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By: Devvy
June 6, 2016

God has a special place in HELL for all of them. "A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast" - Proverbs 12:10 KJV

Caught on camera: Man 'tied weights to his dog's hind legs, hit him, then dragged him through the streets'
Teens Arrested For Feeding Live Cat To Dogs
Bronx man 'punches and beats puppy with a shovel, then ditches her in snowbank in front of neighbors'
Heartless thugs throw puppy into burning dump leaving him with horrific injuries
Las Vegas pet shop owner tried to torch her own pet shop with 27 puppies inside

Texas Man Gets 50 Years for Filming Sexual Animal Crush Videos
Heartbreaking experiments - literally that have little resemblance to humans. Sickening. Beagles, how they suffer
Colorado vets treat at least five cases of 'stoned' dogs a DAY as the number of animals eating marijuana in the state becomes major issue
'Puppy killer' appears in court for hanging two pet Pinschers who weren't 'aggressive enough'
Dog left fighting for his life after being stabbed multiple times makes recovery with foster family - left for dead

Motorist killed kitten by throwing it out of a car window - that poor little kitty died from internal injuries. The guy got away.
Man beats his dog to death with a shovel for chewing on patio furniture
Springer the starving dog found abandoned in empty house finds forever home with man who nursed him back to health. The woman who left him in the house in a crate was charged.
Man 'angry at the world' repeatedly bought kittens from Craigslist, named them and then stomped them to death in his 'kill room'
Dog too terrified to lift his head after years of abuse gets his confidence back through love of new owners

Texas man who viciously 'hurled an innocent Chihuahua against a glass Starbucks window' is arrested on animal cruelty charges
Shocking video of Texas school worker callously flinging five puppies over six-foot fence
Four-Month-Old Puppy Thrown from Car in Trash Bag
Chihuahua puppy forced to have its ears amputated after it was horrifically burned with chemicals and tortured
Great Dane mix named Aurora is found wandering the streets after her cruel owner wrapped duct tape around her head and muzzle

Emaciated dog recovering after being thrown from a moving car in Missouri
Texas veterinarian who skewered 'feral' cat with bow and arrow then posed with its corpse on Facebook now fighting to keep her license in hearing - 'My first bow kill... lol. The only good feral tomcat is one with an arrow through its head. Vet of the year award... gladly accepted.'
Woman gets jail time for allowing thousands of fleas to kill her dog by DRAINING him of blood after she left the pet tied up outside

This has been going on for years in this country. Sociopath cops who didn't have to pull the trigger under the circumstances:

Weimaraner dog shot dead in owner’s back yard by police who were searching for missing three-year-old boy
Police Officer Shoots Puppy After ‘Fearing For His Safety’
Six-year-old girl watches in horror as police 'shoot dead her dog Apollo in her front yard'
$40,000 lawsuit paid after cop shoots family pet
Oklahoma deputy shoots family dog and abandons the bleeding pet on the porch

The same animals committing horrific acts of cruelty are in other countries, too.

The pictures are sickening. Iran's savage killings of stray dogs with burning acid has incited worldwide outrage
Are your gloves made out of DOG skin? Barbaric slaughterhouses in China use the hide of pets slaughtered for food to make leather goods - and they are already in UK high street stores, campaigners warn. An investigator saw workers peel the skin off dogs who were still alive.
I Can Still Hear Their Screams - dogs skinned alive. Their fur used for parkas and doll clothes sold in this country. The barbarian Chinese ship them to another country to get around labeling. I watched the video and barely slept for two nights because all I could hear is their screams
Terrified minks shriek in agony as they are dragged from tiny cages and electrocuted before being skinned in undercover footage taken at Norwegian fur farm

Surgeons reconstruct dog’s face after previous owners hack off her nose with a machete - Mexico
Dog left to starve by owner was 'most emaciated' vet with 30 years’ experience had ever seen - UK
No need to cry anymore Raju! The elephant whose tears captured the hearts of millions is finally declared free from his former owners - India
- An elephant who was brought to tears after being held in chains and beaten for more than 50 years has finally been declared free from his former abusive owners.

Brazil: Youths Burns Puppy Alive- the picture is beyond words
Zoo owner whose tiger featured in Life Of Pi charged with animal cruelty after he was filmed whipping the animal - Canada - a beautiful Siberian tiger
Sick 'serial dog killer' caught in chilling CCTV video luring puppies with food before stabbing them to death has been arrested - India
Yulin dog meat festival in Guangxi, southern China. 10,000 dogs are tortured, slaughtered and served with lychees - with the torture said to make dog meat more tender. More tender meat is said to make men more virile, meaning the abuse is an integral part of the slaughter
Agony of the baby elephant caught in a poacher's snare: Animal was left to die crippled and speared in its trunk - Kenya

I have hundreds more in my animal cruelty file. It makes me sick to my soul.

[Just a short note about 9/11 and Smart Electric Meeters. The cost of America's undeclared "war" (invasion) in Afghanistan has now reached $1 trillion borrowed dollars - massive debt heaped on us all based on what happened on 9/11. Regular readers of my column know I continue to press for the truth about the events of 9/11. Military grade nanothermite is not a conspiracy theory. It was found and tested from the rubble at the twin towers. A new, powerful film has been released: The Anatomy of a Great Deception. Just released: New Expanded Global Edition. For full disclosure I receive no compensation, but I want you to get a copy (or a few) and share it with others or give a copy as a present. I've purchased half a dozen copies and given them to individuals I believe seek the truth. It's very powerful simply because it's one 'ordinary' man's story who ask a simple question that led him to a not so simple journey. There is factual information in this film that many have never heard about but everyone should. Just a suggestion, order more than one and give one to a friend. Also, must see video on the dangers of Smart Meeters on your home, titled: Take Back Your Power.]

© 2016 - and Devvy - All Rights Reserved

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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Teach those children that hurting animals is wrong and that kindness and love is what makes that child happy. Not violence like crutelty to animals. That they hurt when you hurt them. That they are innocent and not deserving of cruelty.