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By: Devvy
August 22, 2016

I have been writing about vote fraud since 1993. And yet, despite the overwhelming evidence, electronic and human fraud has been stealing our elections for more than four decades, Americans continue to go to the polls every two years using easily hacked machines. There is a considerable movement in my estimation regarding vote fraud but not enough Americans have said enough is enough to their state legislatures.

Not enough candidates and general population voters have stormed their state capitols and demanded ALL forms of electronic voting get scrapped and return to hand counted PAPER ballots in front of selected precinct watchers from all parties. Not enough voters have stormed their state capitols and demanded a crack down on absentee ballots AND purging voter rolls of illegal aliens, deceased and any other category that bars someone from voting. Not enough voters have demanded Congress repeal the Motor Voter Act of 1993 which opened the flood gates to vote fraud.

The result has been good, decent, qualified candidates losing against congressional incumbents for decades. I know. I ran for Congress and what happened on primary night in 1996 was nothing short of fraud big time:

" 1996 even though I was only 7% behind the incumbent right up to "election" night with all it's fraud in my race. At one minute after the polls closed, Peter Jennings (deceased) called all 52 house seats in California; none of the numbers changed when they quit counting votes at 4:13 am - including my race. What a remarkable feat.

"Incumbents in most districts are so far ahead - by 40% to a challenger, it's not likely it will turn around. Gee, isn't it strange the old 81% to 18% for an incumbent popped up? I voted for Shannon Thomason to replace the state rep shoved down our throats because of redistricting; he's a real dog, Rep. Darby. I know Shannon from local community meetings. He's allegedly losing 81 to 18.

"From my Blind Loyalty booklet of nothing but vote fraud, check these winners/losers that night (primary March 26, 1996): 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 81-18, 85-15, 86-14, 87-13, 81-18 and 81-14 which was my race. Those were the results for incumbents vs challengers for the U.S. House throughout the state. Every incumbent voted for NAFTA, all challengers including me were opposed. Wonder why we allegedly lost?

"Those house seats were scattered all over the state of California. Unless you're specifically looking at a particular race, in a state the size of California or Texas, people don't put together the pattern, but it sure as hell is there."

RAT Paul Ryan should never have won his primary earlier this month. Ryan who is owned by the anti-American U.S. Chamber of Commerce and mega anti-American corporations who want to replace American workers with cheap foreign labor. Ryan is one of the slimiest pieces of excrement in the U.S. House and currently the most powerful as Speaker. Low information voters in his district apparently have NO clue about Ryan and his traitorous voting record and how he wields his power.

Ryan's opponent wasn't exactly a constitutionalist but he most certainly was on the right track. He ran a solid campaign with both ads, public appearances and bill boards. Yet, like my race and so many others, Paul Nehlin allegedly was crushed 84-15. There's that old number again that pops up every time a heavy in Congress is challenged. Why such a landslide? The answer is easy - to send a message. Voters in Ryan's district approve of everything Ryan has done while selling them and America out to special interests and protecting liars, cheat, thieves, murderers and rapists. That would be illegal aliens. Voters sent a strong message they support everything their incumbent has done to them. Ryan's destruction of not only his state because of his votes on 'free' trade but the rest of America. Well, I can tell you that a whole lot of people in his district literally hate Paul Ryan and worked like warriors to throw him out of office.

If you go look at his voting record, Paul Ryan wouldn't know what the U.S. Constitution says if James Madison stood in front of him and read it word by word. But, his district sent a message to the people of America: 84% of us want Ryan back in Congress instead of someone who would work to stop the other Paul Ryan's who are going right back to Congress. I don't believe it for a second. Powerhouse Eric Cantor's loss in 2014 took everyone by surprise. There would be no repeat in Ryan's race. Did Nehlin challenge the vote? No and that's the problem I have written about until I'm blue in the face. Challengers just walk away after an alleged loss against an incumbent and so the fraud continues - for decades.

As I have covered in so many prior columns, John Kerry won the election in 2004, not Bush, Jr. That is a fact. Vote fraud in 2008 and 2012 absolutely put the criminal impostor Barry Soetoro aka Obama in the White House. Despite the best efforts of thousands of people, the fraud was allowed to stand. That is a fact.

