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By: Devvy
May 12, 2012

Warning: Explicit language

Obama/Soetoro/Dunham is a champion of infanticide - the killing of infants. While serving in the Illinois State Senate, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama, voted three times to allow infants who survive abortion must be left to lay there and die.

Yes, he did vote against the Illinois Born Alive Infant Protection Act. Click here to see the bills and his comments supporting murder.

Would you stand there and allow a living, breathing infant to die if you were a doctor or nurse? How could anyone, doctor, nurse or just plain human stand by and allow an infant who has survived the horror of abortion - just let them die without trying to save that precious life? Soetoro did because his soul died a long time ago. And, how did Barry justify it?

"Listen to audio from Obama’s 2002 IL Senate floor debate wherein he argued that while babies might be aborted alive, it would be a “burden” to a mother's “original decision” to assess and treat them." In other words, the mother wished to kill the infant, so be it.

54% of "Catholics" voted for Soetoro in 2008. They voted to elect an individual who denied three times the right of a living, breathing infant born of madness the right to live.

Say, I wonder if those "Catholics" got the hope and change they voted into office even though they had no right to vote for an ineligible candidate? God will ask them someday.

On May 9, 2012, the usurper camped out in the White House "made history" by once again spitting in God's face. He endorsed the legal fiction called "same sex marriage." Oh, boy, the headlines have been burning up the Internet:

Drudge Report - just a sampling, May 10, 2012:

FLASHBACK 2009: Cheney endorses gay marriage...
WASHPOST: 'Wink and a nod' no longer enough...
Germany hails 'courageous' decision...
REPORTER: 'I'm getting chills again'...
ELLEN: Obama 'brave' for evolving...
Raises $1 million in 90 minutes...

In December 2010, I wrote a column titled, The Queering of Our Military and God's Wrath. Of course, it drew vile, filthy emails damning me to Hell and death threats for bringing out the medical facts about sexual deviants, their terrible diseases and recurring health problems.

Stop calling sexual deviants "gays". There is nothing gay about bowel movement sex, males wearing diapers by the time they're 40 (if they live that long) or dying of AIDS. If you play the word games of your enemy, you play right into their hands. Men who engage in sodomy (sex in each other's rectums and feces) are sodomites.

Sexual deviants choose their immoral and dangerous sexual habits. Despite the massive propaganda eaten up by the "tolerant" out there, the so-called "gay" gene is a lie:

This is the Way God Made Me"- A Scientific Examination of Homosexuality and the "Gay Gene"

Born WHAT Way? By Dr. Paul Cameron

"With the above in mind, consider our society's future in light of D. Minkowitz's December 29, 1992 editorial in the national gay magazine, The Advocate:

"I am increasingly impatient with the old chestnut that our movement for public acceptance has not increased and will not increase the number of gay men and lesbians in existence. "There are more of us than there used to be," historian John D'Elmilio has written. Firmly believing this, I wanted to... argue the morality of teaching kids that gay is OK even if it means that some will join our ranks...."

"Indeed. Youth are often attracted to excitement and rebellion. The gay movement is growing.

"Minkowitz also argued that the 'born gay' claim is nothing more than a smokescreen: "most of the line about homosex[uality] being one's nature, not a choice, was articulated as a response to brutal repression.... 'We didn't choose this, so don't punish us for it!' One hundred years later, it's time for us to abandon this defensive posture and walk upright on the earth. Maybe you didn't choose to be gay - that's fine. But I did."


Just like former WNBA star Sheryl Swoopes a few years ago. Ms. Swoopes was previously married to her high school sweetheart; they had a son. In an interview following her "coming out." This was the exchange:

Interviewer: "You have said that you don't believe you were born gay, which, as you said, may confuse many people. How do you believe you came to be gay?"

SW: "I think there are a lot of people -- gays and lesbians -- who believe you are born that way. I think there also a lot of people who believe it's a choice. And, for me, I believe it was a choice. I was at a point in my life where I had gone through a divorce and was not in a relationship, and the choice I made happened to be that I fell in love with another woman. It might confuse some people, and some people may not understand that, but I think in life, no matter what it is that you're doing, you always have a choice and you make that choice and you have to live with that choice. And it just happened that, you know, my partner and I were really, really good friends, and the more we hung out, the more we did stuff together, my feelings grew stronger and stronger for her, and it got to a point to where I said, "I can't fight this any more."

