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By: Devvy

April 12, 2005

"A power has risen up in the government greater than the people themselves, consisting of many and various powerful interests, combined in one mass, and held together by the cohesive power of the vast surplus in banks." -- John C. Calhoun, American statesman, June 27, 1836

Why doesn't a presidential candidate other than a Republican or Democrat ever get elected as president? Because the electoral college decides the election - along with the controlled electronic ballot machines, which I shall do more writing on in the coming months. I encourage you to read this link. It will give you good background information on this critical issue before you continue with this column.

Most Americans who aren't blinded by party loyalty, addiction to booze, the idiot box (TV), drugs, porn, sports and prescription drugs that dull their minds, are fully aware that America is being run by outside forces. One of the most powerful influences destroying our Republic is the Council on Foreign Relations. Popular pundits like Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity, who neutralize the party faithful by keeping them distracted from the real issues, poo-poo any serious allegations regarding the CFR. The dominance of this treasonous organization cannot be denied and no public office in this country should be held by anyone who belongs to that organization.

A wonderful, dedicated American named Mordechai Zember has done a tremendous service for all Americans with his recent, exhaustive research on the current membership of the CFR. Mordechai's up to date chart is now posted here. The amount of time and effort Mordechai has put into this chart is phenomenal and I can't thank him enough for all his hard work.

For those who wish to find out more on the CFR, please go to the Reading Room on my web site. There you will find a link to research material. This is no conspiracy theory nor it is a bunch of bull. America is being destroyed by outside forces and unless and until the regular, average American decides once and for all to kill the boob tube and get educated on how this is being accomplished and who is behind the agenda, America will continue to fall to a totalitarian regime at hyper-speed.

America cannot survive any more presidents who represent a world government, but that's exactly what will happen in 2008 if the American people don't mobilize now. Not tomorrow. Not next year and certainly not six months before the election. Now. It makes no difference who the Republican or Democrat parties attempt to shove down your throat just to force you once again to "hold your nose and vote" to keep the other guy out of office - both candidates will be new world order facilitators.

The problem with getting a real American and true constitutionalist elected to the Oval Office is the electoral college. While members of the Libertarian and Constitution parties are eager and sincere, they continue to wonder with great frustration why Americans (1) continue to stay registered with either of the two "main" parties who are selling out America to global communism and (2) why can't their candidates ever get elected?

I'm going to tell you why: Because there is no visible national leadership for the other parties and because the two "main" parties hold the majority voter registration. They get all the electoral college "pre pledged" votes because there aren't enough registered voters in the other parties. It is critical Americans understand this process and how it works in your state.

I don't try to strong arm anyone into belonging to any political party. It is up to the individual to ask themselves if a particular incumbent is upholding his oath of office and strictly adhering to the U.S. Constitution. If they aren't, which is the case with 90% of all elected public officials, it's time to sweep them out of office. However, if voters see no viable alternative, they will simply stick with the same old party, the same old path of destruction.

If you are a Republican and simply cannot bring yourself to switch your voter registration, but feel that your party is taking America to the graveyard, then you must step forward and get involved with your party at the local level as I have outlined in my prior reference. You must take a stand within your party and if your local honchos refuse to "see the light," build a coalition and get these people thrown off the local and state leadership positions. It doesn't cost any money (except gas) to attend local committee meetings and as a member of the party, you have the right to be heard.

Here in California there is an organization called the California Republican Assembly. I had the priviledge of speaking at one of their conventions on vote fraud. The controlled media and even the corrupt honchos in the California Republic Party refer to the CRA as "the extreme right wing of the Republican Party." Why? Because the CRA believes in the Constitution and are willing to stand up and fight for it and our Republic. The party hacks at all levels of the GOP here in California seek only to feather their own nests and climb the ladder for power. I know, I ran for Congress as a Republican and if you will just get involved at the local level, you will see how how the game is played. Get involved and make the difference.

All politics are local, it's called grassroots. Without the grassroots support, the party goes under, simple as that. The American people have the opportunity to stop what's going on, just like the courageous and tenacious freedom fighters did down in Tennessee to stop a state income tax. And, they did!

I have been writing for more than a decade and giving detailed suggested game plans to fight at every level of government. Unfortunately, too many people are willing to sit back and let someone else do the hard lifting. My CD is full of suggestions and recommendations on how to fight smart, but it takes manpower, the same thing we are seeing right now down in Arizona with those fabulous Americans called 'The Minutemen.'

All about numbers

Historically, it's near impossible for a "third" party candidate to get any electoral college votes because they don't have the registered voters in big enough numbers. Back in 1988, an elector from West Virginia cast a ballot for Lloyd Bentsen instead of Michael Dukakis. In 1976, up in Washington State, an elector voted for Ronald Reagan instead of Gerald Ford. These electors are called "faithless" are are booted.

