mark. In a relatively few pages (212), he succinctly chronicled the foundations of the disease called "political correctness," how it will destroy America's moral foundation, educational excellence in this country and how it can be corrected." Dr. Thibodaux has been right on point all along.

Are other Christian denominations leading their flocks into the absyss of Hell?

Church Touts Homosexuality as a Gift, Not a Sin
Being Gay is a Gift From God Campaign
Central United Methodist Church - Ohio

"This simple statement is intended to be a gift to those who have experienced hurt and discrimination because of their real or perceived sexual orientation. The Church seeks nothing less than the healing of the world, and Central UMC wants to offer words and acts of healing to those hurt and marginalized. Also, declaring that being gay is a gift from God is a prophetic call to the Church to get out of the business of marginalizing gay and lesbian persons from the Church, and to welcome them as full members."

A nugget of truth mixed with the propaganda: "real or perceived sexual orientation." The 1992 newly minted sexual orientation vs sexual preference is just more clever marketing.

Let me again quote from Dr. Edwin Vieria's superb book, How to Dethrone the Imperial Judiciary, regarding the Lawrence v Texas case: "On the other side, Justice O'Connor did not deny that homosexuality is a voluntarily chosen lifestyle.."

O'Connor used those words because there isn't a scintilla of scientific evidence to prove sexual deviants are "born that way":

"This is the Way God Made Me"- A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the "Gay Gene" by Brad Harrub, Ph.D. and Bert Thompson, Ph.D. and Dave Miller, Ph.D,. should be read by anyone who wants to understand that it's propaganda driven by an agenda that has pushed the acceptance of sodomy and lesbian sex, not science.

The 'gay gene' hoax

"In the 1990s, homosexual activists believed that if they could convince the courts that they were "born gay" they would acquire protected-class status and could then legally challenge anti-sodomy laws in the United States.


"Dean Hamer played an enormous role in this effort. In fact, on April 3, 1994, the The Washington Times reported that while Hamer was testifying against Colorado's Amendment 2 – which sought to keep men who have sex with men from winning minority-class status – Sen. Robert C. Smith, R-N.H., knew of Hamer's motives and accused the doctor of "actively pursuing a gay agenda."

"Immediately after Hamer's "gay gene" study was published in 1993, a media explosion ensued. Hamer's results, however, were a fraud. The title of an article appearing on page 25 of the July 10, 1995, edition of the pro-gay magazine New York Native explains:

"Gay Gene" Research Doesn't Hold Under Scrutiny, Chicago Tribune's John Crewdson Uncovers Possible Scientific Misconduct by NCI Researcher.

"What is at the heart of evil in our world, and how do we lessen its power in our own lives? Check out David Kupelian's newest book, "How Evil Works: Understanding and Overcoming the Destructive Forces That Are Transforming America"

"The article begins:

"In addition to the political and social firestorm Hamer's research has ignited, he has also been criticized by numerous scientists for not performing what seems to be an obvious control experiment: examining the genes of heterosexual brothers.

"The omission of a control group in a scientific experiment is significant, because it essentially renders the experiment inconclusive. Why would a supposedly professional researcher like Hamer conduct an experiment in such an unacceptable and unprofessional fashion?

"According to the article, another researcher who worked on the project claimed that although Hamer conducted the experiment correctly by including a control variable, the results he obtained did not lead to the conclusion he was hoping to find: that some men are "born gay." Hamer therefore did not release the information related to the control group and published pseudo-scientific results. All went well for Hamer until a junior researcher on his team exposed his scheme. The article continues:

"Even worse for Hamer, the National Institute of Health's Office of Research Integrity is now investigating his "gay gene" research, according to Crewdson. The inquiry concerns allegations that Hamer was selective about which data he chose to report (i.e., that he ignored data that didn't support his contention that homosexuality is genetically determined). The data manipulation was reported to NIH's integrity office by a junior researcher who performed research crucial to Hamer's claimed discovery, according to Crewdson."

Ex-gay Q&A

"Aren’t some people born gay?

"We have all heard of individuals who entered homosexuality later in life after marrying and having children with an opposite-sex spouse. No scientific evidence has established a genetic cause for homosexuality or found a “gay gene.” There is no DNA or medical test to determine if a person is homosexual. Sexual orientation is a matter of self-affirmation and public declaration. “Gay” is a self-chosen identity. According to the American Psychiatric Association, there are no replicated scientific studies to support that people can be born “gay” or that homosexuality is innate.

"According to the American Psychological Association, “[a]lthough much research has examined the possible genetic, hormonal, developmental, social, and cultural influences on sexual orientation, no findings have emerged that permit scientists to conclude that sexual orientation is determined by any particular factor or factors.” [2008]

In other words, sodomy is a chosen sexual preference as is lesbian sex. The whole lie about "born that way" is falling apart.

Was America's innocence lost ... or stolen?
Exclusive: Jim Fletcher shocked by 'scientific' scheme to advance sexual deviancy

The word "gay" as I have said so many times before, is a marketing tool to make people forget what homosexuals and lesbians do with each other, not because they are "born that way". Sexual deviants choose to practice dangerous and filthy sexual activities. It's also a public health issue:

What if some other behavior cost 25 million lives?
Campaign chief says actions linked to terminal AIDS largely ignored

HIV/AIDS is predominately a homosexual disease

Shame on the churches in this country who condone that which God has called an abomination. God's laws and what he commands us to do in our lives isn't a fad. God's laws and what he commands us to do has not changed over the millenniums, only people have by cultural influences. It's easier to embrace sin than to live as our Creator has commanded. For decades, the created have mocked God by willfully accepting a bastardized version of His word all in the name of political correctness and tolerance.

Shame on those who support churches who push sexual deviancy. This isn't about tolerance. It's about sin. It's about sexual deviants who have convinced their flocks they are above God and that sin is a thing of the past. That they have a "right" to mock His laws and you must accept such blasphemy or not be accepted into their circle of perversion they call Sunday Services.

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No doubt I'll get the usual emails from people telling me "I'm gay and God loves me". The Holy Bible (KJV) says different when you violate what God has called an abomination and spelled it out quite clearly.

Satan is an artist who paints sin in rainbow colors says it so well. The symbol for sexual deviants is the rainbow and the color purple. It is being flown all across this country. A symbol of immoral, filthy sexual preferences like bowel movement sex. Cover our nation in the cloak of sin. And, God should bless our country? A good question to ponder.

Judgment day comes to all of us because no one escapes death. Those who choose to slap God in the face will learn the true meaning of the word tolerance.


1- The Queering of our military and God's wrath

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A nugget of truth mixed with the propaganda: "real or perceived sexual orientation." The 1992 newly minted sexual orientation vs sexual preference is just more clever marketing.