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By Nelson Hultberg
November 9, 2016

Great day in the morning. The hated honchos of Washington and their media lackeys have been routed like seedy oligarchs in the Caribbean. Globalism has been roundly rejected. The Clinton Cartel has been told to take their insufferable governmentalism elsewhere.

Donald Trump has defied all odds and has won the Kentucky Derby as a thoroughbred with no prior races. He was counted out from the beginning by all "experts" everywhere. They treated him like they would treat an orangutan at a tea party. He was persona non grata on steroids. The pundits, the professors, the prognosticators, the bankers, moguls and institute heads all denounced this maverick tycoon turned politician.

"Bombastic, narcissistic, unpresidential," they shrieked. "Fraudulent, dangerous, predatory, a bully, a sexual abuser." No political candidate in the history of America, perhaps the world, has had to endure the scurrilous and disgraceful smear tactics that have been showered upon Donald Trump by his opponents on the left as well as the mealy-mouth RINOs on the right. But the man is a "force of nature." He did not wither. He fought back with an iron will, a tempestuous love of his country, and an unwavering belief that the people were as fed up with the snakes of Washington as he was.

FBI Reversal and Poll Rigging

Was James Comey's decision to reopen the email investigation of Clinton the deciding issue? It surely didn't hurt Trump, but he was closing strongly for ten days prior to Comey's announcement and, in my opinion, would have won anyway. However, because the establishment media believe so devoutly in the accuracy of the polls, they couldn't see this shift taking place. They were misled as to Hillary's strength. Most of the polls this year (certainly the popular establishment ones like CNN, Real Clear Politics, Monmouth, etc.) were simply not true.

What very few people understand is that the polls can be easily rigged if the pollsters are ideologically geared one way or the other. We all know that the media is 95% in the tank for Hillary. But what nobody talks about is the fact that most of the pollsters are "ideologically" for Hillary also. Thus they merely needed to shift their calling parameters ever so slightly and a few more Democrats got called than were warranted. The results showed up with an 8-point lead for Hillary when, if the calling had been done properly (strictly according to voter registrations), the race would have shown to be extremely close far sooner than it did. This closeness is what the IBD and Rasmussen polls were both showing shortly after the second debate on October 9th.

With Trump so unpopular among establishment people, however, it is very probable that many of the pollsters allowed themselves to move their parameters this year to the left and called more Democrats than were warranted. It's called "skewing" the poll to get the result you want. Everyone in the polling business knows this, but the media refuses to talk about it because they want to convey to the people that the polls possess "integrity."

On the contrary, the polls are not an objective snapshot of the people's preference. They are a "subjective" indication of what the pollsters have programed into their surveys. Polls can, within limits, be made to come out however the pollsters want them to come out.

How do the pollsters justify this kind of unethical subjectivity? They rationalize their "skewing" as morally all right because in their minds Trump had to be stopped at all costs. The end justifies the means.

Can we say for sure that unethical "skewing" took place with many of the popular establishment polls? No, we can't. But when Trump is drawing 20,000 to his rallies while Clinton is drawing 800, yet shown to be leading Trump by 8 points, we are justified in believing something is wrong with such poll results and that human nature is probably at work distorting the truth.

The Major Problems Confronting Trump

America today confronts more serious problems than at any time in her history. Granted the Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II were not exactly halcyon days. But the country in those eras still retained its fundamental moral and cultural stability. Today there is decadence and doubt everywhere. Our basic confidence as a people has been shattered by a long insidious breakdown of social propriety, by the egregious brainwash of liberalism in our schools, and by the overweening stupidity and power lust of Keynesian ideologues at the Fed and throughout Washington.

Our nation is truly at a turning point. But thankfully with this election, America now has a chance to avert the New World Order. It is in no way guaranteed, of course. The crises that await us in the upcoming decades are enough to sink the strongest and most resilient of nations. But only Trump has a chance to solve these crises because only Trump, out of all the candidates out there this year, truly understood the immensity and the actuality of the crises facing us. And only he had the courage to touch these ideological third rails. Here are the four most critical of these dangers:

1. We have 25 million illegal aliens invading us, leeching jobs, and degrading our culture. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) is lying to us with their 11 million figure. And it is not only lying about the illegals but also about inflation, GDP and unemployment, just as the Ministry of Truth in Nineteen Eighty-Four lied to the proles of Oceania. The BLS is our Ministry of Truth. No one in their right mind believes these fabricators about the number of illegals. gives us the true figure of 25 million.