How you "came to be gay?" I thought you were born that way. Ms. Swoopes made the choice of embracing sin because she wants to, not because she was born that way. Is she really a lesbian or a product of years of propaganda shoved down her throat in massive doses by the media and special interest groups? How about men and women in prisons who have turned queer? I watched a cable program where the female prisoners said they turned to other female prisoners for sex because of loneliness. The male prisoners did it with each other just for the sex, not because they were born that way. I guess they're not "real" lesbians and sodomites.

While this is a profound moral issue rotting our nation from the inside out, it's also about science. There isn't a scintilla of scientific evidence to prove any human is "born that way." It's all been debunked. The propaganda war regarding sexual deviants and same sex marriage should be focused on one thing: science. Not tolerance. Not acceptance. Not politically correct. Science. This is the one thing advocates and sexual deviants refuse to discuss because they cannot win the argument.

You can't simply decide one day to change your race to another race. We are all the way God made us. Sodomites and lesbians leave their destructive, preferred sexual preferences all the time. Actress Anne Heche used to have sex with Ellen DeGeneres. Ms. Heche then went on to marry a man, have a child. Unfortunately, she divorced. However, she now lives with a man, not a female. Was she a fake lesbian?

As Coach Dave Daubenmire pointed out in his recent column: "Americans are not permitted to “marry” anyone we want. I can't marry my son. I can't marry my daughter. If marriage is a “civil right” why are their any restraints on it? Homosexual-sodomy based marriages are special rights…not civil rights…affirmative sin. It is the morality, stupid. Most folks vote the economy, but the economy is a moral issue. Governments lie, steal, cheat, and covet. An amoral government will produce amoral laws. Amoral governments force moral people to follow immoral laws."

The U.S. government, the U.S. military, hundreds of members of the morally bankrupt U.S. Congress, too many state legislators and the government indoctrination centers they call schools, are now the biggest advocates of spreading AIDS and the "lavender diseases" which plague sodomites.

"Our" government and public schools are the biggest advocates in the world pushing to brain wash young boys into believing they are born to have sex in another man's rectum. Little girls being force fed it's normal for "two mommies" to slobber in each other's vaginas and suck on their mammary glands like infants. (Don't forget their "male" sex toys.)

Public schools and major college campuses across the country have been washing the minds of school children for decades to embrace sexual deviancy as normal and healthy. They are nothing more than incubators for churning out dumbed down, compliant cattle. This country is drowning in politically correct madness.

Now, the impostor president called Obama has jumped on the garbage truck to endorse such filth and sin. Just in time to scoop up the big bucks:

"President Obama and his aides claim they're just not sure how his endorsement of same-sex marriage will play politically. But his campaign is pushing awfully hard to make sure it plays well.

"The campaign, within hours of Obama's interview in which he declared for the first time his support for gay marriage, blasted out a fundraising email to supporters. At dawn on Thursday, the campaign released a web video highlighting the president's new-found stance and lambasting likely GOP opponent Mitt Romney's opposition to gay marriage.

"Now the president is preparing to head to a sold-out fundraiser Thursday evening at George Clooney's home in Los Angeles -- where he is sure to be embraced by well-heeled celebrity donors.

"Hollywood is home to some of the most high-profile backers of gay marriage and the 150 donors who are paying $40,000 to attend Clooney's dinner Thursday night will no doubt feel newly invigorated by Obama's watershed announcement the day before.


"Overall, the dinner is expected to raise close to $15 million -- about $6 million from the guests and the rest from a campaign contest for small-dollar donors, the winners of which get to participate in the dinner. It is an unprecedented amount for a single event. And it means that in one single evening the Obama camp and the Democratic Party will collect more than Romney has amassed in his best single month of fundraising."

Let me again quote the late, great, magnificent writer, Taylor Caldwell, from her book, Dear and Glorious Physician: The Story of St. Luke, writing about the fall of the Roman Empire:

Tiberius, the Caesar of the time, responded to this attack:

"I am a soldier. I am surrounded by sycophants and liars, and in that Diodorus speaks truth. What is lavish and uncomprehending praise given out of self-seeking and fear?

"What is flattery if lips that speak it only fawn, and in that fawning profit? The dull ear is servant to a duller tongue. As a I solider I prefer men of simple truth and without complexities who speak in honor and of patriotism. But where are men today in Rome?"....

"Let me tell you this," said Tiberius, quietly. "Venal Caesars, power-mad Caesars, never seize power, never destroy law and their country. Their power is forced on them by an evil and despicable people, a selfish and cowardly people. Where are the guardians of the people's liberty then? You are silent, you are slaves in spirit, you are thieves and cowards. But a people deserve their lawmakers."......

