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By: Devvy
June 22, 2014

It appears our efforts are at least getting some response from our state legislature here in Texas joining with (thankfully) soon to be gone, Gov. Rick Perry and other high ranking officials regarding the massive invasion of illegals into Texas (35,000 a month) and in the past few weeks, tens of thousands of minor illegal aliens: Texas-Led Border Security Surge 'Imminent'. $1.2 million dollars a week is being allocated to put this plan into action. $1.2 MILLION dollars a week from we the taxpayers to do what the gutless cowards in the Outlaw Congress have refused to do for decades. This whole debacle is going to cost you, me, our children and grand children a ton of debt and misery until the problem is fixed once and for all.

The same can be said for Arizona, although I still haven't read or heard anything about Gov. Jan Brewer activating their volunteer militia to known 'hot spots' along their border. However, one state rep has introduced a bill: AZ: GOP Rep. Introduces Bill to Send Thousands of National Guard Troops to Border. The good folks in Arizona need to keep hammering on Brewer and their state reps and senators to get their militia funded, organized and on the border.

The criminal impostor in the White House is making noises because the noise from we the people is drowning Washington, DC: Obama talks tough to Mexico: Illegal-immigrant children won't get to stay. Of course, he doesn't mean it because this latest surge is due to Soetoro/Obama's encouragement: White House Admits 'Rumors' of Amnesty Motivating Illegal Border Crossings

Boehner to Obama: Send National Guard to the Southern Border. Really, Johnny? Where have you been the past 20 years while warming a seat in the Outlaw Congress? Oh, that's right, you've been pushing to reward 25 MILLION plus illegal aliens with amnesty for your corporate masters and the anti-American U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which I wouldn't belong to for one minute.

This invasion of our nation has been encouraged and promoted by America hating groups like LaRaza, MALDEF, the ACLU and others as well as both parties in the Outlaw Congress, state legislatures, mayors and governors. It's as if the word illegal simply doesn't exist even though individuals, regardless of age or country of origin, who smuggle themselves across our borders are here in violation of our immigration laws. Since they did not enter legally, they are here illegally. Not 'undocumented workers' because illegal aliens have no right to steal jobs that belong to Americans; natural born or naturalized. Whether they have no documents or forged documents and are working in this country, they do so illegally.

Over the past couple of days, the mentally deranged in the Democratic/Communist Party USA and a few talking heads on cable news have declared illegal minors and the ones accompanied by a parent flooding across the border are actually refugees! The hordes of uneducated, unskilled and too many disease ridden coming from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua are refugees. Bull. There are no civil wars going on in those countries. Those illegals are being trained how to respond to certain questions and to declare themselves in fear of their lives for refugee status. All very well orchestrated and funded.

Illegals invasion: Outbreaks include TB, measles, scabies, lice, dengue fever, leprosy
ICE Agent Blows the Whistle: Illegals Receiving Costly, Taxpayer-Funded Medical Treatments

Who is going to end up paying for all that expensive medical treatment for illegals? YOUR paycheck. It has to be borrowed, so not only will all of us owe the principle, but also the interest. And, to rub salt in an open wound:

White House to give more than $250 MILLION in new aid to Central American countries as its response to overwhelming surge in illegal immigration. "The money will go toward returning unaccompanied minors who travel to the U.S. illegally to their families and fostering youth centered programs in their home countries, the White House said this afternoon."

NO WHERE in the U.S. Constitution does it authorize any occupant of the White House to steal the fruits of our labor and send it to any foreign country for any reason. All bills of expenditure must come from the U.S. House of Representatives. Fostering youth centered programs in foreign countries? Hello? This is outright in-your-face stealing from us. Where are Johnny Boehner and the keepers of the people's purse in the U.S. House? Will the Republicans stop it? Not unless we the people flood their phone lines this week demanding they cut off that funding and stop stealing from us. The U.S. should bill those countries for our costs in detaining and shipping them back.

