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By: Devvy

August 19, 2004

Back in May, I did a column to introduce the research of Patrick Briley. His bio can be found there as well as an important pdf file on 9-11. Please be mindful that pdf files can be frustratingly slow to load, but the link does work and everyone is encouraged to read this important, well documented information.

Pat has continued his research and providing valuable pieces to the puzzle regarding America's foreign policy and decisions germane to 9-11 and the dangerous situation America finds herself in almost three years later. My only request is that readers put aside their political party loyalty and let us all concentrate on provable facts and documentation. Our priority is the safety and security of this Republic, not some political party and corrupt, career politicians. This series of articles is being presented in interview format.

Q: Pat, you feel that President Bush and some of his cabinet members have been disingenuous about the war on terror because of this administration's refusal to recognize a key player in global terrorism. Could you please give us some of the facts you have uncovered over years of intense research and data collection on this issue?

Pat: China is the leading backer of terror nations (Iran, Syria, North Korea) and terror groups (AlQaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Taliban etc) in the world giving them money, intelligence, training, safe haven, clandestine communications and computer equipment, WMD technologies and weapons, nuclear materials, and ballistic missiles. Yet, Bush and CFR National Security Adviser, Condelezza Rice, neither say nor do anything adequate enough to publicly expose Communist China's role in backing global terrorism.

A war on terrorism that does not include Communist China cannot be a legitimate or a successful war on terrorism.

Instead of trying to stop Chinese backing of AlQaeda and terrorist groups and nations, Bush and Rice have rewarded the Chinese by deliberately facilitating the out sourcing and in sourcing of more US high tech and manufacturing jobs to Chinese workers and by allowing and/or promoting the transfer and sale of sensitive US military (nuclear) and cutting edge, economically significant technology to China (smart bomb guidance systems).

Bush and Cheney recently publicly promoted and aided the sale of US nuclear reactor technology to Beijing. Bush and Rice not only have betrayed US jobs, weapons and technologies to China, but they have also undermined the US ally and defense treaty holder, Taiwan, by publicly telling Taiwan it should not have held its national independence elections in advance of the elections.

Q: Most people know the story of the Trojan Horse. For those who might not remember, the term comes from a story in Homer's Iliad, in which the Greeks give a giant wooden horse to their foes, the Trojans, ostensibly as a peace offering. Big mistake. After the Trojans drag the horse inside their city walls, Greek soldiers sneak out of the horse's hollow belly and open the city gates, allowing their compatriots to pour in and capture Troy. Would you say that the same thing is happening right now here in America, how so and is anyone in Washington, DC taking the necessary steps to stop the take over of this country?

A: Last year the FBI reported that 3000 Chinese front companies have remained set up in the US under GW Bush, after Clinton and China gate, to steal US military and industrial technologies. Bush has not carried out the recommendations of the Republican backed COX Report (China gate) to stop Chinese espionage at US military contractors and national labs (including nuclear legacy codes)

Condi Rice worked with a Communist Chinese military espionage spy at Stanford according to research and articles by journalist Charles R. Smith. GW Bush's uncle is the President of the phony US China Chamber of Commerce. Rice has falsely said publicly that China is no threat! Does this explain why Bush and Rice efforts have ended up helping themselves and Communist China while harming the US?

This pattern of Bush betrayal of the US national and economic security to China and other nations who back terrorists did not start with GW Bush. It started with his father, HW Bush who illegally and directly helped give Iraq US WMD materials, equipment and WMD technologies in the 1980s.

HW Bush also helped give the Chinese US nuclear reactor technology during the 1980s as part of the Peace Pearls program with China. According to allegations by the father of the neutron bomb, Sam Cohen, GW Bush also helped give US neutron bomb technology to China. Now it is possible for China to give a grapefruit sized mini neutron bomb (a WMD!) - which the Chinese have successfully tested - to a terrorist to use against the US. US ballistic missile defense technology came into the possession of the Communist Chinese during the Reagan Bush and the HW Bush administrations at a time when HW Bush was giving US scientists unprecedented and strongly insecure access and travel opportunities to Communist China.

Q: Those are pretty strong words, Pat. Can you give us some solid facts on how such treachery was pulled off? For example, one particular lawsuit that may have produced substantive documents during the discovery part of a trial so that the American people could see hard proof of how they are being hoodwinked and placed in harms' way?

A: GW Bush personally blocked Notra Trulock's Federal 2003 lawsuit against Chinese espionage agent Win Ho Lee to cover up the fact that HW Bush and Reagan policies had actually facilitated Win Ho Lee's transfer US nuclear legacy codes to the Chinese. There is similar evidence to support Sam Cohen's allegation that US neutron bomb technology was also transferred to China under HW Bush using the same mode, namely letting US Chinese scientists have "special privileges" to travel to China unsupervised and to have Chinese assistants at US national labs that had no security clearances.

Advanced computer tech transfers to China by GW Bush in 2001-2002 have given China the capacity to build bigger and better nukes with the computerized US nuclear design legacy codes that HW Bush policies facilitated Chinese scientists, like Wen Ho Lee at US nuclear labs, in giving to China.

The "Peace Pearls" program was started in 1988 by HW Bush and Reagan to aid China in acquiring US nuclear and missile technology and equipment. China also sold Chinese ballistic missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads to Saudi Arabia in 1988.

HW Bush illegally gave Pakistan US nuclear warhead and missile technology and this explains why GW Bush and Rice are avoiding telling Congress and America ALL about China and Pakistani nuclear warhead proliferation to AlQaeda, Iran and Syria and Libya.

Historically China has always tried to steal from its enemies, blackmail, intimidate and threaten them, and use military surrogates like North Korea, Iran, Syria and now AlQaeda terrorists to weaken and destabilize to have its way in the world. Communist China has found help in the failed and harmful policies of GW Bush, HW Bush, Rice and Cheney.

Coming in Part II: Illegal weapons sales and U.S. participation

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A war on terrorism that does not include Communist China cannot be a legitimate or a successful war on terrorism.