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By: Devvy
November 14, 2016

Like tens and tens of millions of Americans I was praying the night of the election (except for the two hour radio show I did that night). Been praying steadily for months that lifetime criminal, Hillary Clinton, would never step foot in the White House again.

What happened Tuesday night was nothing short of a miracle. (Signs of divine intervention in Trump victory) Despite all the lies, the collusion between the completely discredited 'mainstream media' and the Clinton camp and huge voter problems in many states, Donald Trump won enough electoral college delegates to become president-elect.

True to her SOP (standard operating procedure), Clinton kept the media and every one else waiting an hour and fifteen minutes for her concession speech the day after the election. The crook did not make her concession speech once the race was called in the wee hours of the morning because allegedly she couldn't stop crying. "It's so quiet at Clinton's HQ that you can hear an email being deleted" is a comment made by someone; I don't have an attribution.

I'll just bet. Once a new Attorney General is confirmed and hopefully a new FBI Director, Bill and Hill will be spending all those millions from the Clinton Foundation on defense attorneys. Email crimes: the statute of limitations has not run out.

Joe DiGenova: FBI agents refused orders to destroy laptops and they still exist

Clinton Foundation: A prime RICO case. Several committees in Congress are going to resume investigations in January. I believe this will also be investigated: Flashback- When the Clintons Loved Russia Enough to Sell Them Our Uranium

Thank you to these courageous FBI agents:

FBI Agents Say Comey ‘Stood In The Way’ Of Clinton Email Investigation: "According to Washington D.C. attorney Joe DiGenova, more FBI agents will be talking about the problems at the bureau and specifically the handling of the Clinton case by Comey when Congress comes back into session and decides to force them to testify by subpoena.

"DiGenova told WMAL radio's Drive at Five last week, “People are starting to talk. They're calling their former friends outside the bureau asking for help. We were asked today to provide legal representation to people inside the bureau and agreed to do so and to former agents who want to come forward and talk. Comey thought this was going to go away.” (Joseph diGenova served in the U.S. Attorney's Office for the District of Columbia including RICOs and much more.)

Russia had nothing to do with hacking our elections or anything else. Another blatant lie from the Clinton machine to keep voters distracted. If Clinton had gone back to the White House I believe as so many others, we would be engulfed in WWIII in less than a year. A very important read during the coming long winter - free on line: Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution by Antony C. Sutton

Was the USSR an evil empire? Yes! It was also created by the USA.

"Don't believe me? Inform yourselves by reading Antony C. Sutton’s book entitled 'Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution'. Did Stalin kill millions of people including Ukrainians? Yes. Did the New York Times cover-up Stalin's genocide? Yes. Did the Wall Street bankers fund arms through Russia used against U.S. Soldiers in Vietnam? Yes. Is Putin a saint? No. Putin is ex-KGB (USSR) and as a requirement of staying in power must deal with the corrupt oligarchs left over from the USSR era and the newly minted mafiosi in Russia today. While all of this is true, don't confuse the old Soviet USSR (existed between 1922 and 1991) with the current Russian Federation. They are not the same.

"The 'Anglo-American Establishment‘ of international bankers who run the USA are after a one world government. Putin still believes in the 'nation state' as most Americans do. This, my friends, is what the real battle with Russia is all about. The propaganda you read and watch in the Western press is orchestrated by the same people who are shredding the U.S. Constitution and would enslave you. Get a clue. By buying into and repeating the Western propaganda against Russia, you are unwittingly promoting the sacrifice of your sons and daughters to advance the NWO’s agenda and your own enslavement." -David Brown

Clinton supporters have been going insane since Trump was announced the winner. From the sewer called Hollywood, hot shot musicians and singers to the ethically bankrupt in the U.S. Congress. Immature cry-baby bed wetters are also in meltdown:

Campus meltdown over President Trump: Yale professor scraps exam for students struggling with election result while other colleges offer counseling
'Fearful' students demand day off to cry about Trump - 'Some people are literally scared for their lives'
Bay Area High Schools Stage Walk-Outs to Protest Trump Win
Despondent Democrats Bring ‘Therapy Dogs’ to Capitol Hill After Trump Victory
Plot to impeach President Trump has already begun

'So who's going to assassinate Trump?' Twitter erupts with calls for the Donald to be killed after he wins the election
‘People Have to Die’: Anti-Trump Protester Calls For Violence on CNN
FAA Implements No-Fly Zone Over Trump Tower - Police have also put a huge barrier around the front of Trump Tower so people and residents can get in and out without the protesters putting them in harm's way.

