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By: Devvy
November 30, 2012

Every week I get a half dozen email from individuals who can't access my web site. Used to be one a week. Newswithviews and other web sites are now being routinely blocked by Google and AOL. No question local Internet carriers are doing the same thing as I respond to individuals who send me mail who can't access my site. It's up and running, but try as they might in FireFox or Explorer, all that comes up is: Access Denied or 404 Can't Locate. If you are having trouble bringing up my site, you can go directly to to read my columns and all the other excellent columns posted everyday.

Way back when I first became aware of the real conspiracy to destroy this constitutional republic (1991) and began my research, home PCs were only for people with money. I really didn't even know what one was until 1994 when I purchased my first word processor and found out there was more. Wow, something bigger than I could even imagine! For many years the only weapon patriots had was newsletters, fax machines and the 'telephone'.

Then, along came Al Gore(bechev) telling us the "super information highway", which he invented, was a wonderful tool. That whopper was fodder for comedians for years. Al baby said everyone should have a home computer and access to the super information highway! Well, it took awhile, but the destroyers realized their grand idea backfired. The Internet became our fatal bullet in exposing the underbelly of the "new world order" and those orchestrating events. It is still our most powerful weapon.

The destroyers, or Masters of the Game as I sometimes describe them, have been trying for years to take the information super highway away from we the people. The Internet and First Amendment has been our cannon for getting out the documented truth about the treachery and treason underway to integrate these united States of America into a region of world government. The tentacles are endless; most hiding behind tax exempt foundations. But, they have their ever so loyal lackeys in the U.S. Congress to do their bidding by passing draconian legislation like the misnamed "Patriot" Act.

My web site went up July 4, 1998. I created it, not as a vehicle to make money, but to make available what I had learned over the years and to keep educating Americans. Who is behind the curtain? Are you supporting those who are part of destroying this republic? How do government programs actually work? Doing what I can, like millions of other Americans who care deeply for our country and our freedom.

As PCs flew off the store shelves, more and more Americans found investigating political figures, candidates, incumbents, bills in the Outlaw Congress, bills in their state legislature and all kinds of research a breeze. The truth by tapping a few keys instead of treks to the library to find something in the Congressional Record or endless letters to Congress critters trying to get information.

Sadly, there are all kinds of disinformation con artists out there like Sorcha Faal, a male masquerading as a female, who mixes a little of the truth with fabricated, sensational claims about reports that say this and that without ever providing a single source. I could list a hundred parasites like "Sorcha Faal". I also believe without any doubt, many sites that claim to be 'patriots' are getting paid by the rotten government in Washington, District of Criminals, to keep people chasing around in circles. Web sites run by individuals who flaunt their yellow journalism (if you can even call it that) have hurt the movement over the years. Those trashy sites, left and right, never seem to get hacked or censored.

There isn't a single member of the U.S. Congress of either party that deserves to remain in office. Not one of them deserved to be reelected. They continue to - without any constitutional authority - strip us of our God given rights, shredding the Bill of Rights at every opportunity. Because the Internet has been such a powerful tool, the shadow government who whispers in the ear of the puppets in Congress, continue the push for censorship because millions and millions of Americans have now become educated and are more politically savvy. They have also risen up in groups like the Tea Party. They vote and they are active and on the march. A bad thing for those who wish to rule over us like war lords.

The people must use the power they have over search engines like Google, AOL, or Yahoo. They need you. You don't need them. When I read the astronomical numbers regarding the value of stock in those entities, including Facebook, my first though was "there's a sucker born every minute." What people have invested in is the equivalent of selling stock for a big empty box. What value is there? The only value is harvesting your activity on the Internet and selling it to anyone with a fist full of cash.

I don't want Google, AOL or any other search engine tracking every search I make and turning that data over to companies. How do you think you end up with all that spam in your email box? I'm very careful about how I use the Internet.

Google routinely blocks blogs and web sites that would be considered "right wing" or conservative. No explanation, no due process. They just pull the plug. They also tag sites as containing harmful viruses when that is flat out a lie. Google is probably the worst for censoring columns by writers, including me. They simply don't show up on Google. Maybe a week or so later, there's the column at the bottom of the search page. I know because I've tracked this kind of censorship for years.

Google doesn't deserve your business and neither do any search engines or Internet providers that blocks web sites, liberal or conservative. The First Amendment should not be crushed for personal or political agendas. I also do not support or have anything to do with businesses that support the communist impostor in the Red House:

Google executive supports Obama

I quit using Google a long, long time ago when came onto the scene; a great search engine. A year or so ago, they went under because Google kept blocking them. Why? Because they didn't track your searches and monsters like Google don't want any competition. For quite a while now I've used - the most secure search engine on the Internet. One has to wonder how long it will be before Google tries to crush them?

