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By Lee Duigon
January 30, 2014

I don’t know about you, but it scares me when important, influential people talk like mental patients who haven’t had their meds.

You can’t help thinking that someone who pulls down a six-figure salary, or more, travels in a limo or a private jet, and gets to stand in the spotlight, lecturing the world while the mikes and cameras record it for posterity, has got to make more sense than some poor wino with the jim-jams. But the only difference is that no one listens to the wino.

Last week the U.N.’s new “climate change” czar, Christiana Figueras, advised the human race that democratic institutions just aren’t up to Saving the Planet from Global Warming. If we really want to survive, she said, we’d better dump freedom and switch over to communism. As further proof of sheer idiocy, she offered Red China as a role model.

Is she for real? All the communist countries were big-time polluters, but China is the champion in that department. Is it possible that Ms. Figueras—a lifelong bureaucrat, from a family of bureaucrats—really doesn’t know that? And if so, why give just a big, important job to such an ignoramus? Maybe she ought to cool her overheated brain with a dip in the Aral Sea. Oops—the geniuses of the Soviet Union drained the Aral Sea dry with irrigation schemes that never worked.

Communism, the biggest and the cruelest failure in all of human history, is going to save us? Does Ms. Figueras think all those Eastern European countries—do I need to list them?—threw off communism because they were tired of living in a paradise?

But she isn’t the only globalist hot-shot to trot out ideas worthy of a punchy boxer who also sniffs a lot of glue. The same week, the big chief of Business for Social Responsibility, one Aron Cramer, tuxedo and all, stepped out in front of the paparazzi at Davos to inform the world that Global Warming and Income Inequality are “directly linked”

This is on a par with saying the Easter Bunny is in league with the lizard-people who murdered Elvis Presley. True, Income Inequality is currently a huge talking point for rich left-wing dopes from Hollywood to Davos. Somehow it never occurs to these zillionaires that they could very easily do something about all this inequality simply by giving away big chunks of their own money. Mail me a check, why don’t you, big boy! But they would rather sit in their mansions and think up new ways to give away your money.

Unless Mr. Cramer has blown out his brain with booze or drugs, he must know that “inequality” is an inescapable and even necessary feature of any human society advanced enough to have some kind of division of labor. He is therefore only farting out his mouth, to experience the delicious thrill of self-righteousness while living in hope that not-very-bright people will hear his blather and get all worked up against “the rich,” and take it out on those whom Mr. Cramer wishes to see undone politically.

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All over the world, important people are saying wacked-out, stupid things. In the midst of killing cold, they go on and on about Global Warming. The great thing about purely imaginary problems and crises is that they can never be solved because they don’t exist in the first place. You just keep on throwing money at the imaginary threat, keep on writing volume after volume of new laws and regulations, hold rally after rally, and create new, incredibly costly, bureaucracies, while raking in heaps of money and increasing your own political power. What could ever fill this bill better than Global Warming and Income Inequality? Always a problem, never a solution—and those who, like Ms. Figueras and Mr. Cramer, learn how to ride this hobby-horse to fame and fortune, will have a mighty nice time at our expense.

I am not happy that such people are calling the shots for the whole civilized world.

And you shouldn’t be, either.

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Lee Duigon, a contributing editor with the Chalcedon Foundation, is a former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist. He has been married to his wife, Patricia, for 34 years. See his new fantasy/adventure novels, Bell Mountain and The Cellar Beneath the Cellar, available on











All over the world, important people are saying wacked-out, stupid things. In the midst of killing cold, they go on and on about Global Warming.