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By Attorney Jonathan Emord
Author of "The Rise of Tyranny" and
"Global Censorship of Health Information" and
"Restore The Republic"
May 25, 2015

Five year old Josiah Duncan is a boy wise beyond his years. Over a week ago, Josiah taught the adults of the world a profound lesson in charity. Were we all as pure in heart as this young man, much of the strife and conflict in our daily lives would melt away.

Josiah was with his mother, Ava Faulk, at a Waffle House in Pratville, Alabama. On the way into the restaurant, Josiah and Ava saw a homeless man. They invited him into the restaurant, whereupon he sat down at a table away from theirs. Young Josiah was absorbed with the plight of the man. He realized that the man had not had a decent meal and was disheveled from life on the street. Josiah was anxious to help him. The wait staff did not visit the homeless man’s table, which again was a cause of remark for young Josiah. His mother explained to Josiah what it meant to be homeless.

Josiah then did something extraordinary. Menu in hand, Josiah walked over to the man, gave the man his menu, and sat down next across from him. He invited the man to make a selection. The man chose a plain hamburger, but Josiah and his mother told him that he could order anything he wanted from the menu and arranged for the man to have a more substantial meal. When the meal arrived, Josiah proceeded to bless it before the man could take his first bite. Josiah sang his blessing in a voice audible to everyone in the restaurant: “God our Father, God our Father, we thank you, we thank you, for our many blessings. Amen.” Overcome, those in the restaurant suddenly realized the profound message of Christ-like service coming from this small but very wise boy.

This extraordinary act of kindness is reminiscent of Christ’s ministry, wherein Jesus emphasized that he was not a “respecter of persons” whereby he meant that with Christ all are welcome, regardless of station, religious affiliation, race, creed, or nationality. Repeatedly Jesus invited those the Sadducees and Pharisees considered unworthy of table company to join him at meals, including those from the generally despised ranks of publicans, sinners, Samaritans, and gentiles.

Josiah has embraced to his very core the concept of Christian charity, of pure love for one’s fellow man. How difficult it often is for adults to perform a comparable act of service to a complete stranger, restrained by a sense of propriety and a fear of interacting with someone who fails to fit within an accepted stereotype and may react in unpredictable ways. How much more difficult it would be for a small boy of only 5 to break free and engage an unfamiliar adult, a complete stranger, in discourse. Yet for Josiah the choice was a simple one. He felt great compassion for the poor wayfarer, and Josiah’s faith gave him courage to act. He parted from the comfort of the company of his mother and embraced the stranger, lifting him up with a blessing and with nourishment.

We all have much to learn from Josiah’s great example. At the age of 5, this boy has acquired an understanding of service that few adults ever come to acquire. His purity of heart, his sweet and simple honesty and compassion, his trust in his fellow man, and his generous spirit and service are all enormously consequential for our misguided world.

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Josiah made not only a precious moment occur in the life of a man down on his luck but he also caused those adults seated nearby to experience a moving tribute to charity in the midst of the tumult of their lives. But word of his deed has reached far and wide.

By the power of the internet, Josiah’s story, first broadcast on Alabama station WSFA-12, has now caused remark in countries the world over. Through an unselfish act of great kindness to another human being, Josiah Duncan has touched the hearts of millions. Because his wisdom so vastly exceeds his years, Josiah has helped uplift and transform the hearts and minds of all people. At age 5, Josiah has given us all hope for a better world.

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Jonathan W. Emord is an attorney who practices constitutional and administrative law before the federal courts and agencies. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “a hero of the health freedom revolution” and says “all freedom-loving Americans are in [his] debt . . . for his courtroom [victories] on behalf of health freedom.” He has defeated the FDA in federal court a remarkable eight times, seven on First Amendment grounds, and is the author of the Amazon bestsellers The Rise of Tyranny, Global Censorship of Health Information, and Restore the Republic. He is the American Justice columnist for U.S.A. Today Magazine and joins Robert Scott Bell weekly for “Jonathan Emord’s Sacred Fire of Liberty,” an hour long radio program on government threats to individual liberty. For more info visit, join the Emord FDA/FTC Law Group on Linkedin, and follow Jonathan on twitter (@jonathanwemord).





We all have much to learn from Josiah’s great example. At the age of 5, this boy has acquired an understanding of service that few adults ever come to acquire.