When ineligible Obama was installed twice as our fake president did millions of us take to the streets burning police cars, the American flag, businesses and beating up Obama supporters? NO.

Silicon Valley billionaires are afraid Trump will bring jobs home FOR AMERICANS from Communist China, India, Japan and all the other countries where labor is dirt cheap: Silicon Valley investors kickstart campaign urging California to BREAK AWAY from the US as searches for 'secession' soar after election result

Trump looks to showing his negotiator skills soon after he's sworn in:

Canada PM says ready to renegotiate NAFTA with Trump
Mexico says ready to 'modernize' NAFTA with Trump
The Trans-Pacific Partnership is dead, Schumer tells labor leaders - Had Trump not been elected, no doubt the TPP would have gone through in the lame duck session and signed into 'law' by the impostor in the White House.

And, of course, George Soros, evil in human form, has spread around his wealth to fund anarchy and so the violent demonstrations began last night:

Look at these sickening pictures. The protesters in Oakland, California were flying the Mexican flag: Anti-Trump protests turn violent: "Cops clash with 6,000-strong crowd in Oakland and activists block roads in LA amid nationwide demonstrations that saw Madonna and Cher join 7,000 in NYC." Plans are already in the works for a massive inauguration day protest that no doubt will turn violent. Perhaps God will give us another miracle and let it snow about 4 feet. Trump can get sworn in inside a building by the rotten U.S. Supreme Chief Justice John Roberts.

All the usual untrue signs about Trump being a racist (Flashback: Rev. Jesse Jackson Praises Trump for ‘Reaching Out and Being Inclusive’) (Are you ready to come with me to Washington?': Former Apprentice star Omarosa reveals what The Donald said to her when he went into 'full Trump mode' immediately after beating Hillary - Ms. Omarosa is black). Thousands of people who are Mexican, South American, black or white all work for Trump's various businesses both here and abroad.

33% of Latino Men, 26% of Latino Women, and 52% of White Women Voted for Donald Trump
Woman Who Accused Trump Of Rape When She Was 13 Made The Whole Story Up

Facts don't matter to the brainwashed.

One of the many Trump memes during the campaign and one he frequently brought up at rallies was 'drain the swamp'. Trump exposed the two parties for what they really are and how corrupt the ethically bankrupt the media in this country is. He pounded on institutional corruption and massive failure by the government - that WOULD be the U.S. Congress. Drain the swamp! towards the end of his campaign.

Unfortunately, the voters failed to do that because with the exception of a handful of seats for both parties, virtually the same current members of CON-gress are going back to Washington, DC in January.

I've written until I'm blue in the face that the primaries is when you drain the swamp. The real election starts during the primary season for Congress, governors, state houses, sheriffs and so forth. If voters don't oust incumbents during the primaries come election day and you're a Republican then you vote for your incumbent; same goes for Democrat voters. How then does anyone expect anything to change if Americans keep reelecting the same Band Aid pushers?

Re-electing the Band Aid Brigade, May 8, 2010
Electing New Band Aid Pushers, May 23, 2012

Rat Paul Ryan gave a presser earlier this week where he said Trump has set a mandate! How many post-elections have we heard the same drivel only for incumbents to betray we the people? I don't know how many Republicans I've watched on FOX since Tuesday saying the people's voice has been heard. Really?

It was heard in 2010, 2012 and 2014 while Republicans in Congress continued to destroy to destroy this country. While they continued to pass UNPAYABLE massive budgets using borrowed money and bowing down to the fraud in the White House. And, somehow in 2017 these same rats are going to suddenly change their ways? What kind of revolution is that?

