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By: Devvy

August 15, 2004

Back in May, NWVs ran a news item on aspartame which caused a massive amount of mail to the news editor from individuals making the accusation that the facts presented in that piece were based on junk science by quack doctors. I believe these reactions were from people who immediately felt a great fear that because they probably have been consuming diet soft drinks and other products for decades containing aspartame, they could be the next Michael J. Fox. Because the subject matter is so serious, I felt compelled to do a two part follow up based on facts about both the doctors and the science. The rude e-mail ceased.

NWVs recently ran a news item on a new video titled: '911 in Plane Site'. There has been a fair amount of mail to NWVs charging this film is nothing but stupid conspiracy theories by people who have never even seen it. Please allow me to provide some additional information not covered in the news item. Besides owning a copy of this film, I also attended the screening of this new video and it was very disturbing.

One critic accused the producers of this film as having some sort of agenda to get Kerry elected. Another stated the producers of this film made it up, creating phony film. Mind you, none of these individuals have seen this video, they only read the news item. Some individuals simply shouted in their e-mail that it was all a bunch of "crap" by "right wing wackos." The usual attack the messenger, obfuscate the message.

This film is being distributed by Power Hour Productions, specifically Joyce Riley and Dave vonKleist. Both are talk show hosts. Joyce Riley has been one of the pioneers in exposing gulf war syndrome; she was a Captain in the Air Force Reserve. Joyce has fought for the truth and gone far and above the call of duty to help countless veterans throughout this country. She is truly one of those relentless seekers of truth; the research she has provided and still produces is always backed up by government documents. The producers of this video are making a complimentary copy available to anyone who lost a loved one on 9-11. There is no money being made off this project, it's just another important step in sorting out the truth from theories. I receive no compensation for recommending anyone's videos or books.

Because I personally know Joyce and her husband, I also know that all they have done over the years has been done with love and caring for our vets and not for money. They live very modestly in Missouri. They aren't making big bucks like GOP mouthpiece Shawn Hannity or Democrat cheer leader, Susan Estridge - both of whom revere their party's agenda over truth. There will always be attacks on individuals who speak out against government corruption and tyranny. If you're not taking flak, you're not touching a vital nerve. Ask me. After 14 years I know how the game is played and having been the recipient of a number of serious death threats, it hasn't been much fun.

Of course a plane went into the Pentagon - a big, commercial air liner. Why, everyone saw it! Let me point out something about 9-11, at least from where I was sitting that day. I turned on my TV at 6:05 am that morning. Other than food and rest room breaks, I did not leave my desk for close to 16 straight hours. Every station on Comcast in Sacramento - unprecedented - carried non stop coverage, commercial free on all channels. Not just ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, but FOX, MSNBC, CNBC, TNT, TBS, BBC and all international channels. Unless one was sitting in a television station with 10 or 20 monitors, it would have been impossible to catch every single minute of coverage that day.

What we all saw was in "real time." This film uses the media feed that day from FOX News, CNN and other conglomerates. It's the same news coverage we all saw in bits and pieces. What the producers of the film did was digitize all this media feed and drop it to slow and super slow motion. What you see is different when presented that way. Your eyes and your brain are able to see things you don't necessarily see in real time. The endless hours I watched live on my television was during a horrific event, an act of terror so horrible, it was difficult to comprehend everything at the time. I don't know about everyone else, but I just sat and watched as events unfolded, speechless with a box of kleenex. I wasn't looking at the live feeds in slow motion, but "real time."

After I saw the media feed from the Pentagon on this new video, it made me ill. My husband, a retired Army Colonel, was stationed there for four years; we both know that massive building. This new video raised a lot of questions, serious questions that most people will have once they see the film. After seeing the slow motion, frame by frame of both planes entering the two World Trade Center towers, it raised a lot of questions, serious questions that most people will have once they see the film. There is analysis on this video from an expert with paragraphs of credentials on the fuel load of Flight 77, how it should have burned and what you see - or rather, didn't see until the smoke clears.

Critics who sent NWVs screeching e-mail that this new film is just "right wing crap," without having seen it, demanding that no one question the events of 9-11, I would like to know who gives those folks the right to demand I not ask reasonable questions based on what I can see with my own eyes? I don't tell people how they should think and I highly resent other people insist that their fellow Americans should be damned for asking reasonable questions.

In the event some of these critics aren't up to speed, here's a news flash: The family members of those killed on September 11th also have unanswered questions - serious ones - about what happened that day. Should I demand that these families not question the government's accounting of what happened that day? Is this what it's come down to in America? Too many things don't add up. I don't know where the passengers might be and the narrator of this video doesn't either, but the question is hanging out there. Once you see the frame by frame, super slow motion from many camera angeles of those two planes entering the towers, you will wonder and ask the same question. I can tell you that intense efforts are being made to gather more documentation on this issue of the passengers. Because there are no answers, dedicated individuals are making extraordinary efforts to get answers - no matter what the facts bear out in the end. Only the truth is what's important; not who is right, but what is right.

My guess is the knee jerk reaction from some people isn't difficult to comprehend: If the official story has big holes in it and concrete proof begins to emerge that things are not what's been sold, Americans will go ballistic over the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. The weapons of mass destruction justification hasn't panned out, so President Bush used toppling the dictator, Saddam Hussein, as justification for invading Iraq. As with the situation in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq are a bloody mess. People are concerned and have questions. Apparently, some Americans are offended by such independent thinking - especially during an election year.

There is much more to 9-11 than the average American knows or will even endeavor to find out. They don't want to know the truth if it conflicts with the official government story line or interferes with their preconceived notion of what they need to believe in order to keep their comfort zone and righteous beliefs intact. Sometimes I wonder how civilization ever progressed if every time someone came along with a different idea or belief, the rest of the people would try to silence them because they didn't like what they were hearing or seeing.

For those who choose to criticize something they have never seen, that's certainly their right. For those who are afraid to see for their own eyes a visual presentation that will raise questions about that day, that's certainly their right. For those who are interested in looking at what was in "plane sight," just presented in a different technical format, you can order this video by phone (800) 955-0116. As for me, I would like to see answers to the questions raised on this video.

Order: 911 In Plane Sight

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NWVs recently ran a news item on a new video titled: '911 in Plane Site'. There has been a fair amount of mail to NWVs charging this film is nothing but stupid conspiracy theories by people who have never even seen it.