The only thing I can tell people about their Internet service provider blocking any web site is to complain and if that doesn't work, change your provider. I've used Earthlink for over 12 years. They are top notch. I know people in rural areas are sometimes limited with choices for an ISP (Internet Service Provider), but use a search engine and try to locate more in your area.

Many worry all the time the Internet will be shut down. Believe me, there's too much money being made in retail and other sales to shut it down altogether. Too many sectors of business like HMOs are totally dependent now on computers to provide access for patients. To knock it out altogether would be a disaster of major proportions. Remember lobbyists who throw buckets of money at Congress represent pharmaceutical companies, HMOs and major businesses of all sorts who need the Internet. The U.S. Congress is the biggest whore house on the face of the earth and the prostitutes who populate it (both parties) know the money machine would dry up if they don't do the bidding of big corporate America.

What I want to know is under what section of the U.S. Constitution gives the liars, thieves and crooks in the U.S. Congress any jurisdiction to regulate (censor) the Internet? What gives them any "right" to censor cyber space that is really world wide?

The only thing the shadow government wants curtailed are web sites that expose the illegal doings of the federal government, their agencies who break the law everyday and those who promote freedom and liberty. No problem with keeping rags like The Daily Koz, who appeal to the mentally ill stay, on line.

By the way, do you know there is a "new" Internet?

A Whole New Version Of The Internet Is About To Be Switched On - June 18, 2012

Of course, Facebook and Google is part of that new Internet. There have been many articles and news items on the alleged cozy relationship between Google and Facebook with government alphabet soup agencies like the FBI, CIA and NSA. I've said for a long time the hype created over the "Y2K Scare" back in 1999 had the desired effect: All the super snooper agencies within the federal government received funding to purchase and implement the most sophisticated technology on this earth to spy on we the people. Billions to implement technology that would interact with the Internet to spy on your emails, every move you make - without you even knowing. What better vehicles to assist in data harvesting than sites like Facebook and search engines like Google?

Note this paragraph in the piece cited above about the new Internet:

"Now here's the cool part. All of these new addresses mean that there is virtually no limit on the kinds of things that we can add directly to the Internet. Experts like Cerf predict this will create the "Internet of things" where virtually everything we own has its own Internet address and can can be controlled remotely with an app. This includes your home appliances, keys, wine cellar, the dog's collar - everything."

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't want or need an Internet address for my home appliances or any other part of my private life. I don't use a cell phone; it stays in my SUV Hybrid in case of an emergency. I don't have any of the gadgets like IPhones, IPads or any of the popular wireless gizmos. Every time I go to the grocery store I see women with a cell phone (feeding a new cancer tumor) glued to their ear. You can hear their inane chatter down one isle and up the next! Men and women stand in line at the post office and blab away without any consideration for the rest of us who have zero desire to listen to their meaningless blather.

Personally, I think cell phones have become as addicting as drugs. Everywhere you go for years, people have those things stuck in their ears. They can't even do without them long enough to grocery shop or buy stamps. I know millions use them for business, but I'm talking about people who can't function without sending dozens or hundreds of things called tweets everyday or a cell phone jammed on the side of their head for most of their waking day.

I would bring up here for folks who haven't heard the name: PROMIS. It is the quintessential example of thievery and corruption you'll ever see by the U.S. government. When you have time, you might want to take a look at PROMIS. It's not a conspiracy, it's quite real:

"What would you do if you possessed software that could think, understand every language in the world, that provided peep holes into everyone else's computer "dressing rooms," that could insert data into computers without people's knowledge, that could fill in blanks beyond human reasoning and also predict what people would do - before they did it?"


The INSLAW Octopus

The bottom line is customers of ISP carriers and mega search engines like Google who are censoring web sites and columns-- withdraw your support. Make your voice heard: If you continue to block web sites, I will find a new ISP carrier and then do it.

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You cannot win a war by supporting your enemy and I consider any of those entities who censor my site, your site, one of your favorite sites or even a web site you wish would go away like The Huffington Post, to be enemies of the First Amendment. The only thing they understand is money and your support of them has made billionaires out of people like Mark Zukerberg. Not me. I believe Zukerberg and the CEO of Google owe it to their customers to come clean about any agreements they have with the CIA, FBI or NSA. In the meantime, I don't use their sites.


Google Flags NewsBusters and Other Conservative Sites 'Harmful'

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Personally, I think cell phones have become as addicting as drugs. Everywhere you go for years, people have those things stuck in their ears. They can't even do without them long enough to grocery shop or buy stamps.