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By: Devvy

September 21, 2004

"Under the law of nature, all men are born free, every one comes into the world with a right to his own person, which includes the liberty of moving and using it at his own will. This is what is called personal liberty, and is given him by the Author of nature, because necessary for his own sustenance." --Thomas Jefferson: Legal Argument, 1770. FE 1:376

New world order worker jackals, Senators Joseph Lieberman and John McCain, have a bill they'd like to see rammed down America's throat. Neither one of these global henchmen serve in office legally since the Seventeenth Amendment was not properly ratified by the required number of states. Sadly, this doesn't seem of importance to the vast majority of Americans, although it should. This bill from Lieberman and McCain carries a very deceptive title: 9/11 Commission Report Implementation Act of 2004

In fact, it is just more Nazi style legislation meant to control domestic Americans that will do little to nothing regarding the never ending "war on terrorism." Instead of Congress demanding enforcement of existing laws, i.e, locking down our borders, these two pusillanimous individuals think more oppressive laws will do the trick and pacify the unwashed masses as they huddle in fear of terrorism. Since neither Lieberman nor McCain have time to write such a tome because they spend so much time doing nothing, i.e. standing in front of TV cameras, I would like to know exactly who wrote this bill? Even money says neither one of them.

As one delves into this 281 page document, we find this legislation is just another move in the process to destroy our Constitutional Republic and enslave a free people using terrorism as justification. An expert on this subject, Jeri Lynn Ball, has this to say about the big terror stick being used against the American people:

"The Sino-Soviet -U.S. governing classes have been able to generate immense global hostility toward the American people. At the same time, they have worked to make U.S. citizens feel increasingly like they are surrounded by enemies. This has helped to develop a Communist "sense of community," reinforced the wish to draw closer together, and promoted collectivism. There can be no doubt that during the "war against terrorism," Communist strategists and their trained terrorists use selective terrorism to justify greater government "protection" of America's communities (Communist collectives). The end they have in mind is to use police state measures and Soviet-style "people's patrols" to restore "order," to use UN troops to police U.S. city streets, etc."

Americans would do well to remember these words by former U.S. Senator Sam Nunn, Associated Press, June 3, 1994: "I think that our American people will welcome a Russian military force for peace-keeping purposes." If that doesn't alarm people, perhaps this will from the Sacramento Bee Forum section, November 30, 1997: Our civilian-military face off - The Bill of Rights no obstacle for Corps:

"Some Marines say they can see the day when the Corps will be required to execute Haiti-like missions, or worse, within the borders of the United States....Because of the rising potential for civil disobedience within the inner cities, it is inevitable the U.S. military will be employed more often within American borders....To enable the Marines to execute these new domestic missions in the same way that they do abroad, Major Reeves calls for major alterations in U.S. laws."

This full four page abomination speaks volumes about what the shadow government has in store for the American people. This article is exactly why the Bush Administration would like to get rid of posse comitatus under the guise of fighting the war on terrorism. The Masters of the Game know the American people are on the war path by the millions and they aim to quash any resistance under the stewardship of Bush or Kerry; it makes no difference which because either one will carry out their orders. Blarney? Remember these words from Billy Clinton, August 1998 in Ireland responding to a question as to what would he do if removed from office through impeachment? Clinton replied, "You know, by the time you become the leader of a country, someone else makes all the decisions."

Buried inside this 9-11 bill, page 228, we find this hidden provision for national driver's licenses and ID cards:


(a) DEFINITIONS.- In this section: ''(1) DRIVER'S LICENSE.- The term 'driver's license' means a motor vehicle operator's license as defined in section 30301(5) of title 49, United 1 States Code.

''(2) PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION CARD.- The term 'personal identification card' means an identification document (as defined in section 1028(d)(3) of title 18, United States Code) issued by a State.

''(b) STANDARDS FOR ACCEPTANCE BY FEDERAL AGENCIES.- ''(1) IN GENERAL.- ''(A) LIMITATION ON ACCEPTANCE.- No Federal agency may accept, for any official purpose, a driver's license or personal identification card issued by a State more than 2 years after the promulgation of the minimum standards under paragraph (2) unless the driver's license or personal identification card conforms to such minimum standards.

''(B) DATE FOR CONFORMANCE. - The Secretary shall establish a date after which no driver's license or personal identification cards shall be accepted by a Federal agency for any official purpose unless such driver's license or personal identification card conforms to the minimum standards established under paragraph (2). The date shall be as early as the Secretary determines it is practicable for the States to comply with such date with reasonable efforts.