One of the unintended consequences of this latest massive surge - it has finally angered enough Americans to tell those poltroons in the Outlaw Congress we've had it: No amnesty and start deporting all illegals. Of course, in order to save face, one of the pro-amnesty sell outs (who tragically won his primary two weeks ago) is offering up the same old bilge: Bob Goodlatte: Immigration Reform 'Increasingly Unlikely' This Congress

“Our immigration system is broken because our current laws are inadequate to address the continuing influx of illegal immigration, and we have a President determined to ignore the laws we do have,” Goodlatte told Breitbart News Wednesday. According to Goodlatte, despite the current problems in the system, the President's failure to enforce current laws makes the prospect of passing immigration reform this Congress that much more unlikely.

“President Obama’s continued failure to enforce our immigration laws has made it increasingly unlikely that immigration reform will move this Congress, because the American people don't trust that he would enforce the law,” he said. Goodlatte made headlines earlier this week when he told Juan Williams in an interview for Fox News Latino that he was ready to “move now” on immigration reform.

"And I'm ready to move now. I'm ready to move after the election. I'm ready to move in the next Congress," Goodlatte, who has committed to moving immigration reform forward in a piecemeal fashion, told Williams. According to the Virginia Republican, the current immigration system is inadequate and should be fixed, but any fixes should begin with enforcement."

Well, Bobby, it's your fault as well as every other member of the Outlaw Congress who allowed a criminal impostor to be sworn into office - twice. As I said in this column: GOP: Pay Back for Ignoring Obama's Ineligibility, Barry Soetoro aka Obama should have been stopped the first time he tried to usurp the office of president. Instead, you, Rand Paul, Steve King (IA), Paul Ryan, Eric Cantor, Juan McCain - all 535 of you sat mute and accepted the electoral college vote the second time around.

Maybe not this session, but once voters reelect 96% of the SAME incumbents in November, both parties, look out. And that's just what's happening. The same rotten, corrupt house representatives and senators who didn't get the job done in the years they've been in the Outlaw Congress are being rewarded with reelection to go back to Washington, DC and spit in our faces.

Tragically, the uninformed "conservatives" in Texas are going to reward one of the worst with reelection in November: Cornyn: America Needs To Care For 'Dumped' Children. No, Johnny, it's the responsibility of the parents and the country they left. Ryan Secretly Whips for Immigration as Border Crisis Worsens. Of course, what did anyone expect? Another corporate whore. Ryan's primary is August 12, which he will win because his only challenger is a total flake whose last name also happens to be Ryan.

As for enforcement, Bobby, your party has done squat over the decades - especially when the GOP controlled both houses of Congress, eight years with a Republican president (Bush Jr.).

While this is nothing new, those of us who understand the problem know that the big magnet for illegal aliens is rewarding them with the fruits of your paycheck and it all started with Prop. 187 out in California back in 1994.

Art Torres, California Democratic Party chairman, at the Latino Summit Response to Prop 187 at U.C. Riverside (Jan. 14, 1995): "People say to me when I was on the Senate floor, when I was in the Senate, why do you fight so hard for affirmative action programs. And I tell my white colleagues: because you're gonna need them. Remember, 187 is the last gasp of white America."

Two federal judges struck down the vote of the people in California, Prop. 187 and thus began the sickening looting of we the people - for the past 20 years:

"The goal of Proposition 187 was to make illegal aliens ineligible for public benefits. It came in the middle of a deep recession in California and was popular partly because the fiscal estimate from the California Legislative Analyst's Office said that it would save the state about $200 million/year.

"Proposition 187's approval was the first time that any American state passed legislation related to immigration. "The day after Proposition 187 was approved by the state's voters, several groups filed federal lawsuits against it, including the Mexican-American Legal Defense/Education Fund (MALDEF), the League of Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and the ACLU.

"Three days after Proposition 187 was approved, on November 11, federal district court judge Matthew Byrne issued a temporary injunction against the state of California, forbidding the enforcement of Prop 187. Federal judge Marianna Pfaelzer then issued a permanent injunction, pending a trial. The state of California asked in 1997 for the case to be dismissed and the injunction dropped, on the grounds that federal immigration law had changed in the meantime. The federal court denied the request that the case be dismissed. The state of California never appealed that decision, so the permanent injunction stands, and the case has never proceeded to trial."

