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By Greg Evensen

February 5, 2007

The Patriot's Preamble

"Let it be known far and wide that American Patriots will come together in the year 2007, to unite the citizens and statesmen of the Republic of the United States of America. They will gather with the purpose of maintaining our nation's sovereignty, to reinstate our Constitutional and Natural Rights, and to free the American people from institutional servitude. They will come to pursue this course with Honor, Dignity, and Courage, while acknowledging that unless God keeps our nation and guides her steps, we will have labored in vain."

The United States of America and its citizenry has been assessed, warned, plotted against, and sold out by internationalists in government, business, and the banking industry. Its workforce has been decimated, its standard of living shredded and its working people made financial slaves through unjust taxation, socialist government practices, rules and regulations at all levels in society that would make any communist dictator grin with envy.

Our role as partners in governmental affairs has been reduced to a whisper that is not heard by any elected official anywhere�with very, very few exceptions. Our representative government has become 535 regional dictators who live a life of luxury, self-importance and as arrogant master over the populace. The congress of the United States has carefully exempted itself from virtually all repressive laws they choose not to adhere to and have given themselves retirement pensions, health care and other perks, the rest of us can only dream of. They have become the Duma (Soviet Parliament) types who exemplify nothing other than crass selfishness at the expense of every American working citizen.

The Bush Administration has been pursuing a blending of Canada, America and Mexico into the �North American Union.� They have done it under the cover of governmental darkness. They have been running a race as to how fast they can manipulate our great nation into a �no going back� strategic position with these other two nations. The president and his cabal of sell-out White House/Congressional turncoats have intentionally kept the American people in a state of confusion (war on terror, etc.) so that organized resistance to this national sovereignty killing plan can not be formulated. Business and banking interests are salivating at the thought of trillions of dollars in �free trade� being exchanged throughout North America.

The cultures of Canada and Mexico are not that of the United States and its citizens. A disaster of Biblical proportions is on its way WHEN this plan is forced upon our nation. It is only one of several scenarios that are nearing completion and will spell the absolute end of the United States as we know it. Some will argue that the USA needs drastic overhauling and that this is the natural result of �planned obsolescence� in American culture. There are huge problems that must be addressed ( now by the American public, or the last opportunity to do so under �open and free� conditions will be lost. There is no more time to talk this sorry state of affairs to death. Decisive and uncompromising action must be taken. Here is what I suggest to my fellow victims:


Unless you accept that this country is in its LAST days, you will continue to shake your heads and laugh at all who have written week after week on and others to help you realize just how much will SOON be lost to our nation forever. You will be counted among those who were as responsible as the complicit socialist Washington government for our national demise precisely because you were intentionally ignorant. The power through information written by authors of brilliant and inciteful backgrounds has given a massive amount of data that could have and should have made a difference in your lives, your interest in government actions, and a marvelous treasure chest of debate justifications when you discuss these issues with others.

There is NO TIME LEFT for you to take the luxury of non-involvement. You will face a time when you will give an account to your family as to why you couldn't or wouldn't take the time to educate yourself about your nation�s sacred history. You will stand alone as the verdict comes in that you were negligent in NOT preparing to protect and care for your family and friends during military government (Martial Law) because of a �terrorist� attack, financial/stock market collapse or any other number of possibilities real or contrived that gives the government the justification for arrest and indefinite incarceration in detention camps already built for you and your loved ones. THEY ALREADY EXIST!! These detention/ re-education camps are for those who aren't willing to submit to the new global order that is about to be established.

Precisely because you are uninformed and intentionally ignorant, you will blindly board the truck that takes you to your likely last destination. You will trust the government to help you one last time. Some of you will stumble around the camp looking for your welfare check, prescription drugs or how you can contact the nearest legal defense or ACLU attorney so that you can take the camp commander to court for mistreatment. You, who I have just described, deserve a detention camp. ��..may your chains rest lightly upon your wrists.�

All of us MUST take responsibility for what is coming. Many of us have adamantly fought against the rising tide of a police state government. We are losing badly. NOT because we don�t care, NOT because we haven�t tried, and certainly NOT because we haven't committed to resisting this complete sell-out of the Founders dream for this nation and its people. We are failing because YOU have not protested at the school board meetings, the city council chambers, the county commission boards and the state and federal legislatures while you still have freedom of speech. Because, out of indifference or fear, you have not stood up to this criminal neglect and criminal actions against our constitution, these elected sell-outs have sensed your negligence and have had the boldness to give America away to the highest bidder.

You have allowed the Federal Reserve to �regulate� our currency into a mountain of debt and steer the dollar into oblivion. You have allowed Congress to abandon gold and silver and encouraged the mighty international consortium of bankers to call every political policy in Washington. You have allowed presidents and representatives to subvert our constitution to the point of irrelevance because many of you who were constitutional experts would not challenge these republic killing �laws� at their source or in the courts. Above all, you have allowed yourself to be compromised when serving on the jury, a good example is how a brainwashed jury convicted 2 innocent border agents for shooting an illegal drug smuggler.

Many of you in the medical field have believed your own myth building lifestyle that suggests you are some type of god that sells pharmaceuticals like snake oil to unsuspecting people who can neither understand nor challenge your control of their lives, let alone afford the drugs that they �needed.� You have refused to endorse less expensive, natural remedies that could have made the critical difference for some or avoided the pain and expense of chemo �cures� for cancer in others that in most cases only prolonged the agony of those buying in to your version of medicine. There is a movement to ban natural vitamins and you are silent there, as well.

