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By Eugene J. Koprowski, Esq.

March 31, 2011

President Obama's decision to bomb Libya – and oust dictator Moammar Gadaffi – seems to me imprudent, at best. Certainnly, it is not a piece of finely-honed statecraft shaped from the perspective of a "just war."

To be sure, Gadaffi is a long-time foe of America, and President Ronald Reagan, whose biography the young president is said to have read over Christmas, ordered air strikes on Ghadafi back in 1986. But wanting to look like Reagan, bold in foreign policy, which may be what Obama is doing here, is not a good enough reason, for him to put the U.S. in another war, its third in 10 years.

The context of today's conflicts is completely different from that of the 1980s.

The superficial Reagan imitation is not what the world needs today.

Gadaffi has been a lessened force on the world terror stage since the U.S. invaded Iraq eight years ago this spring, he gave up his nuclear program, and not causing any significant problems for the U.S. or its citizens.

Christ's message in the Gospels this week is clear about picking a just cause to fight. In the continuation of the Holy Gospel, according to St. Luke 11: 14-28, Jesus states, "he that is not with me is against me." The context of Gospel is that Jesus is casting out devils from the possessed. Gadaffi may be a devil, but the supposed "freedom fighters" on the ground there in North Africa may be a legion of devils, and, thus, an even worse enemy for the U.S. and humanity, in the future. According to reports on Fox News on Saturday evening, the leading cable network reported that the instigators of the civil war in Libya are affiliated with Al Qaeda. That's right – the very terrorists who attacked the Twinn Towers and the Pentagon on 9-11.

Why is President Obama helping create a situation where if he gets the outcome he says he wants, i.e., the ouster of Gadaffi, America's worst enemies will be in charge of Libya? This makes no strategic sense, and, to paraphrase the Gospel reading above, those terrorists certainly are not with us, and will always, for their own reasons of jihad, be against us.

This was not a decision by Obama and the administration that seems to have been made with a clear moral purpose in mind, or, if there was a hidden moral purpose, the decision makers have not thought through the consequences of their actions. But, just as Obama supported the supposed "freedom fighters" in Egypt earlier this year, leading to the removal of long-time U.S. ally Hosni Mubarek, as president, he made a decision that did not take into consideration the moral consequences of his actions. The Muslim Brotherhood, another group, with strong ties to Al Qaeda, is on the march in Egypt. Christian churches are being burned, as a consequence. Muslim mobs are rioting there, and the interim military government is not stopping the sectarian violence.

"When Copts [an Oriental Orthodox Christian communion] took to the streets to protest, 13 were killed in large clashes with large Muslim mobs and security forces," said Geoffrey P. Johnson, a spokesman for the Washington D.C.-based human rights group, International Christian Concern, which seeks to stop persecution of Christians, globally.

The Obama administration, interestingly, recently promised close to $100 million in aid to the new Egyptian government. No stance has been taken on the persecution of Christians there by the White House as a condition of the aid, though certainly, one could make such a case, persuasively.

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The president needs to clarify his moral thinking here about the Libya operation, very, very soon. The Obama administration did nothing – absolutely nothing – when the U.K. government sh shockingly released the convicted Lockerbie Scotland Pan-Am bomber and he returned to Libya as he was purportedly dying of cancer. That bomber did Gadaffi's terrorist bidding years ago, and killed many innocents, Americans among them. He received a hero's welcome on his return. Turns out that he lied, and did not die right away from cancer.

Some questions that need to be considered, through the framework of moral reasoning, by the White House:

What will happen if Ghadaffi falls?

What we will do if Al Qaeda takes the reigns in Libya?

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Why is President Obama helping create a situation where if he gets the outcome he says he wants, i.e., the ouster of Gadaffi, America's worst enemies will be in charge of Libya?