Bryne was nominated by Tricky Dicky Nixon and is retired from the bench. Pfaelzer was nominated by the incompetent buffoon, Jimmy Carter; she is still warming a seat on the bench. Those federal judges should have been impeached by the U.S. House. Those judges ruled that illegal aliens regardless of age or country of origin have the "right" to steal the fruits of our labor to educate, feed, clothe, provide medical and any other form of welfare. Individuals who have no right to be on U.S. soil, somehow according to those who disgraces to the justice system, have some imagined right to steal from us. Why would they leave OUR country?

Serial adulterer, liar and traitor (Read the Cox Report): "President Bill Clinton urged Californians to reject Proposition 187 as an impediment to federal policy on immigration. After admitting that "it is not wrong for you [Californians] to want to reduce illegal immigration," Clinton asked voters to allow the federal government to "keep working on what we're doing."

Billy knew Prop 187 wasn't an impediment to federal policy on immigration. Quite the opposite: Welfare has always been the magnet to draw liars, cheats and thieves; illegal aliens. Californians were being raped to the tune of about $3 BILLION dollars a year back then to pay for all that welfare with about half going to educate illegal alien minors who had no right to be on U.S. soil.

And, what did Congress do? Did they impeach those two federal judges for ruling that illegal aliens have the right to steal the fruits of your labor and bankrupt hospitals and other resources? No, they did nothing. You get up and go to work everyday to have the money you work for given to thieves who believe they have a right to your wallet even though they have no legal right to even be on U.S. soil.

The Founding Fathers set up checks and balances. They gave the U.S. House of Representatives the authority to impeach federal judges whose actions are clearly over the top or who make decisions so egregious, they should not remain on the bench. In our entire history, only 15 federal judges have been impeached by the house; four acquitted by the senate (one a justice, U.S. Supreme Court), one took a convoluted route out. No matter how bad decisions have been, i.e., Roe v Wade, Lawrence v Texas, John Roberts' hallucination Obamacare is a tax, all we ever hear from Republicans is mealy mouth excuses and blame it on the Democratic/Communist Party USA.

Prop 187 was passed in November 1994 - the same year the phony 'Republican Revolution' led by slime bag, Newt Gingrich, dominated the political landscape. So, now we have a Congress Republican controlled under a Marxist president, Billy Clinton. Despite massive rage building over the lawsuits and ultimate over turning the will of the people of California, Republicans were playing big shots with the contrived 'Contract With America':

"Newt Gingrich sold out this country decades ago with his votes. Besides being a serial adulterer and ethically bankrupt, Newt Gingrich is the global master's trophy boy. He hopes the Republicans take control of Congress in November because there's no doubt in my mind, Gingrich is out to be president of these united States of America. We can never let that happen. Do you know Newt was caught on tape saying the ridiculous "Contract with America" was nothing but a PR tool for incoming freshmen members of Congress? Yes, that's a fact. They were obtained by Roll Call. Old Newt pulled a fast one on faithful conservatives. His votes killed MILLIONS of jobs and sent them south of the border and overseas."

As a matter of fact, both parties in the Outlaw Congress have turned a blind eye to blatant violation of federal laws. We know why the ethically bankrupt Democratic/Communist Party USA does it, but there is no excuse for Republicans during the years they held power:

Should officials of the FDIC be prosecuted? April 19, 2005

"The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is encouraging banks to sign up illegal aliens in the banking system, calling the growth of the market "a compelling incentive for U.S. banks to enter this largely untapped market." And the FDIC program demonstrates that unbanked Latin American immigrants can be brought into the financial mainstream.

"But there are clear laws on the books for the integrity of the immigration system. United States criminal code, "It is a crime punishable by 10 years in jail for aiding and abetting someone in this country illegally for commercial gain." And the Bank Secrecy Act of 1972 makes it clear banks must know their customer, and any illegal activity must be reported to the government." And, pray tell who was the U.S. Attorney General at that time? Why, John Ashcroft. Did he prosecute one single law breaker at the FDIC or bank officials? Nope.

