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By: Devvy

December 25, 2004 ran a news item on chemtrails last week that brought an avalanche of mail, similar to what happened regarding the first news item on Rumsfeld and aspartame. Below are just a few comments from the hundreds of letters to the editor. I think it important to hear stories on this issue from regular folks around the country.

From Nathan: "Look at the work of Clifford Carnicom at, which has extensive chemical analyses of chemtrail emissions. The chemical/biological/viral content of chemtrails changes.....In the past, various biologically active elements (viral bodies, etc) have been in chemtrails, causing widespread flu-like symptoms and shortness of breath."

If you scroll almost to the bottom of this web site, you will see excellent photos of chemtrails in Colorado and New Mexico.

From Ellyn: "Thank you for your informative chemtrail article. I have been observing chemtrails in the Inland Northwest since the beginning of 2000 when the chemtrail spraying project began in this part of the world...Our area has not been given much reprieve during these last five years; the spraying has pretty much been a daily operation. I personally got very ill from a major spraying that occurred a few years ago. The illness began in my throat, traveled down into my chest, and then up into my head, and lasted a couple of weeks. There were times whenI had an extremely difficult time taking a breath.

"At about the same time, my next door neighbor, who had been in very good health, suddenly developed pneumonia, and his daughter developed so many problems with her thyroid that the doctors decided to remove her thyroid gland; she was only 16 years old at the time. Many, many people in the Spokane area where I live have developed respiratory problems, asthma problems, headaches and lung problems. Much of these ailments have left the doctors confounded as to their cause. Over time I have made a very real effort to contact authorities, media, universities, and others--all to no avail. There are also many others who have put out very large efforts to communicate with politicians, EPA, news media, etc.--again, all to no avail."

From Melanie: "Sir, It is called "Operation Cloverleaf" and I do believe you probably know that. It has been a covert government operation for years but has been stepped up lately. Military and/or UN or Nato jets fly patterns of barium, mercury, lead and even dried blood cells over our heads almost daily and usually 24 to 36 hours prior to rain, fog or overcast. There is talk now that they are also spraying low level radiation. The only days we do not witness chemtrails in Connecticut is are when we have clear cold days with northwest winds. But as soon as the wind drops off and the weather warms a bit, they start again, sometimes in the morning hours but most of the time mid to late afternoon and from east to west as far as the eye can see.

"Once in awhile, they crisscross each other. They spread out and forms thin layers of clouds. Sometimes they drip and then spread out. I have seen them fly on a moonlit night right across the moon. You might notice they spray lower at night and higher during the day. The spraying began heavily last September 2003 and continued throughout the fall and winter. More people were sicker than ever with respiratory infections last 2003/04 year and it has started all over again this year. Now we have the flu starting. Years ago, the fly season did not start until February or March. I have written to my congressmen and senators with no avail. They send me trash about contrails, which are water vapor trails and which dissipate. Chemtrails do not!"

From Rob: "NWV, thanks for this information. Just yesterday Saturday Dec. 18th I noticed these chemtrails just to the north of me in Bedford Texas. I left home to pick up breakfast. This was around 10:00 am. About 1:00 PM 3 hrs later I spotted a plane just to the south of me leaving these chemtrails. Our skies were covered with these trails and looked as if they were clouds of unusual forms. These events happen to often and I have great concern for my family. In any event of your learning more information on this subject please share."

There were a number of letters to the editor offering up rather colorful comments that chemtrails are just vapor and why would NWVs bother with such "silly stuff?" News organizations report issues, events and people they feel their readers would find of interest. In the case of chemtrails, I have known about this for years and have known about the herculean efforts many individuals have made in hounding their elected officials to find out what is being sprayed over their cities and towns, only to be met with silence.

One resource that people might read is a book titled Death in the Air by Dr. Len Horowitz. Dr. Horowitz can hardly be classified as some conspiracy nut out there with nothing better to do with his time. Dr. Horowitz received his doctorate from Tufts University and was awarded a fellowship in behavioral research at the University of Rochester. Dr. Horowitz earned a master's degree in public health and behavioral science from Harvard University. He also holds a master's degree in health education from Beacon College. He served on the faculties of Tufts University, Harvard University, and the Leslie College's Institute for the Arts and Human Development. Dr. Horowitz's most recent projects include "Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola-- Nature, Accident or Intentional?" and "Gulf War Syndrome: The Spreading Epidemic Cover-up."

While it frightens most Americans to even contemplate something so heinous as spraying our population with things that might bring harm, Death in the Air is fully documented and covers a wide range of topics. In a calm and non hysterical fashion, Dr. Horowitz states the case for global de-population, the danger of medications being administered to our fellow Americans, the truth about flu shots (and Howowitz isn't the only expert in the field warning people about that) and chemtrails.

You might also wish to read a letter written by Alexander "Al" B. Cuppett, U.S. Army/The Joint Staff (JCS), Retired, March 12, 2001 to General John P. Jumper, Commander, Air Combat Command (ACC). A short excerpt: []

Subject: Treaty on Open Skies (TOS) Aircraft Executing Operational Bio-Chemical Missions Against the United States

"Sir, I have just been informed by a freelance reporter out of Munich, Germany, that she recently interviewed two Russian officers who admitted that they had been flying TOS missions in the United States. This report was the final confirmation required to dispatch this letter to the above principles.....

"On 29 January 2001, these "carpet-spraying" operations finally came to Central Virginia! Investigations reveals these tanker-configurated aircraft are now spraying "chemtrails" of "mycoplas/fungi spores" in most areas of the USA. I'm a licensed pilot, and have seen/endured, various serial sorties myself, for over seven years! These operational sorties also "feature," among other pathogens, Hepatitis, upper respiratory irritants, ad nauseam, etc."

Truth seekers

A good investigative journalist asks questions and seeks the truth. For some reason, too many Americans don't want the truth anymore and brand anyone asking reasonable questions about any number of issues, incidents or legislation, as crazies, conspiracy buffs and other defaming labels. I suppose it's fear, because the truth these days is apt to be very ugly and makes people afraid. Fear seems to be the driving force behind the apathy we see out in America today. Gene E. Franchini, retired chief justice of the New Mexico Supreme Court gave a magnificent speech titled What fear is doing to our freedoms. What Franchini says is right on point. America needs courage and leadership at this time in our history, not people who are too afraid of the truth to do anything other than accept chains of bondage.

I have raised the issue of chemtrails with my rep in the California State Legislature and have received no response. Now I'm taking it up with someone in the media here in Sacramento that I believe will help push the issue so that we might get some answers about what is being sprayed over this city. Because I have studied enough on this subject over the years as well as the agenda for world government, my suspicions at this time are strong enough to push for answers vigorously. I encourage you to do the same if chemtrails are being sprayed over your city. If your representative in your state legislature doesn't respond, go to the media. This is a public health issue and every American is entitled to know what's going on. Those in your local media (including their children) are breathing the same air - something they should think long and hard about before they refuse to help you get answers from your state legislature or local health officials.

This nation is full of sick and dying people from infants to the elderly. It truly breaks my heart. Most of it is caused by what they're eating, drinking and taking (meds). We've all heard about the pulling of Vioxx and other drugs the FDA deemed "safe for human consumption," but later have turned out to be deadly. Below are some references that you might wish to take the time to read and give to your family and friends who might not be on-line. NWVs does not endorse any of these sites. I recommend them only for my fellow Americans who want to know more about these issues, but might not know where to look to get additional information.

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I have raised the issue of chemtrails with my rep in the California State Legislature and have received no response. Now I'm taking it up with someone in the media here in Sacramento that I believe will help push the issue so that we might get some answers