I used to analyze the outcome of a few dozen key states during primary season but I finally gave up as few were interested, least of all challengers. Demorats say vote fraud doesn't exist and Republicans seem oblivious to mountains of evidence to the contrary. As long as they keep their seat in Congress or a state house they could care less. At least the poor, misguided Comrade Bernie Sanders supporters got it about how their candidate was cheated:

A Report on the Fatally Flawed 2016 Democratic Primaries, July 26, 2016. "On April 19th, a judge in New York grudgingly agreed that someone may have tampered with Alba Guerrero's voter registration. Judge Ira Margulis changed his decision from moments earlier that Guerrero would be denied the right to vote in New York's Democratic primary, after evidence emerged that Guerrero's signature had been forged, switching her to Republican without her knowledge or consent.[1] Had she not been willing to take several hours to appear before a judge that day, Alba would not have been able to vote for Senator Bernie Sanders. Video evidence available online confirms the forgery. [2]" More than one in that article.

Massive Clinton voter fraud in NY, April 19, 2016. "According to a recent emergency lawsuit filed in a Long Island federal court, there have been “reports of thousands of NY voters being erroneously purged from the rolls."

"Many of these purged voters seem to be Bernie Sanders supporters, leading to fresh questions about whether Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to steal the New York primary. Under state laws, only registered Democrats can vote in today's Democratic primary. That has led thousands of Sanders supporters in recent months to register as Democrats so they could vote. Now, many of those voters are learning that their registrations have been misfiled or have inexplicably gone missing. This is eerily similar to what happened in at least one other state where Clinton ended up eking out a victory."

Below is just a tiny sampling from the massive file I keep on vote fraud:

Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: 100,000 Stolen Votes in Chicago. "Chicago, however, is known for its fires, and there was a roaring one there in 1982 that resulted in one of the largest voter fraud prosecutions ever conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice. The telltale smoke arose out of one of the closest governor's races in Illinois history; and as for the fire, the U.S. Attorney in Chicago at the time, Daniel Webb, estimated that at least 100,000 fraudulent votes (10 percent of all votes in the city) had been cast.[2] Sixty-five individuals were indicted for federal election crimes, and all but two (one found incompetent to stand trial and another who died) were convicted. [3]"

DANGER: Obama Administration Plotting to Usurp Control Over Elections
Mississippi NAACP leader sent to prison for 10 counts of voter fraud, July 29, 2011. A real eye opener.
Democrats Vote the Mentally Disabled, November 22, 2012
This County Had 124% More Registered Voters Than Eligible Voters – Counting Dead People and Felons, September 5 , 2013
Arapahoe DA charges four after voter-fraud investigation in Colorado, November 22, 2013
Non-citizens caught voting in 2012 presidential election in key swing state, December 18, 2013

Second one: CONFIRMED by Experts! Voting Machines in Maryland, Illinois Rigged to Support Democrats
Programmer Testifies About Rigging Elections With Vote Counting Machines, May 23, 2014. "Clinton Eugene Curtis testified under oath, before the Ohio State legislature, that he wrote a program to rig elections. This program would flip the total vote from the real winner to the candidate who had been pre-selected to win by the electronic vote counting machines."
McDaniel: We've Found 1,000 Examples of Ineligible Voters in One County, June 27, 2014 - That's more than enough to throw an election

In Chicago, a Voting Machine Was Pre-Wired to Vote for Democrats Only, October 21, 2014 - SCHAUMBURG, Ill. –" Admitting his confidence in Cook County ballot integrity is shaken, State Representative Candidate Jim Moynihan (R-56), was shocked today when he tried to cast a vote for himself and the voting machine cast it for his opponent instead. While early voting at the Schaumburg Public Library today, I tried to cast a vote for myself and instead it cast the vote for my opponent,” said Moynihan. “You could imagine my surprise as the same thing happened with a number of races when I tried to vote for a Republican and the machine registered a vote for a Democrat.”

