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By Diane Kepus
January 8, 2016

Anyone who knows me knows I cannot stand Hillary Clinton. Nothing personal – it’s not because she is a Democrat, white or a woman, but because she is a liar, cheat and manipulator and I could go on and on and on.

But in my pay to playbook, right is right and wrong is wrong and when you have super PAC big boys throwing money around at Presidential candidates especially if you have done your research, you really have to wonder.

I also have written in my playbook that I am sick to death of POLITICIANS along with the LOBBYISTS running this country, deliberately ignoring the wishes of the American people and the Constitution. I never can forget George Washington’s “Farewell Address”, (he was such a smart man) where he leaves a legacy of great opinions and paths to take and not take in leading this country. The sad thing is today, if we follow our elected officials and their paths, the whole country would be nothing but liars, cheats and deceivers, not just those elected to office.

Washington warned that “political parties” would be the ruination of the country because they in fact pit one faction of the country against the other putting in place a divide that might never be fixed. This divide would be fueled by the “egos of men” (women were not in government then) and the “divide” would be mostly with the “people” not the elected/politicians. Washington was so very right!

The Left has been doing some pretty hard hitting against Trump, but then so has the Right. Are they afraid of him because he isn’t a “normal” politician, isn’t afraid to “tell it like it is”, he can’t be bought and doesn’t need their money? Probably all of those things and more. What I know for sure is unlike our elected, Trump’s life has been an open book most of his life – but this is not a campaign piece for Trump, but to show how deceptive and deceitful our politicians are today. Even Louie Gohmert has let America down.

The Right is throwing some very big money around supporting candidates that are either not eligible or not fit to sit in the White House chair any more than Obama or Hillary. They are also feeding a PAC to try and keep Hillary out and it is how they play the game that is so amazing.

I am so happy there are groups out there of investigative journalists who not only cannot be bought, but are not afraid to tell the truth. The Center for Public Integrity is one of those groups. They just broke the story about super Pac’s Future45 and her sister nonprofit 45Committee who are “focused on holding Secretary Clinton accountable by making certain that the American public has the full breadth of information on Secretary Clinton’s failures.”

Actually I think the American people are pretty up on just who and what Hillary is especially those who follow the truth. Most of her supporters just happen to be Democrats and they have to support the party no matter what or they are women who believe it is time we had a woman president no matter what kind of a person she is. Her record certainly speaks for itself. But then “what difference does it make”?

Benghazi is enough to curl the hair on the back of any parent’s neck especially if their son or daughter is on active duty. It comes down to more than just the lack of accepting responsibility for your actions. What difference does it make? We are putting our military in Leavenworth for carrying out actions of war and if it is your loved one – one hell of a lot of difference.

So lady why not just stand up and admit you, Obama and military factions had set up this gun running gig and it went bad? Why is it you seem to always find a greater self- satisfaction in lying and deception? Those Americans out there supporting Hillary and Obama don’t you understand it might be your son or daughter next time?

In today’s news media there is nothing that gets hidden for an eternity and this idea the government has the right to keep the truth from the American people for “National Security” reasons is a big bunch of bunk. When politicians or the CIA, FBI or any other federal agency screams “National Security” they are covering their own butts – they are not protecting the American people or America.

Which brings to mind something Americans seem to forget and that is “Extortion 17”. We lost 30 Americans (Navy Seals, Army & AF) who were jammed into an old Chinook helicopter only to be betrayed and shot down by a rocket-propelled grenade on August 6, 2011 in Tagi Valley, Wardak Province, Afghanistan. Parents, legal minds and military officials all agree “something stinks in Denmark” with this one and everything from beginning to end has been classified as “National Security” especially to the parents.