As for other parties, many folks belong to the Libertarian Party. Others belong to the Constitution Party. Due to moral and trade issues, I think the CP most closely aligns what I believe in; you may feel differently. One thing is for certain: Unless there are some major changes in how the CP reaches out to the American people, in my humble opinion, it will remain an after thought. This will make some folks angry with me, but I feel my observations are honest and they are based on the mountains of e-mail I received during the last election cycle.

I made some observations to Michael Peroutka that I would like to share with you. Michael is a wonderful, gifted and highly intelligent man who ran for the presidency on the Constitution Party ticket. He didn't receive a single electoral college vote. Below are some of my comments and suggestions to Michael back in November 2004. Like I said, some folks might get mad at me for saying them, but this isn't a popularity contest. America is hanging by a thread. Sadly, I still don't see any leadership individuals from the CP on Hannity, popular radio shows or any type of massive effort to reach out to the American people.

Building a viable party:

The most common comment I heard over the past year is "What is the Constitution Party?" Here in California, it's the AIP (American Independent Party), which confuses people. Many voters who became aware of Michael Peroutka wanted him to win the election. Their problem was the absence of the Constitution Party on the ballot in their state and lack of knowledge about the Constitution Party. Since they knew nothing about the CP, they were unwilling to walk away from their security blanket (GOP) and register with the CP or its affiliate.

Of course, there was also the big "F" factor: fear that Kerry would get selected. That's how the Masters of the Game play the American people: by shoving two candidates of the same ideology cloaked in popular campaign slogans down the throats of the party faithful. Bug bucks PR convinces the party faithful that dire consequences will occur if they vote for the other candidate when there really is no difference between the two. That's how Americans have been herded into the "hold your nose and vote" syndrome every election cycle. What this has done is divide the American people while the Unseen Hand still gets their puppet into the White House.

I don't know who runs the national level of the Constitution Party, but at some point, that organization is going to have to decide once and for all to become a major player or remain an after thought. This statement won't be welcome, I'm sure, but the stakes are very high and their leadership needs to really make a huge push over the next twelve months or once again, that party will be a non player in the 2006 elections.

Money is always a problem. I understand that. Membership brings in the money and donations. There needs to be a directive out to all the members of the Constitution Party throughout the 50 states to make plans now for voter registration drive next summer (2005). Every county in this country has county fairs - thousands of them that draw millions and millions of average, everyday Americans. The CP must have a presence at every one of these conducting a very visible, classy voter registration drive. This requires literature and people who know what they're talking about manning these events.

The local chapters have to really get motivated and busy in reaching out to the community, free cable access TV, use the newspapers and radio for free public service announcements about chapter meetings, bumper stickers, baseball caps. Advertising pays. Hit every veteran convention next year with a strong presence. This is absolutely critical.

Retirees and union CP members: They need a good game plan to get to those Christian Democrats who think the Democratic Party is for the "working man" to sign up and work with the CP to make it grow. By teaching them the Constitution, how they're being fleeced with taxes, where the money actually goes, etc., I believe the CP could get those voters. Same as Evangelical Christians that are registered GOP.

My friends in Georgia couldn't vote for Peroutka because they weren't on the ballot there. That state should have been CP ballot qualified. Poor leadership brings poor results. There needs to be a shake up by any organization where there is non performance. Where are all those disenfranchised Perot voters? In 1992, Perot took 13.3 percent (309,657) of the vote in Georgia. He got 8.4 percent (146,337) in '96 because of the scandal attached to him and his half hearted attempt. This voting block should be recaptured.

If the CP is to have a future as a player, I think the planning needs to begin in January 2005 after everyone gets over the holiday season. Once the the critical path planning has been completed early next year, then implement these goals and get the CP army busy.

Additionally, something has to be done about debates for 2008. The courts will continue to rule against candidates from other parties who file lawsuits for being excluded from those critical televised debates because the Commission on Presidential Debates (sounds official) is privately owned and funded. Since they're privately owned, funded and controlled by those who seek to destroy America, they make the rules. There has to be an alternative by 2008, but that won't happen without a game plan and manpower.

Without millions of Constitution Party registered voters in every state of the Union, there is no chance of capturing those electoral college votes. Those 'pre-pledged' electors from the two "main" parties will continue to elect new world order facilitators and America doesn't stand a chance. The good ship is going down. The Republican and Democrat parties are well greased, well funded machines, but change can come either from within or tens of millions of fed up party members should walk. Take your choice, but if it doesn't happen, nothing will change.

As I said, regardless of what party you belong to, the changes that need to be made must be undertaken now, not a year from now - but now. Set those goals and stay focused. Become part of the solution with Operation Clean Sweep. What has been done can be undone, but we need constitutionalists as electors, in public office and on the bench.

Stay the course.

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Without millions of Constitution Party registered voters in every state of the Union, there is no chance of capturing those electoral college votes.