More Voting Machines Have ‘Calibration Issues’ (i.e. Rigged for Democrats) October 9, 2014; Maryland and Illinois
EXCLUSIVE: Undercover video shows North Carolina poll workers offering ballots to ineligible impostor – TWENTY TIMES – putting voter ID battle on the front burner, November 3, 2014. "'Of all of the undercover investigations I've conducted, this was by far the easiest, 'he said Monday. They were willing to pass out fraudulently obtained ballots like it was Halloween candy."
Voting machine password hacks as easy as 'abcde', details Virginia state report, October 15, 2015
Undercover video exposes eye-popping ease of voter fraud, August 2, 2016
America's Electronic Voting Machines Are Scarily Easy Targets, August 2 , 2016
Illegal Aliens Caught Stealing US Elections Via Felonies In New Studies

James O’Keefe Obtains Eminem’s Ballot, August 4, 2016
Princeton Professor Shows How Easy It Is To Hack An Election In Just 7 Minutes, August 8, 2016
Can the 2016 election be rigged? You bet, August 16, 2016. "Europe has rejected electronic voting machines because they are untrustworthy. This is not a secret. The media continues a drum beat insisting voter fraud is non existent without ever addressing the more ominous question of manipulation of the voting machines. It keeps those in control in control."
If they can't even speak English, how do we know if they're even U.S. citizens? Federal judges across this country are blocking voter ID laws; they should be thrown off the damn bench because what they're doing is putting out the welcome mat for illegal aliens and non-citizens to vote and we know they vote Democrat.
Nevada Voting Machine Auto-Selecting Obama, October 25, 2012
Early NC voters complain ballot cast for Romney resulted in vote for Obama

Diebold Voting Machines Can Be Hacked Remotely
Voting Machines Flipping Votes Caught on Video - West Virginia
Vote Fraud - Diebold Whistleblower Speaks Out
e-Voting Company Could Intercept and Change Ballots Without a Trace, October 22, 2012. "The Free Press has previously reported, Scytl, a Barcelona based e-voting company will be counting votes in 26 states. They will be doing so through something called the Federal Overseas Voting Program or FVAP. FVAP is a program designed to allow military personnel and other overseas Americans to vote in their home districts seamlessly through electronically delivered absentee ballots.

"Intercepting and changing these ballots, as well as voting electronically on behalf of service people that have no idea such a thing is happening, is something that Scytl is uniquely positioned to do because of their cellphone spyware sister company, CarrierIQ. These stolen votes, distributed throughout jurisdictions across the country, could become a critical component of any scheme to defraud the 2012 presidential election. By means of changing a relatively small number of votes, and laundering those stolen votes in the correct places, the net effect would be a near silent theft."

This one is a MUST read by Jon Christian Ryter. It's lengthy but tells the true story about vote fraud and machines. Please bookmark and read over lunch or after dinner or on the weekend because there's no question powerful forces behind the scenes are going to try to pull off a Clinton win using those damnable machines.

What to do?

First off, the election starts mid-October with early voting. Second, Reince Priebus who is head of the RNC needs to put out a memo to every Republican precinct captain in this country warning them vote fraud is very real. That memo needs to be specific about what needs to be done in testing every electronic gadget before anyone votes. If you read Jon's article highlighted above you'll understand why. Third, we need a virtual army of volunteers to not only be precinct watchers, but day after the election if Trump allegedly loses.

What will those volunteers do? Get the list of registered voters from the county clerk. Next, get a copy of every precinct sign in book that shows how many people voted in that precinct. Get a copy of the count for early voters. Compare the number of registered voters to the number of people who voted. You'll have to check to see how it's done in your county, but it's critical to get those registered voters even if they're allowed to vote without declaring a party. In this case you want the number of registered Republicans vs the Republican vote as well as indpendents. If 350 people are registered and 471 voted that day, you've got them.

In my research over the years and I listed a hundred examples in my Blind Loyalty booklet of the number of votes cast in a county were greater than the number of registered voters in the county by party. I can tell you the most egregious I found were both tiny precincts where there were 8 people who signed in but 12 votes cast to precincts with 20,000 or more voters. I can tell you that in some precincts I investigated registered voters appeared as A. Martinez, B. Martinez right through the alphabet, then A. Gonzalez repeats for about 60 voters all with the same address. Those were in the LA area.

I have signed up on Trump's web site to be an election volunteer. If he allegedly loses I will take the time, hopefully with a couple of friends, to go through the voting rolls, votes counted and more, but it HAS to begin the day after the election. Votes have to be certified usually within 30 days to become official so no time to waste. There's more:

Where are the Ballots? Laura Pressley's Election Lawsuit. Laura ran for office in Austin, Texas. "Number of Ballots exceed the number of reported voters in Early Voting, Corrupt Mobile Ballot Box errors occurred during vote tabulation on election night, Missing data log entries in the vote tabulation systems, Mathematical patterns and anomalies observed in the Runoff Election results that show them to be erroneous and not credible, Travis County instructing election officers to not print and retain election records listing specific vote results for each candidate, Voting equipment security seals were improperly sealed, subsequently unsealed and replaced, Not producing, counting and retaining statutorily required ballot images, Obstructing official poll watchers after the polls closed."

