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By: Devvy

September 5, 2004


This article is a reprint from Devvy's website of April 3, 2001

It may surprise some people, but there are hundreds of thousands of people who do not want the IRS abolished. These multitudes of people need the income tax to stay in place. They don't care if it's a flat tax, a sales tax or a progressive direct tax such as we are being forced with a gun to our heads to voluntarily pay. Who could that be, you wonder?

Well, let's start with the big cheese himself, Charles Rossotti, current commissar of the IRS. John Berlau at did a piece March 31, 2001 that was quite revealing:

"Charles O. Rossotti was appointed by Bill Clinton to head the IRS in 1997. His background in technology and business won praise at the time from both Republicans and Democrats. Rossotti had been chairman of American Management Systems (AMS), a Fairfax, Va.-based information-technology consulting firm that he cofounded after a stint as one of Robert McNamara's famed "Whiz Kids" at the Defense Department's Office of Systems Analysis. With the IRS computer systems in disarray and gross abuses of taxpayer rights unearthed during congressional hearings, members of Congress were eager to have a "manager" at the helm of IRS rather than another political tax attorney.

"So eager, apparently, that the Senate Finance Committee agreed to let Rossotti keep his stock in AMS, even though the company was providing computer software and data-processing services to the IRS. At his confirmation hearing Rossotti promised Sen. William Roth of Delaware, then-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, that he would divest "if AMS decides to bid for more work from the IRS beyond existing GSA contracts, or successor contracts of similar scope." He also said he would do his best to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. "No one has, I do not think, a greater interest than I do in ensuring that no one believes, at this stage in my life, that I have taken on this job in order to further any particular interest of my own," Rossotti said.

"Yet in a press release dated Nov. 7, 1997 just four days after he was confirmed as IRS commissioner on a Senate vote of 92-0, but in a convenient interlude before he was sworn Rossotti praised the achievements of AMS in a company press release announcing his IRS confirmation and AMS resignation. "This is an exciting time for AMS," Rossotti said, sounding like the major shareholder he is, in this release distributed to the business press by the PR Newswire service. "Within the next year, AMS is expected to reach $1 billion in revenues. The company will have nearly 9,000 employees working with leading organizations around the world, including the largest banks, telecommunications firms, government organizations, health-care providers and utilities....

"According to his most recent financial-disclosure forms (filed in May 2000), at the end of 1999 Rossotti and his wife, Barbara, owned between $16 million and $80 million in AMS stock. In 1998, the New York Times reported that he was the largest individual shareholder in AMS, a company that last year had revenues of $1.28 billion." End of excerpt

Rossotti has refused to divest himself of his stock. This corporation employs a lot of people. A large percentage of those employees at AMS (and their paychecks), will keep working as long as the contracts keep coming from the IRS. What better way to ensure that, than the commissioner himself remain a huge stockholder? Rossotti owns a fortune in stock in that company which services contracts with the IRS. AMS isn't the only company to profit from the IRS. You have thousands of people employed for companies that supply contracts for toilet paper, office supplies, paint for the walls of IRS offices and on and on. Losing big contracts like these can kill a small to medium business. All derive their paychecks from the income tax system - blood money.

How about H & R Block? How many employees do they have in this company that does tax planning, tax advice, forms and retirement plans? They employ thousands of people in their 10,000 offices nationwide. Down the food chain, again, we have other small, local businesses who supply goods and services to each and every one of these offices nationwide. All derive their paychecks from the income tax system - blood money.

How about other tax preparation companies? Hewitt Jackson and the thousands of other smaller ones around the United States? How about all the CPA's and lawyers in this country whose paychecks depend on the income tax system? Again, there are thousands of others down the food chain who supply goods and services to all these companies to support their offices and employees from medical insurance to plumbers.

How about the 100,000 or so IRS employees from janitors to lawyers? Same situation. How about all the federal and state judges who throw good, decent Americans in prison for not volunteering? How about the prison workers who depend on keeping their facilities full of prisoners? Tax "cheats" are good, consistent customers. How about college professors who teach tax law? What would happen to their jobs? The list goes on and on, but all of this revenue is nothing more than blood money.