"Rome!" he said. "Do I recognize this Rome of polyglot slaves, of Scythians, Britons, Gauls, barbarians, Greeks, Assyrians, Egyptians, and the scum of a whole world? Where are the Romans? They have lost their identity. They have lost their tongues, their minds, their souls, their virility. What have I to do with such a Rome? I am not an honorable man! I am what my people have made me. I am their captive, not their Emperor. Here is no escaping the evil of a debased people."......

"I am here only to do the filthy will of a nation obstinately determined to commit suicide. If I break the law and the Constitution in their greedy behalf, they applaud me. If I have given up my hope of restoring the Treasury, they praise me for having their welfare at heart. Their welfare! Dogs and jackals!"

Despite all the howling denying Soetoro is a socialist, in fact, he is a communist. He was groomed to become one in Hawaii at an early age. He then spent 20 years in "church" under the tutelage of the infamous Rev. Wright learning "Black Liberation Theology". A toxic doctrine:

The Marxist Roots of Black Liberation Theology

"Black Liberation theologians James Cone and Cornel West have worked diligently to embed Marxist thought into the black church since the 1970s. For Cone, Marxism best addressed remedies to the condition of blacks as victims of white oppression. In For My People, Cone explains that "the Christian faith does not possess in its nature the means for analyzing the structure of capitalism. Marxism as a tool of social analysis can disclose the gap between appearance and reality, and thereby help Christians to see how things really are."

"In God of the Oppressed, Cone said that Marx's chief contribution is "his disclosure of the ideological character of bourgeois thought, indicating the connections between the 'ruling material force of society' and the 'ruling intellectual' force." Marx's thought is useful and attractive to Cone because it allows black theologians to critique racism in America on the basis of power and revolution.

"For Cone, integrating Marx into black theology helps theologians see just how much social perceptions determine theological questions and conclusions. Moreover, these questions and answers are "largely a reflection of the material condition of a given society."

Soetoro claims he "evolved" into his position supporting the myth called marriage between sexual deviants. Big cash is what caused his "evolution". But, spitting in God's face and repudiating Christ will someday make all that cash meaningless in eternity.

I will never recognize marriage between sexual deviants and neither should any church in this country that preaches the word of God. Nor should any business owner who finds sexual deviants offensive. If you are threatened with a lawsuit, argue science because it is the truth that debunks the myth of "born that way". Just because politicians pass some immoral law, doesn't mean I have to swim in the sewer with them. This has NOTHING to do with civil rights. This is about seducing the American people into their own destruction:

"The Communists planned to create not only a new way of life, but new human beings. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Communist totalitarianism has undergone tremendous growth over the past century only because it has “the support of a man of a new social and psychological type”—the “new communitarian (Communist) man.”...."In his book, Soviet Civilization, Andrei Sinyavsky states that the “idea of the new man is the cornerstone of Soviet civilization.” The “new man” is in fact the indispensable, fundamental basis of all totalitarian societies. Totalitarianism requires the support, approval, and fearful veneration of the masses; if the “new men and women” had not been created, totalitarianism would not exist today. The Communists planned to create not only a new way of life, but new human beings. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Communist totalitarianism has undergone tremendous growth over the past century only because it has “the support of a man of a new social and psychological type”—the “new communitarian (Communist) man.”

The relatively new mantra chanted by sexual deviants and their supporters is "social justice". That is nothing but more communist propaganda. It bears repeating:

Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35, January 10, 1963, Current Communist Goals, U.S. House of Representatives

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25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.
26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."
27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity which does not need a "religious crutch."

The American people, out of fear in being called intolerant, have walked right into the jaws of the beast. This nation has forsaken all that God has bestowed upon our land in favor of moral rot passed off as "progressive", "social" and other words meant to persuade individuals to turn their backs on what they know in their hearts Almighty God has told them is wrong. The created now think they are more powerful than the Creator. A big mistake.


Watch this video (less than 10 minutes). You will see through modern technology an unborn baby developing a heart at 25 days. At 32 days, that living, breathing baby is developing arms and legs. LOOK and see the truth. From conception to birth. Abortion IS murder.

Ted, Michelle & Hillary: "Family Values" from hell

There is no such thing as same sex marriage.

Silent No More
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Causes More Breast Cancers by Funding Planned Parenthood, Denying Abortion-Breast Cancer Link and Downplaying Pill-Breast Cancer Link, Charges the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer

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Would you stand there and allow a living, breathing infant to die if you were a doctor or nurse? How could anyone, doctor, nurse or just plain human stand by and allow an infant who has survived the horror of abortion - just let them die without trying to save that precious life?