The question of chain of custody of ballots is very important. In my 1996 primary a precinct worker came forward and was willing to sign a sworn affidavit: When she got to her precinct as a volunteer the ballots were spread all over a table in the back room which was against the law in California at that time; don't know what it is today. She was told to butt out and go work in the main area. Ballot boxes are supposed to stay sealed and turned over to the sheriff once voting closes and transported to the county clerk for counting.

My name also wasn't on the ballot in the biggest precinct in the biggest county in the district! Imagine my surprise when I went to vote. The Republican Secty of State didn't have a problem with that. After my alleged loss I said (despite the wonderful encouragement from so many) I would never run for office again as long as any electronic voting and/or counting machines were used. That's also when I walked from the Republican Party and became no party.

Please if you're going to volunteer, go to which is run by the wonderful Bev Harris because she has a virtual gold mine of information on stopping vote fraud and how to recognize it. Contact your precinct captain and hold meetings to go over how many volunteers you have and what needs to be done (security of those early voting ballots or machine data is a priority). True The Vote - Free & Fair Elections for All Americans are serious Americans doing a fabulous job and can greatly help you. Just click on their site and hit the boxes front and center.

Donald Trump and his people are fully aware of vote fraud. I am not privy to what goes on in his campaign so I don't know what ground work is being done on this. Democrats every four years (prez election) have hordes of lawyers all over the country just waiting to jump on any perceived vote fraud, altho' corpses voting is something they covet. Don't get me wrong. Republicans are dirty, too, but it's people and machines who count the votes that determine the outcome of our elections.

Are we going to allow the dark forces to steal yet another presidential election from we the people? What good will all the work by volunteers and Trump be just to see everyone's hard work go down the crapper because vote fraud once again rules the ballot box?

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If you are going to vote for Donald Trump then please volunteer to stop the vote fraud we know will happen - especially in these critical states which are the worst documented for vote fraud: Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and California. Sign up here. I'm sure in the not too distant future you will be contacted, but WE have to take the initiative. Show the crooked scum controlling those machines we are NOT going to sit back this time and allow the election to be stolen.


1 - I forced myself to watch this video released by Anonymous. Anyone and I mean those Never Trump people and prominent Republicans like Charles Krauthhammer who refuse to vote for Trump watch this video, how on earth could they look themselves in the mirror knowing they contributed to her possible election?
2 - 5 times Obama Supported Voter Fraud
3 - Clinton Cash Official Documentary Movie in full

(The people in Louisiana are hurting. The flooding there is far worse than people realize. FAR WORSE. It's not to late to donate. Trump haters in the media, parroted on social media by fools, accused Trump of doing nothing more than a photo op when he visited the other day while Obama played golf (Obama Squeezes in Tenth Round of Golf Before Louisiana Trip) and Hildebeast rested up for a fund raiser with Cher on Sunday in swanky Nantucket. They neglected to tell people that in the video that big 18-wheeler truck full of all kinds of stuff was paid for by Trump and he, true to form, never said a word. Please, if you can, even a $5.00 donation will help our fellow Americans in so much pain. See horrific photos here, here and here.

Good Samaritan's Purse, any other organization you know of and while I don't particularly like the Red Cross they are there and on the ground. Please don't forget the critters; they mean so much to families. Here, here and here. One is the LA SPCA trying to help with flooded animal shelters. Make sure when you call to designate your donation to the LA flood victims. If doing it on line, that's what is being collected for right now. Thank you.)

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Devvy Kidd authored the booklets, Why A Bankrupt America and Blind Loyalty; 2 million copies sold. Devvy appears on radio shows all over the country. She left the Republican Party in 1996 and has been an independent voter ever since. Devvy isn't left, right or in the middle; she is a constitutionalist who believes in the supreme law of the land, not some political party. Devvy is a member of the Society of Professional Journalists.

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I have been writing about vote fraud since 1993. And yet, despite the overwhelming evidence, electronic and human fraud has been stealing our elections for more than four decades, Americans continue to go to the polls every two years using easily hacked machines.