The income tax has also spawned a cottage industry rife with charlatans, cons and quick-fix "un- taxing" and "de-taxing" programs that do nothing more than sell future indictments to desperate Americans seeking any kind of relief from this tyrannical tax. These bloodsuckers are just as insidious as the IRS tax collectors: they prey on the defenseless, vulnerable, desperate folks who know the government is lying, but can find no judicial or legislative remedy. These people need to be put out of business, the same as the IRS.

The income tax system is big, big, business and people are scared to death that their jobs and paychecks will dry up if America returned to a lawful status and there was no direct taxation of any kind. I fully understand the fear of losing your job. In 1990 I went to work for the Air Force as a GS- 11. Within two months I filed a fraud, waste and abuse against my own job. They audited my "job" and concluded I was right. While I was transferred to another division (after threatening to go to the newspapers), despite my outstanding performance awards, my contract was not renewed. Honesty by a government employee is scorned upon and the individual is retaliated against. Lying, cheating and stealing is rewarded. I know, I wrote an entire book about it.

I know what it's like to lose your job. But, have Americans stooped so low and become such slaves to their material possessions that they would rather remain in a state of absolute fear of this government and allow the big lie of "mandatory" filing to be shoved down everyone's throats? I say they have and it's a very sad day for our Republic. I'm real sorry if some people are offended by this description of their paychecks, but I'm very offended that my fellow Americans are either so lazy, cowardly, greedy or stupid, that they would willingly allow this kind of lawlessness to go on just to protect their paychecks. This is not the moral code our great Republic was founded upon and our Founding Fathers must be spinning in their graves to see average, ordinary Americans being held at gunpoint, their homes and business trashed, just because they refused to volunteer into a federal hoax.

People like me have warned for years until we're blue in the face: Our industrial, manufacturing and agricultural base is being absolutely destroyed by NAFTA & GATT. We are being reduced to a service oriented country that produces nothing and is importing everything we used to make, giving the world jobs, while our people get shoved into these crime infested inner cities working for Burger King, some foreign country, like our mortal enemy Communist China, who at this very minute are holding 24 of our service men and women hostage. Our real job base has been so gutted, Americans would rather get paychecks from liars, cheats, thieves and her enemies than stand up and say enough is enough. Our job base has been so gutted, Americans are being lured into federal, county and state government jobs that produce nothing but control, misery and fear. Our fastest growing industries are prisons and medical. Think about that.

What would happen if direct taxation against the people stopped? First, the privately owned "Federal" Reserve issue would come to the forefront. Second, our economy would grow at an unbelievable rate. More Americans would go into business for themselves, creating good, solid jobs. America would again produce her own goods, the way it used to be before the globalist monsters took control. People would be able to save money for retirement, pay for their children's college education - the list goes on and on. All of it good for Americans.

Federal employees who work for the IRS in any capacity are also looking at their government retirement time disappearing. So did I, all down the tubes. I did what I had to do because it was the right thing to do. I knew I would lose my job and my paycheck, but I had to do it anyway. It makes me sick to my stomach to see a nation of sissies and cowards out there who would rather support a bald faced lie, than go find a job that doesn't destroy people's lives and businesses.

Yes, the IRS does just that. People by the scores have killed themselves over the IRS. Businesses by the tens of thousands have gone broke because of the Nazi tactics of the IRS. Income derived from any source that originates from the IRS is nothing but blood money and I'm real sorry if that offends some people. Federal employees need to take a real good look in the mirror and decide whether or not you're going to be on the side of what American really stands for or live with the knowledge that you are part and parcel in continuing to enslave your fellow Americans because your employer is lying - just to protect a paycheck that drips of America's blood and built upon a lie.

Joe Farah of did an excellent piece today outlining how we Americans have been reduced to a state of indentured servitude under the IRS and he's right on the money. Think about it.