They know there was a leak to the Taliban and that the helicopter’s landing zone was not properly vetted for threats nor protected by gunships, while commanders criticized the mission as too rushed. Too rushed? And as if this wasn’t enough for the families to bear:

You retrieve their bodies and send them home in SEALED coffins to their parents not knowing if the coffin supposedly holding their son is theirs or not
The PRESIDENT of the U.S. HIRES a Muslim IMAM to officiate at their service and he “damns” these dead Americans in front of the world
Biden had already betrayed the Seals involved by telling the world it was them that killed Bin Laden
But how could they have killed Bin Laden when he died in December, 2001 from kidney failure in New York City?
Was the original Bin Laden deal nothing more than to make Obama look good before his re-election and Extortion 17 to make sure they never leaked the truth?

We are talking about our government leaders here! Just more of the same on any given day!

Back to the Republican Party and their money! Long time republicans know the party is not now what it used to be. They only difference between the R and D party’s is their name and symbol. They stand in front of the cameras arguing different sides of an issue and then go out and have dinner together or make a trip to Europe or the Mid-East paid for by Turkey’s Fethullah Gulen or the Koch Brothers or any other given lobbyist group.

Our best example of the coziness between the two sides is George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. I wonder if the Bush boys get jealous when Clinton tells the press G.H.W. is like a father to him or if they embrace him as a brother in crime.

They play both sides of the road. Koch Brothers make me ill, throwing their money at candidates like water and then one sits on the Board of the Aspen Institute – the George Soros group and then tries to tell the world they are conservative and the good guys. Some of their actions are pretty dirty to include polluting the St. John’s River in Florida for the past 10+ years from their Georgia-Pacific mill toxic waste. Once again the politician’s gave them the permission to be able to do this, but they all knew what they were doing.

Koch Brothers are one of the newest to infiltrate our children’s education system with whatever their agenda is – who knows? It only takes money these days!

The games they play leave an average person with their head spinning most of the time. Take the $500,000 Ted Cruz’s PAC “Keep the Promise 1” which gave to Carly Fiorina’s PAC “Carly for America” back in June when Carly was still not allowed to debate with the big boys. And it is unheard of for one candidate running against another to donate to their opponent’s campaign. We aren’t talking “chunk change” here – we are talking about “a half a million $$”.

But then when it comes to Cruz although he always seems to say the right things at the right time, he is a George W. Bush boy (his mentor) just like Jeb Bush has been Rubio’s mentor since he first got his feet wet.

Cruz has the same way of not answering important questions just like Rubio. Cruz has shown me he also has a deceitful side because he is NOT an American citizen and is displaying exactly what our founders were afraid would happen if a president was not a “natural born citizen”. In fact what country is Cruz a citizen of?

“Conservatives”, especially Republicans have spent the last 7 years complaining about how the “deceiver” Obama got into office and he is not a citizen of this country. But what is the difference between Obama and Cruz – party - color – religion?

Cruz has known he was still walking around this country as a Canadian citizen and it wasn’t until 2012 when he was running for the U.S. Senate the Dallas Dailey News broke the story and in 2013 Cruz dug out his Canadian birth certificate to show the world. What was that if not a snub to the American people? Where was his American birth certificate?

If he has a U.S. certificate he has never produced it because he can’t. He only just gave up his Canadian citizenship in June, 2014 so now he isn’t a citizen anywhere. No one has been able to find nor has Cruz shown that he has even filed for naturalization.

Look at it this way – Cruz by the Constitution is not even eligible to be a U.S. Senator and could have prior to 2014, if he had chosen to, at the same time voted in Canada and ran for the Parliament.

The whole reason the president must be a Natural Born Citizen is because our framers had a history full of foreign kings imposing foreign law and foreign favor upon the people and they knew how dangerous foreign influence was to Liberty. George Washington spent a great bit of effort trying to drive this understanding home in his Farewell Address of 1796:

“Against the insidious wiles of foreign influence (I conjure you to believe me, fellow-citizens) the jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government.”

