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By Ronnie Herne
October 22, 2016

QUICK! Grab your fact checker! How do we determine if Donald Trump groped a currently 74 year old woman over thirty years ago on a first class flight to New York City? She reports he fondled her and tried to put his hand up her skirt....

Did she protest a lot? A little? Even if she didn't, where exactly were the stewardesses and stewards when this purported inappropriate behavior was going on? A hiked skirt can be pretty observable. And stewardesses pay a whole lot of attention to their First Class clientele.

We're talking somewhere around the mid-1980s? And it's just now being reported three weeks before the 2016 election?

It was the early nineties. “She” was an aspiring model. She was in a bar. She was talking to her friend on her left. Then the person on her right put his hand up her skirt...?

Fact check, please: Was it a long nun-like skirt? Or a mini-skirt? Don't laugh! Details are important here! Facts matter.

She turned and recognized Donald Trump...

Oh PUH-LEEZ! Unless she was totally blitzed how could she not have noticed Trump next to her? SHE WAS AN ASPIRING MODEL.

If she had known Trump was sitting next to her... Why didn't her friend tell her Donald Trump was sitting there!? (In fact, if any of this were true, why didn't her friend deck Trump on the spot?)


This “encounter” whatever it was or wasn't was considered by her as “inconsequential” over twenty years ago. Now this is suddenly recalled and reported in blazing H-E-A-D-L-I-N-E-S scant weeks before the 2016 election? GEESH!

What some people won't do for their fifteen minutes of glory.

Just received a note from ( asking for your support of Trump at hashtag #WomenWhoVoteTrump and at facebook National Women For Trump. Let's turn it on and turn it up, Ladies! You know how social media work. Hit It!


Trump has never been in politics.

Hillary has been a governor's wife, the First Lady, a senator from New York, and a Secretary of State. Hillary was mentored by Saul Alinsky, an early community organizer in Hillary's life and author of Rules for Radicals, dedicated to Lucifer.

So whose fingerprints are all over U.S. Policy? Not Trump's. All he did was make campaign contributions. He never got to vote on any policy or serve in any official capacity or head any committee.

How about Hillary's fingerprints? In Arkansas, let's see: there were Webb Hubbell, Vince foster, the Mena drug drops at the airport, the Rose Law Firm, the Whitewater real estate investment mess, multiple “suicide” rulings by the state's medical examiner, etc.

She tried to put through Hillary-Care in the Nineties. It failed but not for lack of her trying. And it was widely reported that somehow about 900 private FBI files found their way to her in the White House... And there was that TravelGate thingie...

She smilingly stood by as hubby Bill signed NAFTA into law which occasioned the massive and ongoing exodus of U.S. Jobs and manufacturing plants to foreign countries. Maybe this accounts for 94,000,000 Americans who are out of work? The food stamps? The rates of poverty? You think?

As a senator, one of only 100, she could have angled for better trade deals. She did not. She could have angled for reducing the debt. She did not. She could have angled for reducing the deficit. She did not.

As a senator she could have worked for less government in our schools. She did not. She could have worked for health savings accounts. She did not. She could have worked to promote development of American energy. She did not.

As a senator she could have voted against war. She did not. She could have steered Wall Street into less risky waters. She did not. She could have promoted good American trade deals. She did not.

As a senator she could have lowered taxes on the middle class. She did not. She could have fought illegal immigration. She did not. She could have outlawed partial birth abortion. She did not.

As Secretary of State she could have calmed the rising tides of emotions relating to the Middle East. She did not. Instead, she fanned the fires, engaged in nation-building, birthed civil wars. Where did that get us?

She prompted the Arab Spring, the purposeful disruption of legitimate governments (doesn't matter we didn't like or approve of them – they didn't ask for approval, just our trade and our money.....) And remember, like it or not, some of those established dictators had been our allies: Saddam Hussein (Iraq), Hosni Mubarak (Egypt), even the currently embattled Bashar al Assad (Syria).

As Secretary of State she stood by as we left Iraq, leaving behind a vast cache of military equipment that fell quickly into the hands of those who then emerged as ISIS. Thanks so much, Hillary. And as president she wants to welcome those “Allahu Akbar!”beheading, dismembering, raping savages here into the US of A. You think?

