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National Right to Life: The Judas Iscariot of The Preborn









By Dr. Patrick Jonston

March 18, 2007

�Why do you fight our public school tax levy every year, Dr. Johnston?� my friend and public school teacher asked me.

First, I corrected him. The tax levy has been on the ballot about every six months, failing repeatedly, as long as I�ve been in town.

Then I answered his question: �As long as public schools teach that there is no God, then all Christians should oppose it.� There are only two philosophies of education: Christian, and anti-Christ (or, against Christ). Even Christian teachers are bound by judicial decrees, and as long as the judiciary declares public education atheistic by virtue of the mythical separation of church and state, public education is �against Christ.�

One remedy that conservative districts have tried to combat practical atheism in our public schools is by implementing Intelligent Design theories and criticism of Darwinism and into science curriculum. But school boards have repeatedly failed. I am convinced that the means employed by Christian conservatives to repel the state-mandated atheism and humanism of our public education system is fundamentally erroneous. We rightly abhor our public institutions teaching things we despise to our children at our expense. It was Thomas Jefferson who said, �To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagations of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical.� But we have picked a battle-line in this culture war that would not give us victory even if we won.

In athletic competition, it is good to play by the rules, but in the war of worldviews, certain defeat is guaranteed if the truth plays by the rules of the liars. Conservatives have tried to play by the rules as we have insisted that our Intelligent Design theories that we attempted to infuse into scientific curriculum in public institutions were not theistic in nature. Rather than defy the lies of atheism and challenge the validity of the �wall of separation of church and state,� we have respected it. The courts have been decidedly unconvinced. Deciding against a Pennsylvania school board�s attempt to allow public schools teach �Intelligent Design� as scientific theory, U.S. District Judge John E. Jones wrote that Intelligent Design �cannot uncouple itself from its creationist, and thus religious antecedents,� and thus it violates the wall of the separation. In Dover, Pennsylvania, both truth and democracy take a back seat to Judge Jones� misinterpretation of the First Amendment.

Bad arguments for good conservative ideas may convince a majority of voters, but they aren�t going to convince a Judge and the intelligentsia. What must be shown to the public is that all education is inescapably religious and the question before the courts and the American people is, which religion is true. Rather than play by the rules that tilt the court in the favor of the state-sanctioned religion of naturalism (practical atheism), Christian conservatives must show that the rules are wrong.

Public education, for instance, has proclaimed the standard of scientific truth to be the scientific method, and since an intelligent designer cannot be empirically verified by the scientific method, �it belongs in a comparative religion class and not in a science classroom.� Yet if the scientific method is the only way to know truth, then the scientific method cannot be true because the validity of the scientific method cannot be confirmed by the scientific method. The reliability of the scientific method assumes things that are religious in nature � the reliability of the laws of nature and the laws of logic, and the immorality of falsifying data. It can be shown that only Christian theism supports the presuppositions of the scientific method. The false religion sanctioned by the state falls from the weight of its own internal contradictions.

The religion of naturalism, which accepts naturalistic evolution as its most plausible explanation for the origin of life, cannot accept any theistic theories for the origin of life by definition. Until their religion is toppled then they will never accept as viable any scientific theory we offer as to the origin of life if it includes an Intelligent Designer that cannot be empirically verified in terms that an atheist can accept. This religion must be shown to be false, and we can do it with God�s help. In the battle of worldviews in our public institutions, we must do something novel and defend Christian theism instead of going out of your way to hide it!

Christian conservatives must pick a battle-line upon which victory will actually glorify the God we claim to serve, and a theory of Intelligent Design that deceptively goes out of its way to exclude an Intelligent Designer and is consistent with any unbiblical theory of God or gods does not please the authentic Intelligent Designer, the Creator described in the Bible. Neither will it please a circuit court Judge who can see through our sophistry. We aren�t going to win the war of worldviews donning Saul�s armor and trusting in the arm of the flesh. We can only win this battle in Jesus� name, and we aren�t going to do that if we are ashamed of His name.

Until the official state-sanctioned religion of public education is abandoned for the truth of God�s Word - which truths were taught to American schoolchildren for two hundred years - as for me and my house, we�ll homeschool. (We�ll also fight every public school levy.)

� 2007 Patrick Johnston - All Rights Reserved

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Patrick Johnston and his wife Elizabeth reside in Zanesville, Ohio, with their six young home-schooled children. Patrick is a family practice physician and founder of the Association of Pro-life Physicians, which is dedicated to restoring a remnant of physicians in our communities who are convinced that life begins at conception and who will not commit nor refer for abortions (

He founded the Alliance to Reform Education Funding to fight public school levies and promote Christian home-schooling ( He founded the Coalition for Justice for All to pursue justice for Ohio's pre-born and to provide photo-documentary evidence on-line at of the abortionists and their accomplices at the abortion clinics of Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Johnston is committed to revival in the church, and the restoration of Biblical law and constitutional government in America.













The religion of naturalism, which accepts naturalistic evolution as its most plausible explanation for the origin of life, cannot accept any theistic theories for the origin of life by definition.