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By Shirley Edwards
May 26, 2015

[These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.]

Lying is making millions of people sick. But whether you live by lies, listen to lies, sincerely believe them, or cynically detest them; lying to ourselves and others, has become a sociably acceptable way of existing to a large portion of people today.

An array of manipulation techniques designed to be used in politics, education, media and the workplace, in order to instigate change to another’s advantage, certainly does not help. People have become so bombarded by them, that they have made friends with the lies. Either this or an irrational suspicion has arisen, which is alienating us further from any meaningful friendship or understanding.

The motivation in using such techniques has also become justified. Key word ‘common’ for the common good, usually denotes a signal that something is amiss.

And if you find yourself in situations where bonding, mimicry, empathy and even chastisement, is being un-naturally instigated, it is wise to keep a safe distance.

Organizations which once used to serve those who paid their salary, have been having their ethos subtly changed into that of dictator and law enforcer, all under the pretext of empowerment, leadership and progression programmes.

People are trained to look you in the eye, smile, and deceive you. They believe they are doing this for the common good. They know what is best. However, they too are sometimes being ‘used’ to further achieve a social paradigm shift to replace traditional UK democracy.

The growth of ill heath, spiritually, morally, physically and also financially, which is now out of control, is a certain indicator, that great big whoppers are being told.

How truthful are we within ourselves, and how do we stay objective, honest and anchored in a confusing world, where honesty has been murdered, often using the truth as a weapon against us?

Looking at our own motivation and not excusing it, is a good place to daily start. However, loving the truth will often put you on the right side of heaven, but leave you in a small space on earth, in relation to what is being believed today. You will not have many friends.

Do statistics ever lie?

The political election campaigns in the UK this year, in the run up to the general election, were no exception when it came to lie detecting. Nothing is designed to get most people frustrated, angry and despondent, then listening to the lies in politics. For a short time we can look at them, rather than looking at ourselves.

This year, watching some of the politicians convince voters of their intentions, was like listening to a desperate husband or wife, promising that this time round they were going to be faithful. You so wanted to believe them, but something told you not to.

Telling people what they want to hear in order to make people feel they matter can be encouraging, but only for a short time. When the truth eventually gets revealed, the consequence of feeling betrayed – hurts.

But there was a time when integrity was everything. A handshake conveyed trust. Character was respected. And someone’s word used to mean something. Making pledges on the word of God was taken seriously. Not any more.

Despite this, it is reported that 46 million people voted in the UK this year. 66% percent of the population. Two thirds.

One bright ray of light, still retaining a sense of honesty and hope is 16 year old Owen Winter, who although too young to yet vote is a member of the UK Youth Parliament for North and East Cornwall.

He has recently drawn up a national petition which is now calling for the Prime Minister, David Cameron to review an unfair voting system. To date almost 500,000 people have signed his petition.

Owen who lives in North Cornwall says “He is sick of being told that the candidate he supports cannot win. He doesn’t want to vote for a party he disagrees with to keep out a party that he disagrees with even more. He wants to vote for a party that he believes in”.

He states that in 2010 parties other than Labour and Conservative got 35% of the votes but only 13% of seats in parliament.

This year

The Conservative Party had 11 million votes, and gained 35 seats.
The Labour Party had 9 million votes and gained 22 seats.
The SNP had 1.5 million votes and won 56 seats.
The Liberal Democrats Party had 2 million votes and won 8 seats
The growing UKIP party which had 4 million votes only got 1 seat!

Is this really an honest victory? The figures may be correct, but it is not a true reflection on how the country has changed. It certainly makes people feel despondent.

Accusing non voters of apathy has been slightly unfair.

Owen Winters statement on wanting to vote for a party, someone he believed in, is the core reason.

Believing in something, or someone, and expecting fairness, is relevant and important to everyone.

The Easter Message

The final frontier being challenged in society today, are the traditional values still held within religion. Values which have helped people. Is it a possibility that the reason we decay is that we have lost our connection to a Creator, the author of truth, and have bonded to another source? An impostor, a great deceiver?

The bible itself has now become a book of hatred based on the changing perception of truth, which has altered the minds of a nation. An upside down view of morality, of what is wrong and what is right has been purposefully instigated. For this to become fully finalized, religion must now agree with a different set of values.

To tell the truth you are considered hateful. How much do we love someone to tell them the truth? Would we give up our lives or our family for it?

The Easter message delivered by David Cameron, on the run up to the elections, travelled the world, but also sent a very confusing message to many people in the UK.

Acknowledging the good works of Christianity and highlighting the persecution of Christians abroad, the message did not acknowledge the Christian schools which have been shut down in the UK. It did not acknowledge the number of people who have lost their jobs or been disciplined because of their beliefs. No support for the street preachers who have been imprisoned. No mention of the foster parents who have had children removed because of their Christian faith. This has all happened in the UK and all under the present government. The protection which was promised to people of faith to be able to live by their faith does not exist. Conformity is becoming the order of the day.

Sincerely Yours

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In order to find freedom from the sickness of living in a world of lies we need to daily ask ourselves:

What is Truth?

Group consensus, experts, theologians, and modern day perceptions will not help. Only one way to go.

Saving a life will depend on how much you love the truth.

The truth can be something that is shown to us in a wordless way. It can also be a shocking discovery to learn that everything you have ever believed in is wrong. Cultural relativism, which denies absolute truth, is also illogical. There is an absolute truth.

Christian Apologist, Ravi Zacharias stated:

“The fact is, the truth matters – especially when you’re on the receiving end of a lie.” And nowhere is this more important than in the area of faith and religion. Eternity is an awfully long time to be wrong.


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4 - Common Purpose is a political charity using Behavioural Modification.

© 2014 Shirley Edwards - All Rights Reserve

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Shirley Edwards was born and lives in Great Britain. She has always worked in administration, but has also taught and studied complimentary health. In administrative roles, she has worked within The Church of England. She also worked for some years as a volunteer within the hospice movement.

Shirley has an interest in all health issues, loves the British countryside, and enjoys writing. She is thankful for talk radio and loves listening.

Shirley has always been concerned about the loss of freedoms in her country, and also the demise of America, a country she loves for the original reasons on which it was founded. She believes in the Pursuit of Genuine Happiness.





Lying is making millions of people sick. But whether you live by lies, listen to lies, sincerely believe them, or cynically detest them; lying to ourselves and others, has become a sociably acceptable way of existing to a large portion of people today.



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