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By: Devvy

October 11, 2004

In 2003, seven million Americans were the victims of identity theft. 19,178 per day, 799 per hour. Everyone is a potential target and the numbers will continue to grow if the state legislatures don't step up to the plate and crack down on the abusive use of social security numbers violating the Privacy Act of 1974. The state legislatures of the Union regulate their own agencies and private business in areas allowed under their state constitutions.

Before one can solve a problem, you have to go back to where and how it started and this is absolutely germane to the issue. Social security numbers are not automatically issued - anyone wanting one must apply for the number which sets up a bookkeeping account for them. Social security is not an insurance program, it is a voluntary taxing scheme (the bottom part of this article) and hundreds of millions of Americans have been tricked into obtaining a social security number (SSN) under the pretext that you must have this number to live or work in these united States. Nothing could be further from the truth, yet this big lie has been condoned and encouraged by every President and Congress for over 60 years by both political parties. They have lied to you by omission to breed the American people to dependency and a pittance at retirement time.

Do you know that most people aren't even eligible to apply for this number? That's a legal fact that every Congress and President hasn't seen fit to let you know for over sixty years. Go to the Social Security Administration's web site. They won't tell you the truth because they need victims to stay in business. Their site contains very clever propaganda to make the reader believe you are required to obtain this number. They even have a children's section "encouraging" Mary and Johnny to make sure dad and mum get that number for you to receive all the great benefits! It's enough to gag a maggot and it's all done by design.

The abuse of this number is rampant; federal law on the use of this number is being ignored wholesale by state agencies and the private sector. A social security number is to be used only for identification purposes regarding your social security account with the Social Security Administration. Along the way, the lawbreakers at the IRS decided to begin using this number to track your income so they could force you to voluntarily file an income tax return and raid your paycheck each pay period via "withholding" - except they forget to tell you that it (withholding) can't be done without your consent. Because so few Americans will take the time to read the law, they allow themselves to be herded by government Gestapo agencies into giving up their legal rights, all kissed and blessed by Congress and the White House. And, if you think that's bad, the IRS shares it's information with 150 foreign countries. A ticking time bomb with computer hackers working for the criminals, the scenario is frightening.

While some reforms have taken place in a handful of states, all across America citizens are still being forced to provide this easily stolen number for cable TV service, medical treatment, employment, credit cards and dozens of other goods and services by companies. All of it is unlawful. The IRS demands you supply this number for your children on your voluntary income tax return or you cannot receive the tax breaks contained within their insidious code. A minor who has not been advised of their rights or an infant who can't possibly understand their rights or the consequences of having this number forced upon them is so reprehensible, it screams for remedy. Millions of parents are being forced to enslave their children with a number they aren't required to obtain just to get a "tax break." And you're going to vote for your favorite incumbent in Congress next month? How can people continue to reward liars who have cheated and tricked them and their children?

Virtually all states of the Union demand a social security number or you will be denied the right to drive a car. I have received hundreds of e-mails from people who refused to get their children social security numbers because of their religious beliefs or they simply don't believe they have the right to shackle their minor children into a voluntary federal taxing scheme. Now, their children can't get a driver's license because the states they live in want to force these teens to get this number or no license. This is extortion, defined as: the act or practice of extorting by a public official acting under color of office. Extort defined as: To obtain from another by coercion or intimidation. There's no question extortion is the crime here.

Several years ago, the legally ignorant California Supreme Court ruled that you will supply this number or you will not get a driver's license. This means that some robes play acting as God ruled that your minor children must be forced to join a voluntary federal taxing scheme by applying for a social security number. It also means that regardless of your religious convictions and objections to the use of this number, your religious beliefs will be violated. If I were Governor of California when this ruling came down, I would have done everything in my power to impeach every State Supreme Justice who voted for this ruling. If these clowns don't know the law, then they have no right sitting on the bench.

This is the absolute bottom line on the issue of social security numbers and driver's licenses: How can a state force you or your minor child into a voluntary federal taxing program that you are not required to join in order to be able to drive a car to earn your bread or freely travel the roads? They can't. There is absolutely no valid reason why all motor vehicle departments in the 50 states can't assign an internal identifier for the license holder. None. There would no longer be any incentive for motor vehicle personnel to sell your SSN because your name would only be connected to a benign number and not one tied to your entire financial history.

Employers routinely refuse to hire unless you provide this number - even though it's illegal for them to do so. Not enough employers know the law, have ever heard of the Taco Bell case nor do they care. They're too afraid of the IRS and like sheep, follow whatever some flunky from the IRS tells them over the phone. As more Americans find out the truth, they will begin suing employers who refuse to hire them because they won't provide this number. I say it's long overdue: ignorance of the law is no excuse.

