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By: Devvy
October 17, 2016


Pennsylvania Republican Party Registers over 243,000 New Voters, Including Nearly 100,000 Former Democrats

Former Miss Teen Slams Media Witch Hunt Against Trump: He Was “An Absolute Gentleman”

Miss Wisconsin USA 2005: Not The Trump I Know

Melania Trump demands retraction from People - Good. She's got the money to sue both PEOPLE Magazine and the NY Times.

Busted: Trump Sex Allegations Full of Holes - Evidence points to political motivation behind claims

Trump’s Private P*ssy Talk Verboten, Beyonce Pushing Sex On Kids A-OK

EXCLUSIVE: CAUGHT ON TAPE — Bill Clinton on Being an ‘Equal Opportunity F*cker’: ‘I’ve Got Good Taste’ - Two months before he ran for president and while married to Hillary.

Why do women’s groups treat Bill Clinton and Donald Trump differently?

Most GOP Senators Defecting from Trump Backed Amnesty Push


296 Refugees Diagnosed with Active TB in Minnesota, Ten Times Any Other State; Majority Are Somalis - Coming to a classroom near you.

Wikileaks: Clinton Team’s Sick Reaction to San Bernardino Terror Attack - What a sickening outrage!

"As part of Sunday’s new WikiLeaks drop, an email chain shows that immediately upon receiving the news that the gunman responsible for the San Bernardino terrorist shooting that left 14 people dead and 22 injured had an Islamic name, top Clinton officials were unhappy and Hillary Clinton chairman John Podesta suggested it would be “better” if a person with an American name had done the shooting."

The Most Explosive WikiLeaks Clinton Revelations (So Far)

Trump, Rosa Parks, Ali Honored For Inner-City Youth Work

A domestic organization with known ties to terrorists approved of by the Obama 'administration':

CAIR: Hillary Clinton to Win Muslim Vote by Landslide

Founder Of Muslim Republican Coalition Backs Trump

Rise of the Trumpocrats! Ex-Dems swarm to GOP nominee - Democrats backing Trump

“I came from a town with 25 manufacturing facilities 20 years ago, and now it has one. Nobody is more responsible for that than the Clintons and the trade policies they’ve advocated over the years. We’ve just learned that Ford is leaving town and going to Mexico and taking all the jobs there, Carrier air conditioning and Maytag. When is this going to stop?” Rickers asked. He said the Clintons are responsible for pushing American companies to set up shop in other countries.

“We have policies in our country that incentivize our American corporations to take jobs overseas,” Rickers said. “That makes absolutely no sense to me. Why in the world would we incentivize American businesses to go overseas? Hillary Clinton is going to do more of the same. “Donald Trump is going to reverse those policies [and] renegotiate the trade policies that are killing jobs in the country. I think that’s the most important thing we could do,” he said."

It makes all the sense inthe world to scum like Hillary Clinton who supports one world government, open borders and the total elimination of the U.S. as a soverign nation.

Former U.S. Attorney: Agents See FBI Chief Comey as a ‘Dirty Cop’

Wikileaks: Podesta conspired to keep Hillary, Obama emails from Benghazi committee to beat subpeona

There are outstanding FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests and now the evidence is destroyed. This was done despite congressional subpoenas. RAT Democrats have been belching it's all nothing but a witch hunt for years. If that's the case why did Comey trash his reputation forever by covering up Hillary's crimes?

Immunity deals stopped FBI from investigating BleachBit use in Clinton email case

Republicans blast FBI for 'astonishing' agreement to destroy Clinton aides' laptops

FBI files reveal missing email 'boxes' in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering

Arms dealer who threatened to reveal Clinton's Libya dealings rips DOJ for 'injustice'

Uncovered Letters Show Everything, They Were Never Supposed to Make it Out Alive

Indict James Comey - Obstruction of Justice and Conspiracy

How could any vet or active duty military vote for the Butcher of Benghazi?