''(2) MINIMUM STANDARDS. - Within 1 year after the date of enactment of this section, the Secretary shall by regulation establish minimum standards for driver's licenses or personal identification cards issued by a State for use by Federal agencies for identification purposes that shall include:

''(A) standards for documentation required as proof of identity of an applicant for a driver's license or identification card; ''(B) standards for third-party verification of the authenticity of documents used to obtain a driver's license or identification card; "(C) standards for the processing of applications for driver's licenses and identification cards to prevent fraud; ''(D) security standards to ensure that driver's licenses and identification cards are ''(i) resistant to tampering, alteration, or counterfeiting; and ''(ii) capable of accommodating a digital photograph or other unique identifier; and ''(E) a requirement that a State confiscate a driver's license or identification card if any component or security feature of the license or identification card is compromised.

''(3) CONTENT OF REGULATIONS. - The regulations required by paragraph (2) ''(A) shall facilitate communication between the chief driver licensing official of a State and an appropriate official of a Federal agency to verify the authenticity of documents issued by such Federal agency and presented to prove the identity of an individual; ''(B) may not directly or indirectly infringe on a State's power to set eligibility criteria for obtaining a driver's license or identification card from that State; and ''(C) may not require a State to comply with any such regulation that conflicts with or otherwise interferes with the full enforcement of such eligibility criteria by the State.

To make this Nazi-style, "Show your papers!" more palatable to the states, mother government will make "grants" from an empty treasury, further enslaving your children and grand babies into unpayable, massive debt:

''(c) GRANTS TO STATES. ''(1) ASSISTANCE IN MEETING FEDERAL 6 STANDARDS. - Beginning on the date a final regulation is promulgated under subsection (b)(2), the Secretary shall make grants to States to assist them in conforming to the minimum standards for driver's licenses and personal identification cards set forth in the regulation. "(2) ALLOCATION OF GRANTS. - The Secretary shall make grants to States under this subsection based on the proportion that the estimated average annual number of driver's licenses and personal identification cards issued by a State applying for a grant bears to the average annual number of such documents issued by all States. ''(d) AUTHORIZATION OF APPROPRIATIONS. - There are authorized to be appropriated to the Secretary for each of the fiscal years 2005 through 2009, such sums as may be necessary to carry out this section.

Does Congress have the legislative authority to force a national ID card or national driver's license on any citizen that will in any way harass or restrict our freedom to travel where and when we wish? The definitive answer is no. Don't take my word for it, here's what various courts have ruled:

"The use of the highway for the purpose of travel and transportation is not a mere privilege, but a common fundamental right of which the public and individuals cannot rightfully be deprived." Chicago Motor Coach v. Chicago, 169 NE 221; The right to travel is a part of the liberty of which the citizen cannot be deprived without due process of law under the Fifth Amendment." Kent v Dulles, 357 US 116, 125; "The right to travel is a well-established common right that does not owe its existence to the federal government. It is recognized by the courts as a natural right." Schactman v Dulles 96 App DC 287, 225 F2d 938, at 941.

Our God-given natural rights cannot be subverted by government: "The claim and exercise of a constitutional right cannot be converted into a crime." Miller v U.S. 230F 486 at 489; "There can be no sanction or penalty imposed upon one because of this exercise of constitutional rights." Sherer v Cullen, 481 F 946 and, "Where rights secured by the Constitution involved, there can be no rule making or legislation which would abrogate them." Miranda v. Arizona 384 US 436, 491

This usurpation of our rights is reminiscent of the Lopez v. United States case which involved a gun brought into a school "zone." Before the mush heads whoosh their collective gasps, American school children used to bring guns to schools until the late 60s without inciting violence or for the purpose of conducting mayhem against society. The Lopez decision is very important because the U.S. Supreme Court slapped down these power mongers in Congress for over stepping their legislative authority - the same as it proposed in the Lieberman/McCain bill. Chief Justice Rehnquist delivered the opinion of the Court:

"In the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990, Congress made it a federal offense "for any individual knowingly to possess a firearm at a place that the individual knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, is a school zone." 18 U.S.C. � 922(q)(1)(A) (1988 ed., Supp. V).

"The Act neither regulates a commercial activity nor contains a requirement that the possession be connected in any way to interstate commerce. We hold that the Act exceeds the authority of Congress "[to] regulate Commerce . . . among the several States . . . ." U. S. Const., Art. I, �8, cl. 3"

The right to move freely and travel the roads of America isn't a commercial activity nor is it connected to interstate commerce, therefore, a national ID or national driver's license is unconstitutional and beyond the scope and authority of Congress. Do you think old Joe and John don't know this? Of course they do, that's why it's stuck in a "war on terrorism" bill and buried on page 228. The destroyers are relentless in their efforts to destroy our rights and they do it by stealth and deception.

"I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."- General Douglas MacArthur.

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"I am concerned for the security of our great nation, not so much because of any threat from without, but because of the insidious forces working from within."- General Douglas MacArthur.