She approved of the Iran nuclear deal. In fact, Hillary nominated Wendy Sherman as Undersecretary of State (who got approved) and who was then lead negotiator of the Iran deal from September 2011 to October 2015. Following that, Wendy Sherman returned to work for Madeleine Albright, a UN One Worlder and Bill Clinton's Secretary of State.

Wendy is now actively backing Hillary Clinton. Is it notable that Wendy Sherman was a political strategist in the very early 90s who helped get Bill elected?

As Secretary of State Hillary lined the coffers of the Clinton Foundation with several millions of dollars, verified by Wikileak e-mail dumps, where it seems her staff would allow access to Madame the Secretary only after donations to the foundation. It was this cozy arrangement that led directly to Russia's ultimate procurement of 20% of U.S. Uranium.

Isn't that aiding and abetting the enemy? Or did that go away with the Bill Clinton presidency? - Think Loral and the guided missile secrets permitted to be sold to the communist Chinese (and possibly shared with the nuclear-testing, missile-testing North Koreans)?

And has enough been said (or could enough ever be said) about the four Americans she sacrificed so callously? Hillary the Benghazi Babe?

And how about marital fidelity? Anybody remember malingering Bill saying, “She's slept with more women than I have!” (I cleaned that up a little.) This makes her presidential? A model for children? A good Democrat?

As to the aghast breathiness of the Pretend Puritans both on the left and on the right as they experience and express the pontifical vapors about his very inappropriate comments – how many of you have ever had the experience of sitting at a table full of University Women? Your sensibilities might truly be shocked. They can be foul to the very core.

So, let's not make too much of what the Alpha Male said eleven years ago, huh?

So we have a southern border completely out of control; immigration craziness; jihadist terrorists; drugs flowing everywhere (I won't mention White House ash trays); a totally dumbed down class of “safe space” students; joblessness; poverty; racial disturbances actively promoted by her; a “Goldman Sachs” view of globalism; and America going down for the last count.

Hillary supported NAFTA, CAFTA, ObamaCare, open borders, funding Iran, a stupid-in-the-extreme Iran nuclear “deal”. She caused violence all over the Middle East, got Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood elected in Egypt [How'd that work out?], gave Mosul to Isis, and in fact it was decisions of hers and Obama that created the vacuum in which ISIS was formed, and they are still arming certain bad rebels.

So how does Donald Trump square up with Hillary? You would be hard pressed to find two more 180-degree opposite candidates.

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Donald Trump's platform: Build a wall. Immigration control. Vetting of Muslims. Constitution-oriented Supreme Court picks. America First. Good trade deals. Renegotiate older bad trade deals. China trade changes. Pro-Life. Health vouchers. Repeal ObamaCare. U.S. Energy independence. Decreasing foreign aid. Decreasing taxes. Decreasing corporate taxes. Encouraging corporate investment in American manufacturing. Dropping Common Core. Returning education to the States and local districts. Improving the VA.

Time is almost out. The “News” is not only NOT carrying the Trump message. It is actively and relentlessly trashing Trump and his followers. It is up to you to get his message out. We take the time to write these articles. You need to take the time to get them distributed in social media.

You know what to do.


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© 2016 Ronnie Herne - All Rights Reserved

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Ronnie Herne is a veteran having served from 1969 to 1973 as a Captain in the Air Force. She was a Flight Nurse stationed in the Philippines with C-141 flights to DaNang, Ton Son Nhut, and Cam Rahn Bay, all destined for Japan. In addition she spent eight separate weeks on the ground in VietNam.

She started her political activities in 1991 with NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement). She fought it but watched as Bush pushed it and Clinton completed it. She was a Perot Volunteer, active in United We Stand America, involved in the creation of the Reform Party of California.

She retired to Oregon and put her attentions on county government. With Agenda 21, regionalism, socialism, taxes, county land giveaways and other ills all present at the local level, she and a friend constructed a county Home Rule Charter to push back. It included property rights, water rights, veteran service, lower fees, no unelected county administrator, no “Green” code requirements, etc. It was a marvelous charter but failed. Agenda 21 marches on. So does Ronnie.




Hillary supported NAFTA, CAFTA, ObamaCare, open borders, funding Iran, a stupid-in-the-extreme Iran nuclear “deal”. She caused violence all over the Middle East, got Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood elected in Egypt...