What should have been done as soon as the second federal judge gave "rights" to illegal aliens? The Republican controlled House and Senate should have written a short bill - like a duplicate of Prop 187 that went on the California ballot - to nullify those two federal judges shocking rulings. Even though Marxist Billy Clinton would have vetoed it, on a straight party vote, the Republicans would have prevailed.

Sell outs like Rand Paul say we can't deport 11 million illegals. Reward them! Well, Rand, there's no way to do background checks on 25 million plus liars, cheats and thieves. Look at the carnage done by illegals over the past three decades. I've covered it ad nauseum along with so many others and that's only the ones who have been caught. Don't tell me what can and cannot be done, Rand Paul, because I'm sick of the defeatist attitude. Defeatism Ensures Defeat.

First of all, conservative estimates are that 11.5 MILLION jobs that belong to Americans and naturalized Americans are held by illegal aliens who lie to steal those jobs. So, it isn't 11 million, Rand, it's more like 25 million plus here sucking our resources dry and looting our wallets. While I think 'Operation Wetback' was a terrible name, President Eisenhower wasn't intimidated by America hating groups or future votes. 2.1 million liars, cheats and thieves were sent packing.

Take away the magnet of welfare, "free" education, medical care (except an emergency and bill the country of origin) and we will start to empty out this country. Real immigration reform would be a 30 day massive media blitz: If you're in this country illegally, you have thirty days beginning (date) to leave the U.S. Get your affairs in order, after that, every effort will be made to track you through employers and school districts in all 50 states. THAT will start the train out of this country, but wait! Why you can't ask schools if a student is illegal!

As I wrote in my last column, a federal judge gutted one of the best and strongest laws put on the books in Alabama: Alabama Wins in Ruling on Its Immigration Law

“Today Judge Blackburn upheld the majority of our law,” Gov. Robert Bentley said in a brief statement he delivered outside the State Capitol in Montgomery. “With those parts that were upheld, we have the strongest immigration law in the country.” The judge did issue a preliminary injunction against several sections of the law, agreeing with the government's case that they pre-empted federal law. She blocked a broad provision that outlawed the harboring or transporting of illegal immigrants and another that barred illegal immigrants from enrolling in or attending public universities."

Perhaps Judge Blackburn hasn't read this federal law:

"It was Truman who pushed the Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952 through Congress in the closing days of his administration. Under Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) any US citizen that knowingly assists an illegal alien, provides them with employment, food, water or shelter has committed a felony. City, county or State officials that declare their jurisdictions to be "Open Cities, Counties or States are subject to arrest; as are law enforcement agencies who chose not to enforce this law. Police officers who ignore officials who violate Section 8 USC 1324[a](1)(A)[iv][b](iii) are committing a Section 274 federal felony. Furthermore, according to Federal Immigration and National Act of 1952, if you live in a city, county or State that refuses to enforce the law for whatever reason, the officials making those rules are financially liable for any crime committed within their jurisdiction by an illegal alien."

It doesn't say members of Congress, state legislatures, church personnel or anyone else is immune. It says ANY U.S. citizen. In the meantime, state legislators are passing laws to give illegal aliens driver's licenses so they can find employment when they maim or kill you or a family member, they can just skip back across the border. State legislatures (Texas did it here signed into law by Rick Perry, Mr. Conservative) are giving ILLEGAL aliens tuition breaks for college.

After Alabama's law went into effect, illegals did begin leaving the state under their own steam. As soon as Judge Blackburn gave them the green light, they stayed put and back to stealing jobs and resources. If illegals know they will be identified, detained and deported and are given a window of time to get out of this country, given past track records, they will go.Not all, but it will get things rolling. But, if the crooks and cowards in Congress don't over ride those atrocious rulings by federal judges, illegals will dig in their heels and stay here and more will come - by the millions, not just thousands.

Real immigration reform means stop ALL forms of welfare, including school for illegal aliens, period. Beef up penalties for employers: CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg does jail time instead of afternoon tea: ICE Pushing Back on Zuckerberg’s Undocumented Immigrants Support. "Last week, Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook hired close to two dozen undocumented immigrants at the same time hosting a hackathon at the headquarters of LinkedIn. Zuckerberg’s intention was to encourage U.S. Congress to take on the immigration reform next year."