The Republicans had control of both houses of Congress part of the time during Bush, Jr.'s two terms. Did they lock down our borders? NO.

Did they pass legislation to stop ALL funding for illegals which would self-deport millions of liars, cheats and thieves? NO. (READ, please: How to Self-Deport Millions of Illegals)

Did they stop trillions in unconstitutional spending? NO.

Did they get rid of any of Clinton's unconstitutional Executive Orders? One or two but otherwise let Comrade Bill Clinton crap in our faces.

Did they get rid of one unconstitutional cabinet like HHS, Department of Education and EPA? NO.

Did they stop the unconstitutional foreign aid? NO.

Did they stop unconstitutional spending for Planned Parenthood? NO. Congress just continues to use borrowed money to spend more debt.

Did they stop unconstitutional spending for the gigantic hoax called global warming or climate change? NO. Trump: The Left Just Lost The War On Climate Change

Did Bush, Jr., get us out of all the destructive trade treaties killing American jobs? NO.

Did they crack down on visas bringing in tens of thousands of foreign workers when American workers who want to work are left in the unemployment line? NO.

Did they stop more and more federal regulations strangling America's businesses? NO.

Did they impeach one single activist judge destroying our freedom and liberty? NO.

A Republican controlled Congress with a Republican in the White House and they did virtually NOTHING to restore America to a constitutional republic and constitutional spending.

No declarations of war, just go invade. Spend trillions in borrowed debt in Iraq and Afghanistan for what? Slaughtering innocent men, women and children. For what? Well, the opium trade for one.

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan's Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade
Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production

Under the criminal impostor fraud, Obama, while Republicans talked a good talk they continued on with all of the above.

Okay, now once again we have a Republican controlled Congress and will have a Republican president same as part of the Bush years so what do you think is going to happen?

Trump - YES! - wants Congress to introduce a constitutional amendment for term limits. Members of Congress cannot be recalled; it requires a constitutional amendment. Act surprised: Sen. Mitch McConnell said two days after the election regarding Trump's 100-day plan, "I would say we have term limits now – they're called elections". Oh, that's rich, Mitch.

Once again this past Tuesday we saw electronic and human voter fraud all across this country. It's why constitutionalists like me and so many others who've run against an incumbent can't get into office and dirty rats like McConnell keep getting reelected. Not to mention the critically important issue of the non-ratified Seventeenth Amendment and why it's been so destructive to our republic.

Trump fought off a disgraced media, all the personal attacks, vicious lies and betrayal by so called Republicans. Rat Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are globalists. Make no mistake about that. Their gravy train are those destructive trade treaties not to mention allowing a damned dangerous invasion of tens of thousands of Muslims into this country.

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They say they will work with Trump. No, they want Trump to cave into their agenda. Well, they'd better hold on to their tighty-whities because while Trump is not a constitutionalist yet (we can pray.), he's also nobody's fool. He's a street fighter from New York. He has given his word to we the people he's going to re-negotiate job killing treaties and try to do the other things he spoke about on the campaign trail.

If Congress doesn't get legislation introduced, for example, to get rid of tens of thousands of unnecessary regulations by unconstitutional cabinets like the EPA, he will get in their faces. Trump will have the power of the bully pulpit, ability to call press conferences AND Trump is a master of social media. But, he can't do it alone. I know everyone is election weary so I'll save that discussion for a future column. For now, Hillary Clinton has been stopped and we can pray her next stop, along with Bill & Chelsea, is a federal prison.


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[Devvy's hot new book, Taking Politics Out of Solutions is now available. The most important issues destroying America are presented along with constitutional solutions neither the Republicans or Democrats will pursue. Get your copy now. Excellent discounts for 2 or more books, or bulk orders.]

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Russia had nothing to do with hacking our elections or anything else. Another blatant lie from the Clinton machine to keep voters distracted. If Clinton had gone back to the White House I believe as so many others, we would be engulfed in WWIII in less than a year.