You business owners who scammed the public or charged obscene prices for your products, and then squeezed the worker and his family into poverty, take a short second place in shame to America�s bankers. The oldest professions in the world are not prostitution or politicians, but bankers. You alone shoulder the responsibility along with the Federal Reserve for bankrupting America�s families and our nation�s financial system. Jail for individuals mentioned here is kind compared to a hangman�s noose in my view.

Regardless of the cause or the effect, America is on her knees. She is a haggard old woman unable to understand who she used to be. No longer are the strong arms of brave young men and women able to help her to her feet. There is no one left who knows this original America or cares.

I appeal to my friends in the law enforcement community.

Whether you are serving now, retired, or were in short of full retirement, the burden has fallen to you. There is no time left to muddle this about. The nation needs you now and will in the near future. When I left law enforcement, I never had to sign a statement giving up my oath. I did not give up that oath to defend America from all enemies�foreign and domestic�when I left the military. I have no intention of abandoning America now, in her time of ultimate peril. I have stood in that great gap. I have been shot at. I have fought for my life along a lonely stretch of highway against tall odds to bring in two or three wanted fugitives. I have tracked the killers through dark fields and deserted farmhouses. I have held the dying and comforted them to the end. I am no hero, just someone dedicated to seeing to it that as many as possible do not have to face a horrible police state America, where those older, traditional police officer�peace officers�big men with big hearts were the ideal of our communities, no longer exist.

All people from all walks of life are invited, encouraged, and desperately needed to attend our two day summit in KC this summer. I believe it to be one of the last best chances to make a real, long lasting difference in our nation. We may fail, but we will surely at least give our very best. I am asking our newly formed �Centurions for America� organization to stand with me and other gallant police officers from all levels of service to come to Kansas City. I am asking these great men and women to absolutely promise that they will not submit their badge and their oath to a criminal element masquerading as government officials. I ask that all of you help these men and women assume their last great roll call assignment as defenders of their communities against crime and criminal activity from WHATEVER source. If those of you who were trained to serve and protect, fail in this coming confrontation with world-wide forces of evil whose only goal is the destruction of America and her people, then indeed, the fight has been lost.

Winston Churchill said it best when he declared in a speech to the British Parliament in 1943, �you may have to fight knowing that there is absolutely no chance for success and you will surely not survive, but to live on as a slave is a far worse fate.� Where will you stand my law enforcement friends? When the government moves against its people to institute martial law or implement a �North American Union,� or sign on to the United Nations World Government, will you let our communities and beloved homes be sold to international elites? My heart says NOT EVER!

Let�s agree to stand together as necessary and in the manner in which our nation requires us to stand. Not government politics nor embedded traitors dictates, but the needs of our constitution, our Declaration of Independence with its new relevance for our time, and for the dedication of hundreds of thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, coast guardsmen, merchant marines and police officers at all levels who have answered the call and given their all so that you and I, our children and grandchildren could be free. It is to them that I humbly say, �yes, sir, I am reporting as needed.� Fellow Americans, you are needed NOW. Get involved, NOW. Call these arrogant self-serving, liberal bureaucrats and DEMAND change NOW. Show up at the city and county meetings where your community is being fenced in around an Agenda 21 model that will kill private property usage and ownership. Don't be fooled into accepting an unelected, unaccountable county manager who doesn't represent you, but rather serves the good-ol-boy system. Keep your county commissioners, who are elected and accountable to we, the people.

Don't count on your church leadership to expose evil and save America. They have compromised their principles for money and relationship building and can no longer discern evil. Jesus said when salt loses its savor it is to be trodden underfoot. Pastors have lost their savor, and in the process, have lost their backbone and the love for their fellow man. They fear IRS more than God.

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Finally, ask Almighty God to bless your efforts, protect you and your family from the evil, and as Churchill also said in England�s darkest hour, �NEVER, NEVER, EVER GIVE UP.� America is worth every effort we make fellow lawmen, even unto death. Let�s stand together now and win the battle by the force of truth, conviction of a righteous cause, and with the help of our friends and fellow citizens, in a powerful and persuasive show of solidarity in defense of a free and honorable America.

What do cockroaches and evil in people have in common? When exposed they both run for cover. Political Correctness is the cloak that protects evil. And remember that Truth is hate to those who hate the Truth.

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Greg Evensen is a former long time highly decorated Kansas lawman who travels the nation speaking about the law enforcement officer�s role in American society. He has organized the 2007 Heartland Constitutional Summit to be held in Kansas City this summer. All are welcome and all may participate.

Greg offers a special invitation to police officers from all jurisdictions to attend. Sheriff Richard Mack is a featured speaker along with three other well known American Icons who will share their vision along with Greg as Americans gather to help revive and reinvigorate America toward the goal of a free and prosperous, sovereign nation.

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Don't count on your church leadership to expose evil and save America. They have compromised their principles for money and relationship building and can no longer discern evil. Jesus said when salt loses its savor it is to be trodden underfoot. Pastors have lost their savor, and in the process, have lost their backbone and the love for their fellow man. They fear IRS more than God.