Gen. Mike Flynn: Why Hillary's record on Libya is even worse than you think

See Hillary's Libyan jihadi atrocities, Graphic scenes of violence unleashed after U.S.-backed overthrow

Exclusive: Hillary Killed Libya Peace Deal Over Personal Vendetta, Claims Whistleblower

Why Veterans Must NOT Vote for Hillary Clinton

Clinton Speech Wikileaks: Libya’s Institutions ‘Destroyed’, Benghazi ‘My Biggest Regret’

The Senate Could Impeach Hillary Clinton Today

Trump Camp: ‘Unbelievable’ Level of Collusion between Clinton and DOJ on Email Investigation

Klayman: As predicted Hillary Clinton stonewalls interrogatories in Clinton FOIA private server email probe - Judge Sullivan Succeeds In Pushing Meaningful Discovery Past Presidential Elections

(Washington, D.C., October 13, 2016). Today, Larry Klayman, the founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch issued a statement after Hillary Clinton responded to interrogatories in a companion case which Freedom Watch had filed along with Klayman's former public interest group Judicial Watch. Klayman, a former federal prosecutor, had predicted that these interrogatories belatedly ordered by Judge Emmet Sullivan after years of litigation were essentially worthless in getting to the truth about Hillary Clinton's decision to use and her use of a private email server that breached national security and allowed her to secretly do business while Secretary of State on behalf of her, her husband's and daughter's private Clinton Foundation.

Klayman had this to say after reviewing Hillary Clinton's responses to the interrogatories:

"A simple review of Hillary Clinton's responses shows that she had 'no specific recollection' of any of the answers to interrogatories posed to her. Because Judge Sullivan did not grant Judicial Watch's and Freedom Watch's requests to take a spontaneous oral deposition of her, where she could have been cross-examined with follow-up questioning, the court cleverly allowed Hillary Clinton, through her attorneys (the same attorneys who permanently destroyed tens of thousands of likely relevant emails), to stonewall giving responsive and meaningful answers. Now, even if motions to compel complete and responsive answers are filed, they will not be decided for some time, and Judge Sullivan will have run out the clock - paving the way for Hillary Clinton, whose husband Bill Clinton nominated him to the federal bench, to easily win the presidency.

"In recent years, with a few exceptions the federal bench, particularly in the District of Columbia, where the great majority of judges are either Clinton or Obama appointees, have slow rolled Freedom of Information Act cases in an obvious effort to protect both Hillary Clinton and President Obama.

"I am not one of those conservatives who believes that the judicial branch of government was conceived of by our Founding Fathers to be inferior to the executive and legislative branches. To the contrary, the judicial branch was meant by our Founding Fathers to serve as a check and thus protect We the People from tyranny by these other branches. "It is a sad day with the judiciary runs interference and protects the political elite and this is why the country today is in state of imminent revolution,” added Klayman. For more information or an interview, contact or (424) 274 2579."

Another lawsuit. Same old playbook by the Clintons - stall, deny & lie. Of course, all those medications she on for years does mush the brain to some degree.

In Her Sworn Response to Questions About Private Emails, Clinton 'Does Not Recall'

Megyn Kelly Getting Pummeled In Ratings As Trump Supporters Boycott Program

18 Reasons (So Far) Leaked Podesta Emails Reveal Dishonest Side of Clinton, Her Campaign and Media Collusion

Wikileaks: Hillary Clinton Bragged About Being Invited to Putin’s ‘Inner Sanctum’

Hillary campaign chief linked to money-laundering in Russia - Just as Clinton was making favorable State decisions

The most damning Clinton Foundation story yet

The Most Explosive WikiLeaks Clinton Revelations (So Far)

Wikileaks: Top Aide to Hillary Clinton Urges her to Recruit Two ‘Needy Latinos’

How Can People Vote for Clinton When ‘Her Own Staff Is Having a Difficult Time Dealing with Her Lying?’