2. Our trade policy organizations (such as NAFTA, WTO, TPP, etc.) have evolved into suffocating monstrosities for our manufacturing base. They are precisely what Ross Perot predicted with his famous 1992 debate declaration in his opposition to NAFTA: "That giant sucking sound you hear will be American jobs going south." GEI Analysis tells us that all told, America lost 28.7 million jobs between 1992 and 2010. The annual figures since then show improvement but at the slowest pace in forty years.

3. The inundation of our economy with tyrannical taxes and controls has been growing relentlessly for over five decades now. Tax rates are excruciating. Regulatory intervention from Washington reaches into every nook and cranny of our lives. Beltway commissars who have no grasp of laissez-faire capitalism (having been taught the Marxist perversion of it in college) are appointed to dictate to and regulate major industries that sign 99-year contracts and oversee vast technological projects. If idiocy is our goal in governing, we are demonstrating immense prowess.

4. American foreign policy was for many years after World War II, at least, semi-rational. It recognized that the world was a highly imperfect array of countries and cultures most of which have never understood freedom and were locked into backward ways of life that were not amenable to alteration in the near term. The rule of geopolitics in this period, 1945-1995, was to vigilantly defend America but to refrain from wholesale regime changes in foreign countries. It was far from perfect, but it was not imperialistic. It was largely defensive as a proper foreign policy should be, and as our Founders prescribed.

Since 1995, however, American foreign policy has been taken over intellectually by the neoconservative element in Washington. And their desires are imperialistic. Their dreams are for hegemony over the Mideast, over Russia, even over Europe and China. Their vision is as dangerous as we have ever seen put forth by the scholars of international affairs throughout our history. The neocons seriously believe a nuclear war is winnable with Russia. They are consumed with unmitigated hubris; they wish to rule the world rather than defend the country.

Can Trump Succeed?

These are the paramount socio-political changes needed that Donald Trump faces in trying to "make America great again" – 1) radical immigration reform, 2) rational trade policy implementation, 3) substantial tax reduction and regulatory reform, 4) wholesale reworking of our foreign policy objectives, i.e., ending our police-the-world obsessions.

The American people have given their approval. The stars are aligned favorably. But can a fiery maverick tycoon come to Washington and tame the nefarious forces that control the city? Can Donald Trump, the preeminent "deal-maker," negotiate our country out of the convoluted briar patch of dangers now engulfing us? Not exactly. Keynesian economics and Marxian politics have been embedded in our system for 80 years. One presidential term has as much chance of strongly correcting these two sinister ideologies as a cub scout troop has of stopping the Ebola virus.

Nevertheless, Donald J. Trump is a consummate warrior. America is a nation of unparalleled "can-doers." The word "quit" is not found in the lexicon of either. Trump will not restore the Republic, but he can make great strides toward stemming the tide of horror that has been plaguing us for so many decades. He will appoint conservative judges to the Supreme Court, and during the coming economic meltdown, he will strive to lower taxes and purge regulations, not raise them and regiment the economy?

If he can serve two terms and be followed by eight years of Pence, this will keep the real America alive until perhaps the ideological fallacies dominating us can be tempered enough to stop our relentless drift into global government.

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From the beginning the promise of America has faced "insurmountable challenges," and today is no different. But this election shows us that the majority of our citizens do not wish to embrace the pundit herd's message of collectivism so deceptively touted from the pulpits of CNN and the major networks. It shows us that millions of Americans reject globalism, that they can recognize a crook wrapped in the garb of a politician, that they have not sold out totally to the sham of "political correctness."

Strength of personality and correct ideology are the prime movers of history. Donald Trump possesses these two attributes in spades. Never bet against an American patriot with such gifts. America's future looks brighter than at any time in the past 25 years.

© 2016 Nelson Hultberg - All Rights Reserved

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Nelson Hultberg is a freelance writer in Dallas, Texas and the Director of Americans for a Free Republic. A graduate of Beloit College in Wisconsin, his articles have appeared over the past 25 years in such publications as The American Conservative, Insight, Liberty, The Freeman, The Dallas Morning News, and the San Antonio Express-News, as well as on numerous Internet sites such as Capitol Hill Outsider, The Intellectual Conservative, Popular Liberty, and The Daily Bell. He is the author of The Golden Mean: Libertarian Politics, Conservative Values.





To sum all this up, Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Gramsci, Alinsky and all the irrational leftist revolutionaries of the past 150 years have reached critical mass in the minds of millions of Americans. The Clinton Cartel is their chosen representative and will control unfettered access to our lives and businesses from Washington should it win on Election Day.