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Erica Carle
November 28, 2009

Let's get practical. Anyone can complain about the government and the abuse we are made to suffer, but complaining accomplishes nothing. A complaint is little more than a plea for sympathy. Many people may say, "Yes, we are abused. That's really sad."

But, so what? The abuse continues. Before we can make major corrections we have to center our efforts on those who are really responsible for the many abusive government intrusions. Elected officials? Not really. These days they are just mechanisms who put their final sanction on whatever legislation they are instructed to support in order to replace the Constitution with a WORld Management System (WORMS). Very few, if any, politicians write the legislation that gives away our freedom and our sovereignty. In fact, very few even read the legislation.

Most of the oppressive legislation is written by those associated with universities, think tanks, foundations and non-governmental organizations. Congress and legislatures merely put their sanction on legislation written by those who call themselves, 'social scientists.'

Actually, there are no social sciences. The terms, 'social science' and 'sociology' were concocted by Auguste Comte, a crazy Frenchman who died more than 150 years ago. His successors still have not established a truly scientific foundation for any of the social, economic, political, or psychological manipulations, strategies, and technologies which some like to refer to as being 'scientific' exercises and experiments.

The scientific claim of the social 'scientists' is based on the idea of choosing goals and achieving them. The primary goal of the social 'sciences' is a world united under a single world government.
Comte envisioned all humanity united under this single system. Then humanity was to be worshipped as a goddess. Yes, it's a crazy idea, but that's not the whole story. The crazy Frenchman also wanted what he called social 'science' or 'sociology' to be the ruler science over all the natural sciences, and arbiter of ever changing rules of behavior.

Freedom and social 'science' are mutually exclusive concepts. If you believe in moral principles, self-control, personal responsibility, and the existence of individual will and personality you cannot consider yourself to be the willing subject of social experimentation and manipulation by a superior group who call themselves social 'scientists.'

If you believe in government answerable to the people you might call those who are involved in social manipulation: social technicians, social strategists, social opportunists, social organizers, social meddlers, social ignoramuses, social destroyers, social criminals, social systematizers, etc., but NEVER social SCIENTISTS. Social 'SCIENCE' is dead because it never was brought to life. There never was a social 'science.' However, there is plenty of social technology and manipulation. It is this social technology and manipulation that we need to understand if we want to preserve our individuality and our country.

It is important for us to know how the social technologists and manipulators work and cooperate with each other. We will include in our discussion all of the sociologists, economists, political technologists, and social psychologists who believe in the possibility and necessity of setting up a WORld Management System to replace national governments, independent organizations, and thinking individuals.

The first thing social technicians need to begin their march toward control in any area is a social problem. Making up, discovering or manufacturing the problems that can be used for control is one of the functions of the sociologists. Once a problem is discovered, invented, or caused it can be used to kindle strife. This is possible because the so-called social problems cannot be solved by applying moral principles or by attempting to do the right thing. Social technology does not recognize the existence of right and wrong. There is only success or failure in reaching the goals.

After a problem is chosen, the social psychologists go to work convincing people that the problem demands a social solution. The political meddlers write and promote legislation that they claim will solve the problem. However, social problems are not subject to intelligent solution. The rule is that the emotions must rule over the intellect. The solution must have emotional, not intellectual approval.


Initially Congress and legislatures often refuse to pass the social legislation. Something is missing. What is it? After an argumentative performance in Congress certain changes are made. The economists and the U. S. Chamber of Commerce have figured out a way that businesses and the Chamber of Commerce can profit. When the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the International Chamber of Commerce and their supporters find a way to get their share of the action, the legislation is almost assured of passage. (See: "Chamber Of Commerce – Blanket Over The World.")

Chambers of Commerce were among the groups that profited from revenue sharing funds. Rent subsidies increased profits to developers and property owners. Food stamps brought increased prices for groceries and profits to food suppliers. Commercialized medical practice of Medicare resulted in higher prices for drugs, hospitalization, physicians, emergency treatment, etc. For the average patient everything became less affordable. And now we have the stimulus package. Chambers of Commerce all over the country and the world are in on the action. While conservatives are howling about Acorn receiving stimulus funds, few look to the Chamber of Commerce that was a most important active promoter of stimulus legislation and a big beneficiary.

Social meddlers like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce have a tremendous advantage over We the People because for more than 50 years public schools have taught 'social studies' rather than history, geography, civics, Constitutional government, etc. . The schools have taught Comte's sociological or positive religion. Millions upon millions of students are influenced to believe in otherism, atheism, sexual perversion, moral relativism, group dynamics, socialism, and internationalism. Before they have control of their own situations, students are taught they should be world changers, and that they should join groups claiming to attack social problems.

Call a macro economist an economic technician, economic strategist, economic opportunist, economic genius, economic organizer, economic meddler, economic ignoramus, economic destroyer, economic criminal, economic vandal, economic adviser, etc.; but NEVER SCIENTIST.

Politics is not a science. There are political technicians, political strategists, political advisers, political opportunists, political organizers, political meddlers, political ignoramuses, political destroyers, political criminals, etc.-- but NOT POLITICAL SCIENTISTS.

In psychology there are knowledgeable scientists who have researched and understand human anatomy and physiology, comparative anatomy, brain physiology, human behavior, etc. Their goal is to promote healthy mind in a healthy body. They promote self-control, not social control. If this is what they do, they are scientists.

Social psychologists are not scientists. They may be called psychological controllers, psychological technicians, psychological strategists, psychological organizers, psychological opportunists, psychological meddlers, psychological ignoramuses, psychological destroyers, psychological vandals, psychological criminals; but NEVER SCIENTISTS.

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Comte wanted to use his social technology to turn all humans into obedient biological machines. His technology was successful with some, but recent violent events and economic disasters prove that there is not, and never was a social science. Social science as God and as a scientific system is DEAD. Sociology is DEAD. The Positive Religion is DEAD . Thank GOD!

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Erica Carle is an independent researcher and writer. She has a B.S. degree from the University of Wisconsin. She has been involved in radio and television writing and production, and has also taught math and composition at the private school her children attended in Brookfield, Wisconsin. For ten years she wrote a weekly column, "Truth In Education" for WISCONSIN REPORT, and served as Education Editor for that publication.










Most of the oppressive legislation is written by those associated with universities, think tanks, foundations and non-governmental organizations. Congress and legislatures merely put their sanction on legislation written by those who call themselves, 'social scientists.'