Was Zuckerberg arrested and charged with knowingly hiring illegal aliens? Nope. He's a billionaire with friends in high places, so ICE said sit down and talk with us! This is ALL about money for weasels like Zuckerberg: - from the same column: "The Facebook founder just founded a group called with other leaders from Silicon Valley to help promote policies to help keep the U.S. and all those living their competitive in the worldwide economy. has key points that include the securing of the borders, support issuing for more H-1B visas and a pathway to citizenships for the undocumented immigrants. The group said the changes would attract the best in the world and its brightest workers."

What about the best and brightest unemployed in this country and newly graduated with college degrees? How I wish some patriot computer whiz folks would create a new Facebook and leave Zuckerberg in the dust. It's ALL about money, make no mistake about that and that money OWNS John Boehner, Eric Cantor (thankfully, he got booted), Paul Ryan, Juan McCain, Bob Goodlatte and many other Republicans and of course, all the Demorats in the Outlaw Congress: Soros & Fellow Billionaires for Open Borders Lobby GOP on Amnesty and: GOP Mega-Donor Sheldon Adelson: Amnesty, Driver's Licenses, Bank Accounts for Illegals. Adelson wants cheap labor for his casinos; Republican prez hopefuls for 2016 have been visiting Adelson on their knees kissing his backside.

Take away the magnet and watch illegals pack up and leave. I don't know about you, but I am sick of being raped in state and federal taxes to pay for liars, cheats and thieves. Here in Texas, 400,000 ILLEGAL alien minors attend our schools raping Texans to the tune of $3.4 BILLION dollars a year. Real immigration reform means identifying them and the best way is through the schools and that includes colleges. Illegal minors and college age "students" can blame their parents for smuggling them across the border, but it is not my obligation or responsibility to pay for their upbringing or education. I'm so sick of the bleeding heart mentality towards illegals including children. All it does is encourage more hordes to come across our borders.

Close down the borders (north and south). Texas' border with Mexico is 1200 miles, but you don't need to put up a fence for all 1200 miles. Border patrol and border states governors know the hot spots and secondary hot routes. The gutless cowards in the U.S. Congress say there's no money. Bull pucky. A whopping, unconstitutional $52 BILLION BORROWED dollars is for foreign aid for 2014. Not one damn penny is legal under the Constitution, but there's no money for the border fence? Yes, there is because it is a matter of the highest national security.

Hire more border patrol agents. Some are now quitting over this latest tsunami coming out of South America because gang members are being released into cities and towns all over the place: U.S: Border Agents Quitting Over Catch and Release of Known Gang Members - Desperate agents' pleas for help ignored, as DHS bankrolls invasion. If you read my last column, you know the carnage.

Put the National Guard where the fence goes and have them build it. There's no need for long drawn out contracts through the federal government with an astronomical price tag. The National Guard in the four border states are already on the payroll. I feel confident that enough of them have experience in putting up the type of fence that can't be scaled or electronically tampered with. That would cut the cost by a ton.

Reconstitute the constitutional militia in as many states as possible, but Texas, Arizona and New Mexico are a priority. You can forget the dying State of California ruled by socialists and Marxists who love illegals while those born in that state collect food stamps.

Yes, a fair and workable seasonal worker program can be created for areas where there simply are not enough workers in agriculture; states should also look at using convicts. I know it has been tried in a couple of states, but it is workable in so many ways.

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Stop the damn H1-B visas bringing in foreign workers when qualified Americans are begging for those jobs. My God, how insane that has been over the past decades and it has to stop. Employ Americans first. The shortage of qualified workers has been proven to be a bogus argument. Employers who want amnesty want cheap labor at the expense of American workers.

Of course, none of that will happen unless the American people put a fire under the Outlaw Congress and stop the current push for amnesty. The movers and shakers in the U.S. House might wait until after the November election, but they intend to stab us in the heart. Too many RINOs in the senate are praying they take back the senate so they can finish us off. We must not let that happen.


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The same can be said for Arizona, although I still haven't read or heard anything about Gov. Jan Brewer activating their volunteer militia to known 'hot spots' along their border.