A few years ago on Geoff Metcalf's talk radio show, a woman called in who works at the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB). She told the listening audience that thousands of social security numbers had as many as 99 names attached to one number! Perhaps now you can understand why identity theft is rampant and why all 50 state legislatures must step in and put a stop to the unlawful use of this number.

In some states, real estate agents, plumbers and other trades are being denied renewal of their licenses because they refuse to supply a SSN! This is beyond an outrage. It is our God given right to work for our bread and there is absolutely no legitimate reason why any state needs a SSN in order to renew a license to do business. If this is going on in your state, contact the Small Business Owners Association and other related organizations. Meet with them and explain how this is not only violating federal law, it also violates everyone's rights and puts everyone - including them - in jeopardy to become a victim of identity theft. These large organizations can really put the heat on the State House. I think you'll be surprised at how many Americans out there don't like what's going on and want to do something to stop this freight train of destruction. I say that based on the amount of e-mail I get and from my appearances on talk radio where I listen to outraged Americans when they call into the program. There's more people out there who feel the way you do than you think and the numbers are growing as more and more lives are ruined by government at all levels.

Before this massive abuse of this number became vogue, state agencies and companies in the private sector simply established account numbers for their customers/clients and it can be done again. Due to the advancement of technology and computers, purging social security numbers and replacing them with a unique customer/client account number is not a major undertaking, even for a state agency with hundreds of thousand or millions of names, i.e. motor vehicle departments. The cost of identity theft is far, far greater than the cost of using a computer program to issue new identifying numbers for customers/clients. The financial future of all Americans is on the line here and it's long past time for our paid public servants take this issue seriously and act.

How you can effect this change

Everyone and that includes the 7400 members of the 50 state legislatures - is a potential victim of identity theft. It's just a matter of time. The criminals are relentless. If it's not the Russian Mafia operating in this country, it's terrorists using stolen SSNs and state workers caught betraying their fellow citizens for a buck. Over and over we have seen news reports of employees at motor vehicle agencies in a half dozen states indicted for selling thousands of SSNs obtained from their records when people apply for their driver's license. How many haven't been caught?

I strongly urge everyone to contact their state legislator; do it as a group or organization if possible. Tell him/her what the law says and you demand they introduce legislation to stop the use of SSNs as identifiers for all states agencies with it is not absolutely necessary, medical providers or private industry. If you have recall in your state, let him/her know you will begin the process to throw them out of office. If you don't have recall, let them know you will do everything in your power to see them in the unemployment line come November.

If you are a constitutional lawyer or public interest law firm, I hope you will mount a legal fight for clients who approach you about being denied a driver's license because they refuse to supply this number or because some agency or company demands this number or denies your client goods or services. This "social security" number is the key to numbering every American, tracking our movements, invading our privacy and significantly increases the odds that every one of us will be a victim of identity theft. This monstrous stealing of your identity will ruin your life, destroy your credit and can bankrupt you in five minutes. Everything you've ever worked for gone and the only thing left behind is a nightmare of debt incurred using your stolen SSN that you will have to pay for in order to try and restore your ruined credit.

State legislators are there to protect your rights by making certain they aren't trampled on or abused because it's easier to force everyone to provide a number that by law is only supposed to be used for identification purposes by SSA and the gangsters at the IRS. The states must take the lead in doing everything possible to stop people's lives from being ruined by theft identity. The states must stop allowing their citizens to be forced into a voluntary federal taxing scheme for things like getting a driver's license. It's not only morally wrong, extortion is illegal. This isn't a Republican or Democrat party issue, it's a ticking time bomb that affects every man, woman and child in this country.

Again, and please forgive me for being redundant, but I want to make certain I drive this point home:

No one is required to obtain a social security number to live or work in these united States of America.

Therefore, no state agency, company, retailer, medical provider or employer can force you to become part of a voluntary federal taxing scheme to exercise any natural right or be given a privilege. Nor can they violate the Privacy Act unless you allow this to happen.

The abuse of SSNs and theft identity is epidemic and must be stopped. All these companies and state agencies are getting away with it because the people haven't made a concerted, massive effort to stop them. The time is now - before you become the next victim. If you think identity theft can't happen to you - at a rate of almost 20,000 Americans every day and growing - the chances of you becoming a victim grows exponentially - no matter how rich or famous you might be or whether you serve in public office. Everyone is a potential victim and that's something every state legislator should think about when their constituents come to them about this issue. Mail your state legislator a copy of this article along with a polite letter. When these legislators get tens of thousands of them, the squeaky wheel will start to turn.

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Do you know that most people aren't even eligible to apply for this number? That's a legal fact that every Congress and President hasn't seen fit to let you know for over sixty years. Go to the Social Security Administration's web site. They won't tell you the truth because they need victims to stay in business.