A person who is born of just one parent who is a citizen of the United States is a citizen by birth, but not a Natural Born Citizen. Someone cannot hold or have held dual citizenship with a foreign country and be a Natural Born Citizen. The fact that we are confused by this qualification or perhaps even wish to alter this qualification shows a lack of education or the willingness to follow along in the deceit.

Now is the time to CLEAN our country up – not ADD to the TRASH.

Take Rubio – he fits right in with Cruz since his parents did come to this country in May, 1956 and Rubio was born in 1971, but Rubio’s parents applied for “naturalization papers” on 9/9/75 over 19 years AFTER having arrived on our shores.

Rubio claims he is a citizen because the city of Miami had declared the Rubio’s were residents of the city and they had signed a document for permanent residence. Rubio likes to say “I am and have been a bona fide resident of the state of Florida since the 27th day of May, 1956.”

Maybe the Florida sun has scorched Rubio’s brain but all of that was 15 years before he was born and you cannot be a citizen of anything before even conception. There is a difference America to his father being a RESIDENT of Florida, a NATURALIZED AMERICAN or NATIVE born.

Look at Rubio’s big donor’s – he is not being called the “Million $$ Boy” for nothing! One of his long time donors is the “Sugar Daddy” Fanjul family which controls one of the world’s biggest sugar empires. They are well known for having perfected the neat trick of using US government subsidies to bribe the US government. Known as the “First Family of Corporate Welfare” they are almost single handedly destroying the Florida Everglades. But if you have money and love Jeb you are going to love Rubio.

Look at these candidates – all of their voting records. That and who they take money from should be of the utmost importance to you. Jeb Bush is NOT – I repeat NOT the best governor Florida has ever had as he wants you to believe. Enough said – read!

As Americans it is time we work our darnedest to undo all the damage these elected people have done to our country over the years. It is our responsibility to take control of our country and not give it over to gun bashers, terrorists, foreigners or anyone else with evil intentions. The politicians are never going to impose term limits on themselves so it is up to us to follow their voting records, who is funding them and hold them accountable for any deceitful actions or corruption. Votes on legislation counts too – did your congressman or senator vote for the EVIL ESEA “Every Student Succeeds Act”? Did you take the time to voice your opinion regarding that legislation, TPA, TPP or the Iran Deal?

Saying “Oh they don’t pay attention to what I think is a cop out – they do keep track and they will tell you “I haven’t had enough calls or e-mails for or against any given bill”. Use the power of your voice along with your hand at the ballot box.

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AMERICA has always been supposed to be the “land of the people” not those who want to rule it.

Oh and the colors: Green for the money the politicians can be bought with and Yellow because they have no backbone to stand up against the corruption

NOTE: Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL) says it is NOT too late to present a “letter of IMPEACHMENT”. Call his office 1-202-225-5744 and also thank him

© 2016 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

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Diane Kepus – Parent, Education/Human Trafficing Researcher, Speaker
Diane’s background is not one of an educator, but as an Auditor showingher a love of “digging”. In 1980 when shetook up the hobby of Genealogy as the TV commercial says “she was in deep”.

Dianehaswitnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda to be overseen by the United Nations.

She actually began her Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (IB) program and that branched out into all aspects of foreign education of which has been allowed into our schools. Then it moved on tothe push for Charter Schools with “unelected” school boards to the indoctrination of our children with the Common Core State Standards.

Diane does at times branch out into other topics important to Americans and the preservation of America. Her special projects are Charter Schools, Child Abuse, Abortions and Human Trafficking.

Diane is married to her high school sweetheart/very best friend and they have a blended family of 8 children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandsons so you can readily understand why she chose Education or the “lack thereof” and the world’s danger to our children as her passion.

She maintains 5 web sites, belongs to manydifferent groups, has a blog site and is also very active in the Fraternal Order of Eagles.







The games they play leave an average person with their head spinning most of the time. Take the $500,000 Ted Cruz’s PAC “Keep the Promise 1” which gave to Carly Fiorina’s PAC “Carly for America” back in June when Carly was still not allowed to debate with the big boys.


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