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By Diane Kepus
May 26, 2015

And we wonder why America is in real trouble! (Short 4 minute videos) Do these people vote? This shows how Americans need to be educated BEFORE watching these debates.

The debate the other night was disappointing and not on point as usual. The questions in no way reached out to the damage these POLITICIANS have done to the country by either being elected as Governors of a state or sitting in Congress. All of the elected in this debate have garbage on their tails a mile deep. Everyone knows Trumps business actions and their results - it has been in the news for years unlike the happenings in the state and federal offices. Ben Carson speaks for himself and Fox News and any future news media in charge of these debates should be ashamed of themselves for not truthfully calling out these POLITICINS – now or in the past.

So Trump has donated to both parties – how many of us have? How many of us started out as Democrats only to mature and think the Republican Party was the way to go and now we know NOT to trust any of them!

Another point - Rand Paul got half the time Trump did and to my knowledge is one of the very rare politicians to not have any trash connected to his time as a politician. Some votes were not appreciated however - this goes to show how when the media decides to work at fading out a particular candidate it is a very easy and common way to do it – crowd them out. They also allowed Christy to have more time personally attacking Paul than Paul had to speak.

Shafting Rand Paul as a candidate is nothing new. Former Congressman Ron Paul was repeatedly excluded from debate coverage, deleted from polls and hit with a myriad of other dirty tricks throughout his 2008 and 2012 campaigns.

The first question was asked by Bret Baier to all the candidates: “Gentlemen, is there anyone on stage, and can I see a show of hands, who is unwilling to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?”

Donald Trump being the only one to raise his hand became a target, but why? Republican criticism of Trump because he hinted he might go third party is nothing new either – he has said that from the beginning – so what is the big deal? Set-up!

I am not saying I support Trump – I am saying unlike most POLITICIANS Trump has never been found to lie. You might not like or agree with what he says, but what is bothering Republicans is the fact he doesn’t need their MONEY! He has his own and can blow his own Whistle and drive his own train. The politicians in Washington might try it rather than dancing to the tune of lobbyists and corporate control mongers.

Do I feel Megyn Kelly as well as Bret Baier were trying to set Trump up – of course? Trump had already indicated the possibility of his running Independent because he doesn’t need the Republican Party being Independent financially. I believe Kelly stooped low on her statement about women in the hopes of drawing women away from Trump. Some might want to look back at Kelly and notice the look in her eyes when she asked the question of Trump – she was not ladylike either.

Americans need a President who is NOT A POLITIICAN! Since we are in debt to the tune of almost $19 TRILLION dollars a good auditor and businessman who knows who to hire and fire and owes no man anything in my eyes is the way to go. This is where Trump as a candidate Trump’s those on the stage because they are all used to spending other people’s money – ours.

Rand Paul is right and I for one am sick and tired to the Federal government playing the role of the keeper of the world under the direction of the corrupt United Nations. I could feel Rand Paul’s decision as to whether or not to tell the truth about the money going to Israel. Why are we sending money to Israel when their GDP is in much better shape than ours and for years the money we have sent to Israel that started out as a loan has in a few months been turned into a grant?

Ben Carson to a point is also a money man, however his strong points are in the humanities of which is greatly missing in this country. The racial and other items being used to DIVIDE this country are just plain wrong, but then our children are being taught this along with the “social justice” and “political correctness” which is being laid out by the current ELECTED POLITICIANS on BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE.

AMERICANS need to take off the collar of a POLITICAL party and really research these candidates. EACH of the ELECTED Governors and Congressional men serving on the podium has a great deal to answer for in regard to their leadership – even Kasich in his full support of the Common Core Standards.

Jeb Bush as the leader of the pack likes to tell the world he was a wonderful governor – no he was NOT! Taking money from the state retirement fund to bail out his bankrupt buddy’s Edison Charter School and the almost 10 years he spent trying to get legislation passed to get taxpayer money to the private and parochial schools through vouchers even after it had been ruled “unconstitutional: by the Florida Supreme Court. I know of no one in recent years that has had as many financial dealings with corrupt individuals over the years as Jeb Bush has – even his brothers... But of course “he never knew who they were when he went into business with them”.

Bush is not loved by parents in this country who know what Common Core is – Bush stated in the debate he “believes in high standards”! Well, Mr. Bush that is what we thought you had been giving our children all along for the huge amount of money spent on education. Oh that’s right, as with in congress, most of the money went to the powers to be in education not the children. And not being an educator Mr. Bush, what makes you think you know so much about what our children’s education should be – the corporate $$ from people like Gates and Soros?

Interesting Jindal and Walker suddenly after deciding to run for President stated they no longer support Common Core. But their states still have it “rebranded”! At least Kasich is honest and states he likes and supports it and is not going to change his mind.

Huckabee for me is a liar to the um-tenth degree. As a supposed Southern Baptist minister he willingly supported Jeb Bush and his push for the Common Core, stating how wonderful it was. Then as he is deciding if he wants to run for President and gain the support of his “brother” evangelicals, he stands in front of his Saturday and Sunday nite TV viewers and states he no longer supports Common Core.

What is it Huckabee? You decide to finally read the CCSS or was it just another lie because 2 months after your declaration on TV you went to lunch with the CCSSO telling them not to turn their backs on the Common Core Standards but to “rebrand” them – give them another name and in a short time the parents will forget they still have Common Core.

I thank you Huckabee for standing against abortion but to what end? You are approving of the rotten school-to-work education of the Common Core to put our kids into the factory’s and fields after they have spent 12+ years being indoctrinated into “whatever” world.

Neither Rubio or Cruz are eligible to run for this office and Cruz actually should not even be an elected senator since he JUST gave up his Canadian citizenship in 2014 and there is no record of his obtaining “naturalization” papers in this country for him or his father and FOIA requests for that information have been denied. Read the Constitution.

