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By J.B. Williams
October 20, 2010

Systemic corruption throughout the Arkansas Democrat Party in charge of the election process is exposed and under fire, thanks to state and local citizen precinct activists who understand the true power of the precinct delegate position.

Arkansas has been controlled by Democrats for so many years that there was barely a Republican Party presence in the state prior to citizen activists learning and employing the precinct strategy. During their tenure, Democrats had even installed unconstitutional state election laws making it all but impossible for the Republican Party to function in the state. There were even laws that require two Democrat poll watchers for every Republican poll watcher in the state.

But when citizen precinct activists started building a Republican Party from the ground up in county after county, Democrats found themselves exposed and under legal attack from “We the People” as the Democrat Party broke one election law after another in a desperate effort to retain power.

U.S. Patriots Union state Director Jacque Martin has worked county-to-county for over two years to build a strong Republican Party presence and now she leads the legal assault on Democrat corruption in Arkansas.

Assistant State Director Jim Diamond is leading the assault on Democrat corruption in Stone County, where an all out battle is under way for local power in the mid-term elections and the lengths to which Arkansas Democrats will go to retain power, from the Governor’s office to the state Election Commission, is nothing shy of astonishing.

Although the corruption is systemic from top to bottom in the Arkansas DNC, at the epicenter of the current controversy is a fight for the office of Sheriff in Stone County. It all started with a botched DNC primary.

The May 18 DNC primary failed to produce a DNC candidate for Stone County sheriff leading to a runoff between two DNC candidates, incumbent sheriff Todd Hudspeth and DNC challenger Lance Bonds on June 8 which also ended in a tie.

When the Stone County Election Commission certified the tie, leaving the DNC without a candidate in the race for sheriff, Democrat Governor Mike Beebe stepped in on June 23 and ordered a special election in an effort to produce a DNC candidate for sheriff. However, state election laws do not allow for a special election in this case.

On July 8, Stone County Patriots Union member and sheriff candidate Russ Aiken became lead plaintiff in a suit against Governor Beebe and the Stone County Election Commission for breaking state election laws in their effort to run roughshod over the election process and the people of Arkansas.

Although the judge did not initially stop the DNC special election, on August 16, 2010, Judge Jay L. Moody ruled in favor of the plaintiff. He stated that there was no constitutional authority in the state of Arkansas to declare a special primary election to break a tie for a general primary runoff election, once again leaving the DNC without a candidate for Stone County sheriff.

Two days later on August 18, the state DNC held a special convention for the purpose of selecting a DNC candidate. However, Judge Moody had already ruled on August 16 that the DNC could not use any other ploy to circumvent election laws which would end in the same result. There was just no end to state DNC efforts to make it up as they go.

The DNC was not to conduct any subsequent activities that would mimic the results of the illegal August 3 election, i.e. Lance Bonds couldn't be the nominee. Yet state Democrats had done exactly that, leaving Republican candidate Russ Aiken with no choice but to file a contempt of court brief as the state DNC had once again violated state election laws, this time ignoring Judge Moody’s ruling as well.

The contempt brief was filed on September 7 and the court date is set for October 21.

Meanwhile, state Democrat Election Commissioners Betty Allred and Bob Turner are blocking state GOP election commissioner Humphrey from appointing Republican poll workers in accordance with state election laws, denying state Republicans their constitutional right to participate in the election process and assure that the process is legitimate.


In a very blunt warning to Arkansas Democrats Allred and Turner, GOP attorney Stuart Soffer points out that Arkansas Democrats are functioning below the ethical standards of your average third-world nation:

"While the Kyrgyz Republic was able to have transparency on the other side of the globe in a third world country, there are still some here in Arkansas who just don’t get it. For example, in Stone County Election Commission Chairwomen Betty Allred (who had a hand in the sheriff’s race tie fiasco that cost that county $25,000) is doing her best to preclude Republican poll workers from being appointed at each polling site as permitted by Arkansas Voting Law. Perhaps OSCE should dispatch election observers to Stone County to ensure a fair and honest election there."

Attorney and GOP consultant Soffer further advises, “We have also drafted a State Board of Election Commissioners ethics complaint against you, and a request for Stone County Prosecuting Attorney assistance because of your denying Commissioner Humphrey his right to designate minority party poll workers as provided for under Arkansas Voting Law. Additionally, because this is a federal election, we will ask the U.S. Attorney for Eastern Arkansas to investigate your actions as well.”

Normally, a small town story concerning a race for the office of county sheriff is not of national interest. However, the systemic corruption demonstrated in Stone County, Arkansas, is a clear-cut example of heavy-handed Democrat political corruption and thuggery taking place all across the country today.

Democrat commissioner Betty Allred has called an emergency meeting of the Stone County Election Commission for Thursday, October 21, 2010, courthouse square, at 6:00pm and is still refusing to remove Lance Bonds’ name from the ballot even though Bonds is on the ballot illegally, according to Arkansas law.

Upholding the rule of law will mean that the state DNC will not have a candidate for Stone County sheriff on the November ballot. Keeping Lance Bonds on the ballot will mean that DNC politics trumps the rule of law, an unconstitutional concept we have watched play out across the country for almost two years now under unchecked Democrat control of both federal and state governments.

In Arkansas, “We the People” are awake, informed, and well engaged via U.S. Patriots Union State Directors Jacque Martin and Jim Diamond, who have demonstrated the power of the people in a very real way with their focused strategies designed to challenge political corruption at all levels, beginning at home in their own back yard.

When the people do what they are supposed to do, the politicians cannot get away with what they are accustomed to getting away with. This is how the people take their party, their county, their state, and eventually their country back, one day at a time, one battle at a time.

That’s what makes Stone County, Arkansas, a story of national interest. It’s an example of what a political party shouldn’t do, but also what the American people must do.

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To stop the political corruption, we must confront that corruption. To get our country back, we must take it back one county at a time, one legitimate election at a time! That’s the precinct strategy, which reaches well beyond becoming a party stooge or foot soldier for the same old party elites.

At the end of the day, it’s not about right and left but rather right and wrong. It’s not about politicians, but rather the people and their public servants!

� 2010 JB Williams - All Rights Reserved

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JB Williams is a business man, a husband, a father, and a writer. A no nonsense commentator on American politics, American history, and American philosophy. He is published nationwide and in many countries around the world. He is also a Founder of Freedom Force USA and a staunch conservative actively engaged in returning the power to the right people in America.

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Systemic corruption throughout the Arkansas Democrat Party in charge of the election process is exposed and under fire, thanks to state and local citizen precinct activists who understand the true power of the precinct delegate position.