This "income tax" is 100% voluntary and I don't care what Rossotti and his paid mouthpieces say. Read the code for yourself and then decide if you can continue to take blood money to feed your kids. Money from the misery of millions of Americans so you can drive a fancy car, get your nails done, buy your girlie magazines, new golf clubs or a ticket to the Cowboys game. Look in the mirror.

America's job base can return so there will be plenty of employment in the private sector. We have to get rid of NAFTA & GATT for starters. We must stop this forced "volunteering" of filing tax returns and giving up our Fifth Amendment rights or continue to see the Nazi-like IRS use brute force to swoop down on our people. There are only two reasons the IRS has been able to get away with this monumental lie for 88 years: fear and the complicity of every Congress since 1913 condoning the actions of this rogue operation. When will enough be enough? Are you going to let fear rule your life? Go read my piece: The I'm Too Afraid Brigade Has Arrived. When you're done, go look your children in the eye and tell them that you were too afraid or too busy to safeguard their God-given right to be free.

We don't need a direct tax to fund a limited form of Republican government. Find out how the American people have been tricked about the withholding tax. Please get the facts and consider the quotes below during your research:

United States Congressman Asa Hutchinson (R), February 8, 2000 during debate on the marriage tax penalty - another insidious, un-American "tax."

[Page: H226] GPO's PDF

(Mr. HUTCHINSON asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

"Mr. HUTCHINSON. Mr. Speaker, I think my colleagues on both sides of the aisle would agree that we may never have a perfect tax code, but it should at least be fair. That is the essence of any voluntary tax system."

Harry T. Manama, National Director, Collection Field Operations, IRS, September 24, 1998:

"The Service also has the authority to prepare a tax return (6) should a taxpayer neglect or refuse to voluntarily (7) file a correct return."

Harry T. Manama, National Director, Collection Field Operations, IRS, October 27, 1998:

"Our system of taxation is dependent on taxpayer's belief (1) that the laws they follow apply to everyone and that the IRS will respect and protect their rights under the law."

Report by the Comptroller General of the United States, GGD-81-83, July 8, 1981, Illegal Tax protesters Threaten Tax System: "Since they represent a threat to our Nation's voluntary tax system..."

General Accounting Office [GAO], GAO/T-GGD-97-35, Testimony Before the National Commission on Restructuring the IRS, January 9, 1997, Statement of Lynda D. Willis, Director, Tax Policy and Administration Issues, General Gov't Division, page one:

"....between income taxes owed and those voluntarily paid. The IRS has estimated that taxpayers do not voluntarily pay more than....First, IRS' data suggest that U.S. taxpayers voluntarily pay about ...."

Washington Times, January 8, 1996: "IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson warned yesterday that continued bashing of her agency may undermine Americans' willingness to pay taxes voluntarily." "Ultimately I worry it may have some impact on our self-assessment system."

IRS 1040 Handbook, 1992, page 3, statement by Commissar Shirley D. Peterson: "You are among the millions of Americans who comply with the tax law voluntarily."

February 3, 1953, Congressional Record, page 13 of hearings, Dwight E. Avis, Director of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, Investigation of the IRS and It's Laws, House, Ways & Means Committee:

"Let me point this out now. This is where the structure of the income tax and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms tax differs: Your income tax is 100% voluntary and your liquor tax is a 100% enforced tax. Now the situation is as different as night and day. Consequently, your same rules simply will not apply."

USA Today, March 5, 1997. Interview with Senator Bob Kerrey (D-NEB): "It's (the IRS) a voluntary system."

How about a judge's definition of voluntary? "My personal opinion is that you are a disgrace and an affront to every working man and woman in this state who voluntarily file and pay their taxes." Judge Dennis Montabon, September 1994 while sentencing a dentist to nine months in jail for not volunteering to file a tax return.

And the "mainstream" media? Denver Post, April 13, 1997: "The chief losers (the working man and woman) who pay their taxes voluntarily."

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America's job base can return so there will be plenty of employment in the private sector. We have to get rid of NAFTA & GATT for starters.