Brilliant parody that should play at all Trump rallies and radio stations nationwide

Chelsea Clinton: Now that Scalia’s Gone We Can Enact Gun Control

Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked & It’s Worse Than Anyone Could Have Imagined

Wikileaks Clinton Bombshell — ‘Foreign Govt Donors: All the Money Is In’

WikiLeaks: ‘The Boss Won’t Be Comfortable’–How Clinton Campaign Flipped-Flopped on TPP

Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Rebels to Frame Assad, Start Syrian War… Chris Hedges: It’s Our Bombs, Not Trump’s Comments, that Fuel Hatred Towards the United States

Clinton Foundation Internal Audit: We May Have Misled the IRS - May have? Oh, please.

High Treason: The Real Elephant in the Room!

"The real story behind the Trump tape isn't what Trump said (which was certainly inappropriate and for which he has apologized). No, the real story is that the national leadership of the Republican Party in the person of Speaker Paul Ryan was responsible for releasing that tape to the Washington Post in order to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump and assure the election of Hillary Clinton. Ryan's chief advisor, Dan Senor, was outed by his own wife as being responsible for that release.

"Many Americans will be stunned to learn that the Bush and Clinton families are very close friends, often taking vacations together. And isn't it convenient that Billy Bush, the man that taped Donald Trump's famous "locker room" comment, is the nephew of George H. W. Bush, the 41st President of the United States. George W. Bush, the 43rd President, and former Florida governor Jeb Bush are Billy Bush's cousins. Somehow CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and FOX News "forgot" to report that "coincidence".

"Who Are You Going to Believe: The Media or Your Own Lying Eyes?

"To fully grasp what is happening, it is necessary to understand the mission of establishment news media outlets as population control weapons. They lie repeatedly, not to change what you think (which is impossible)--but to create a false impression in your mind of what everyone else thinks. If they can make a substantial portion of the population believe they are outnumbered, they hope to discourage them from voting. That is why it is so important for the establishment to discredit online polls.

"Virtually every online poll, reflecting the input of real people who cared enough to vote, showed Donald Trump "winning" both debates by overwhelming margins. In each case, the controlled establishment media spent the days after the debates "debunking" those results 24/7 and quoting the biased opinions of "journalists and pundits" as to the the identity of the "real winner" (Hillary). The problem is, the establishment media can spin the meaning of polls. However, they cannot spin the crowd size of Hillary's rallies as compared to Donald Trump's. Listen carefully to hear the public's opinion of the establishment media (particularly CNN)."

Rush Limbaugh: Republicans don't want to win

Assange Retaliates Back LAST NIGHT, Releases Entire Partnership Documents From Board

For a week that sow yelled into the microphone about how Trump didn't pay his fair share of taxes and was a tax cheat:

Hillary Clinton Avoided Taxes the Same Way Trump Did

State Department-Funded Nonprofit That John Kerry Had ‘No Role’ In Was Founded In His Home

Was The 'Kill Switch' Activated? - Assange Might Have Just Exposed Bigger Conspiracy Than Any Clinton Revelation

Never Before Seen Video – Obama on Race: “I am saddened that whites are still superior….things could explode”

And, last but not least. I have been in the trenches 26 years, much of the corruption centered front and center with the criminal duo, Bill & Hillary Clinton. This video is accurate although the commentator....well, he could have cut the drama and just presented the facts. How can so many people die in one way or another connected to two people? You be the judge.

Hillary Clinton Body Count Documentary

The ongoing FBI and press cover-up of the murder of Vince Foster

Read this one second:

The Washington Post Vince Foster's sister and Donald Trump

Hacked Emails Prior To Scalia Murder Show Hillary’s Rage

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Has anyone taken a look at those Trump supporters? Are 25,000 of them at an event all white males? Hardly. In some pictures from his appearances it appears women out number men and they aren't all Lilly white, either.