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By: Devvy
January 10, 2012

Montgomery Blair Sibley is a candidate for president. He contacted me a couple of years ago to let me know he was going to file a Quo Warranto to remove Obama/Soetoro from office at the appropriate time.

Sibley has quite a family history (view here) and was the attorney who represented, Deborah Jeane Palfrey, dubbed the DC Madam. Her life tragically ended, allegedly, by hanging herself. Many believe she was murdered to keep the secrets buried.

The filed Quo Warranto can be read here.

Over the years I've written many columns on the eligibility issue regarding the putative president trying to bring all of us the research that was being done regarding the problem with Barry Soetoro's citizenship, what natural born citizen means and so forth. Sounding like a broken record, I've always believed Leo Donofrio had it right regarding removing Obama/Soetoro from office using the Quo Warranto statute.

March 18, 2009

Vattel Decoded - Leo Donofrio

"In parts 1, 2 and 3 of my quo warranto legal brief, I laid the case out for the various processes under the District of Columbia Code available to law enforcement officials as well as private plaintiffs and attorneys. So far, not a single “eligibility advocate” has used the statute - the only national law which uses the word “usurper” in its very text. As they scream usurper at Obama, they patently ignore the only statute empowered to remove him. And yet the “donate” buttons keep getting pushed. And those cases continue to be rightfully dismissed."

I hope you can take the time to read Montgomery's QW filing as well as Leo's three part series. I know, it's a lot of reading, but it's the only way to learn all of this complicated legal material. If you can't read them today, book mark and read this weekend.

The direct links to Leo's three part series are as follows:


QUO WARRANTO LEGAL BRIEF – Part 2: The Federal Quo Warranto Statute Is The Only Constitutional Means of Removing a Sitting President Other Than Impeachment


Of course, Montgomery's legal battle is just beginning, but he intends to fight this using every legal means available.

Anyone not living in a self induced coma is fully aware the U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, is a corrupt political animal who cares nothing for the law and is tied at the hip with his boss, Obama/Soetoro. However, Montgomery is a very experienced attorney and experienced in the muck and rot of Washington, DC, so he knows what he's up against.

For radio talk show hosts who would like to book him to discuss his legal action (which benefits everyone as we learn), here is the contact form.


One other note on eligibility. My last column ask the question: Will there be a ballot challenge regarding Willard Mitt Romney? There has been one filed by a lady here in Texas. She is a long time Democrat voter who has also filed to keep Obama/Soetoro off the ballot.

One individual on his web site makes this claim:

"Here is further information just sent my way on his parentage and their citizenship.

"Let me say this again … my research SHOWS NO REPATRIATION OR NATURALIZATION of George Romney. That does not mean there is none … it does however cast serious problems into the cogs of what appears to be a well oiled Mitt Romney campaign for President machine. My basic premise is simple…Mitt Romney, candidate for President 2012 cannot be eligible for President because his entire family converted to Mexican citizenship and relinquished their US Citizenship.

"Above is a pedigree chart first showing GEORGE ROMNEY, the father of Mitt Romney. Second shows George's parents, Gaskell and Anna Romney. Then we have the two grandparents of George Romney, who was Miles and Hannah Romney, and then Helaman and Anna Pratt."

I have ask Mr. Noonan in email if can provide any legitimate evidence (documents) to support his claim that Romney's entire family gave up their U.S. citizenship and became Mexican citizens. Of the many, many hours of reading over the weekend from dozens of searches, I can find nothing to support it, but we'll see if Mr. Noonan responds.

The question regarding Willard Romney is his father who was born in Mexico. I've spent many hours researching this after I read an essay printed in the Congressional Record in 1967, written by a member of the DC bar. Apparently there was talk Willard's father, George, might run for president. You can read it here titled Natural Born Citizen. It takes a lot of time to find the immigration laws cited and read them. Sometimes I have to read them twice just to make sure I'm getting it right.

I have cited this before, but Leo's court filings address John McCain's citizenship here. However in the case of Willard Romney, the issue is his father since Willard was born in the U.S. One individual who is extremely knowledgeable on this issue having been a plaintiff in actions against Obama/Soetoro said this in email to me:

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"Under U.S. law George W. Romney was a "Citizen" of the United States when born, even though born in Mexico, under the legal principle of "jus sanguinis". By all U.S. laws on the books regarding Citizenship in 1947, George W. Romney, was a "Citizen" of the United States and so recognized by all controlling legal authorities, and thus Mitt being born to two U.S. Citizen parents in Detroit MI was a "natural born Citizen of the United States." People are accusing me of being biased and a Romney lover. That is not the case. I merely wanted to put out some facts to show that all this chatter about Mitt not being an NBC is not true. It applied to his father George who was not a NBC. But love him or hate him, Mitt is an NBC of the U.S. and is constitutionally eligible to be the Pres."

He's right - this is not an issue about loving or hating Willard Romney. It's about seeking the truth regarding any candidate representing any party for president of these united States of America. I have forwarded everything I found, including the statement above, to the lady who has filed the formal ballot challenge here in Texas against Romney (and Obama).

Links on natural born citizen in case you missed them:

1 - Newly Revealed Evidence Establishes That President James Madison's Administration Required Citizen Parentage To Qualify Native-Born Persons For U.S. Citizenship - By Leo Donofrio, Attorney at Law
2 - "Natural Born Citizen": Defined by 14th Amendment Framers and In Treatise Relied On By Scalia
3 - Obama Cannot Be A “Natural Born Citizen" Under Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162 (1875) by Mario Apuzzo
4 - The Citizenship Status of Our 44 Presidents (See section on McCain)
5 - Neither the 14th Amendment nor Wong Kim Ark make one a Natural Born Citizen. This one is a long read on McCain's citizenship; it is the authors opinion based on the long list of immigration laws and U.S. code he cites:
6 - The Panmanchurian Candidate

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One other note on eligibility. My last column ask the question: Will there be a ballot challenge regarding Willard Mitt Romney? There has been one filed by a lady here in Texas. She is a long time Democrat voter who has also filed to keep Obama/Soetoro off the ballot.