My real question for Mr. Cruz would be about his feelings and thoughts in regard to the formation of the “North American Union” (NAU) since his wife Heidi served on the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) “Independent Task Force on the Future of North America”. I believe Americans have the right to ask this question of Cruz and expect an answer.

Could Heidi Cruz having previously worked in the White House for Condoleezza Rice have had anything to do with her being placed on this task force? Most Americans today have a totally different view of Rice’s political positions since her stating she believes the education of our children belongs in the hands of the CFR and having taken the head seat at the table on the Bush Foundation for Excellence in Education.

The Task Force was comprised of a group of prominent business, political and academic leaders from the U.S., Canada and Mexico having been organized and sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations (U.S.), the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, and the Mexican Council on Foreign Relations. It was co-chaired by former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, John Manley, former Finance Minister of Mexico, Pedro Aspe, and former Governor of Massachusetts and Assistant U.S. Attorney General William F. Weld.

This was no little deal! The Task Force final report “Building A North American Community” can be read here.

Not one single question regarding our military – nothing about all those who have died or been crippled or suffer from PTSD over a fake war that lingers now for over 10 years. Nothing about the next to nothing care they are receiving from the “careless” VA. Nothing about them stripping veterans of their pensions. Nada! Zip! Zero!

Gov. Perry needs to also be asked about his role in this NAU movement since he supported the super highway even so far as to use eminent domain to acquire some of the land needed to build it.

Those on the panel asked about taxes seemed to also not understand that the Constitution says nothing about taxing our wages especially for the Federal government to then give it to other countries and turn around and borrow it back from different countries to cover their outrageous spending through illegal departments within the Federal government of which should be abolished.

Never mind the huge lie regarding the Federal Reserve – these moderators are only in this to look good for themselves. They could care less about asking the hard, really hard questions I suppose because of who their Progressive bosses are.

Voting for a particular candidate just because he or she is the “lessor of 2 evils” and the “I cannot turn away from my party” or “but it will divide the country if I go against my party and the other party will win – is INDOCTRINATION!

Time to choose if you want to go back to this being America with a Constitution, Bill of Rights and a Declaration of Independence to lead our country or one with judges creating laws and presidents “ruling” with Executive Orders.

Either you want your children to live under the CONTROL of the UNITED NATIONS as the “NEW WORLD ORDER Commander in Chief” or you want FREEDOM!

I would love to see NON-POLITICIANS take over the leadership of this country – ones who are Independent of owing any favors. It is POLITICIANS who have brought us to the edge of disaster and if you think choosing one of these politicians is going to give you any different results than what we have right now – YOU ARE WRONG!

Oh and there were no questions about the Feds looking into Jeb Bush’s PAC and taking all those donations PRIOR to his announcing he was officially running for the office of president. Through research we have found the Bush Clan can do nothing without twisting the truth or just plain lying and it is all documented.

I suppose each and every debate scheduled will be more of the same wishy, washy nothing as far as bringing out the truth about who these individuals really are. As a researcher I would love to be one of the moderators because I would ask the hard questions.

EDITOR’S NOTE: I did not address the debate with the first group as I didn’t watch that portion of the debate as we had company and we hadn’t turned on the TV.

However, those in the first group are no different than those on the stage in the 2nd half. I consider them to be politicians and once again all have “trash on their tails”. Lindsay Graham – give me a break!

An added note regarding the news media reporting that Carly Fiorina actually won both events. This once again shows how America is not researching the people they vote for nor are the moderators having true facts in front of them. If I can find the information so can they. I would direct you to a [link] you might find very interesting:

This is a speech she gave in 2001 at the PROGRESSIVE & Freedom Foundation Summit in Aspen stating she uses the Hegelian Dialect every day. At this Summit she “hailed” the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel’s dialectic process, elaborating re: her devotion to the idea of the Hegelian Dialectic as a tool for decision making. She is also a strong supporter of Charter schools.

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Once again Americans it is your obligation and duty to research and vet these candidates and not just go on what comes out of their mouths or leave it up to others to do for you. This is a very dangerous habit as is the supporting of them just because they are from a particular political party. You need to know their friends, who is giving them money and all the details of their lives unless of course you want another President of which you had no idea who or what he was.

A good question to ask yourself is “Why is it that a good person has to belong to a political party to gain support to run for an office”. Even if that party is being run by deceitful, lying individuals you should be asking yourself why they are doing what they are doing. You will always get the same results when you continue to do the same things over and over again.

© 2015 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

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Diane Kepus – Parent, Education/Human Trafficing Researcher, Speaker
Diane’s background is not one of an educator, but as an Auditor showingher a love of “digging”. In 1980 when shetook up the hobby of Genealogy as the TV commercial says “she was in deep”.

Dianehaswitnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda to be overseen by the United Nations.

She actually began her Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (IB) program and that branched out into all aspects of foreign education of which has been allowed into our schools. Then it moved on tothe push for Charter Schools with “unelected” school boards to the indoctrination of our children with the Common Core State Standards.

Diane does at times branch out into other topics important to Americans and the preservation of America. Her special projects are Charter Schools, Child Abuse, Abortions and Human Trafficking.

Diane is married to her high school sweetheart/very best friend and they have a blended family of 8 children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandsons so you can readily understand why she chose Education or the “lack thereof” and the world’s danger to our children as her passion.

She maintains 5 web sites, belongs to manydifferent groups, has a blog site and is also very active in the Fraternal Order of Eagles.







The debate the other night was disappointing and not on point as usual. The questions in no way reached out to the damage these POLITICIANS have done to the country by either being elected as Governors of a state or sitting in Congress.



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