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Nancy Levant
December 8, 2005

In spite of the fact that monkeys continue to cover their eyes, ears, and mouths, they are still glued to their TV sets, and you can bet these Darwinian primates are getting nervous along with the rest of us. Martial law is being heavily practiced in the United States.

It has now been decided that being forced to show your bags, purses, and ID�s upon command is not unconstitutional. You can be arrested, as an American citizen, for failure to do so. The line between police, military, FEMA, eco-dictators, and Homeland Security personnel has blurred, and we are vulnerable to the powers of them all. But why?

If we listen to the media, which is, of course, the orchestrated and desired state of affairs, we are told of impending economic disaster, impending terrorist threats to the homeland, impending pandemics, impending eco-weather super storms, and impending mass power grid failures. Hmmm�and all in step with the Martial Law system that has been fully set into place and stone via many, many Executive Orders. Hmmm� Looks like all that�s needed to release that beast is another good catastrophe and, according to our media, a good many are in the wings.

The other angle of this story, however, is not mentioned on corporate TV � that being the one-world governance slant. They don�t talk about one-world government on television. They don�t talk about Agenda 21 or its partnering/stakeholding bureaucracies or the Biosphere Reserves and their direct-connect to the United Nations, World Bank, and World Trade Organization. They don�t talk about the taking down of the Christian religion and the dumbing down of American children. They don�t talk about the Socialist take-over of the American public school system. They don�t talk about manufactured super viruses, the intent to draft female children, or mandatory military service into global armies.

Corporate media does not report on the nearly complete judicial/political movement to disassemble the United States Constitution. Nor do they report on George Washington University�s intent to replace our Constitution with a Communitarian-based constitution � a hybrid Communist-Socialist government and its mandatory compliance. Corporate media does not report the facts and specific details of the Patriot Act II.

No, corporate media does not report on one-world governance because, if they did, they would have to tell the American populace that the American government is no longer in the hands of the American people. They would have to tell them, that for decades and decades, their votes were manipulated and that all candidates in the last 50 years (or many more) were well paid and connected globalist planners and/or prostitutes.

Equally, media would have to tell the American people that they were to be forced into Socialist governance using military-style force. They would have to tell the people to turn over their private property, their guns, their gods, their children, their sick and infirmed, their rights to mobility, and their rights to all dissension. They would have to tell the people that their Constitution was trumped and buried by the very people they elected with waving flag in hand.

The corporate media would have to report on the North American Sector - the new collective global/political region of Canada-America-Mexico-Central America. And they would also have to tell the American people about the stakeholding/regionalization connection � the replacement governing system for counties and local jurisdictions, which specifically eliminates voting. And they would have to tell the people about the herding of the masses into eco-villages, communitarian housing, corporate live-work units, or collectives, so to speak. You know, the ones with the built-in policing services (C.O.P.S. = Community Oriented Policing Services � look it up).

They would have to report on the cross-training of national militaries, in preparation for one-law-fits-all governance (Cross-training is interesting as one might assume that American boys and girls might be hesitant to fire upon their friends, families, and fellow citizens. However, soldiers from other countries � especially American-despising nations � would, no doubt, easily solve that potential problem).

Corporate media doesn�t like to report on the patenting of genetically modified food or animals, either � almost as much as they dislike reporting on mandatory and tainted vaccines � as in be vaccinated or be arrested or vaccinate your children or lose your children. And speaking of children, media skips the part about the complete elimination of American history and Constitution studies, because they would have to explain to the people that American history and Constitution are eliminated, and that the new global citizens, your children, are now being trained for his and her work detail.

Corporate media does not mention �humane� global population reduction � the scientific mastering of euthanasia and super viruses manufactured by scientists who, globally, wind up mysteriously dying or disappearing. And media has never touched the subject of Agenda 21 and its ties to the largest �environmental� non-profits and agencies in the world, who own more global land than entire governments, and who have all called for massive global population reduction.

So, here�s my point � why, you ask, are Martial Law drills being practiced in all states? Why does America, the land of the free, have staffed and readied detention camps in most, if not all, states? And why does the media not report on the most historic and compelling news in American history? I�ll tell you why. Because we are being conquered by corporate/financial manipulation � clearly � and planned catastrophes are the mode and means to the end.

�Catastrophe,� and perhaps �global catastrophe,� will continue to switch on a complete Martial Law take-over and control of the American masses. �Catastrophe,� we will be told, necessitates military take-over for our own good. I suggest to you that Martial Law will ensue for several years to several decades until Americans get used to the fact that they are under the jurisdiction and control of a one-world governing body, which is absolutely an oligarchy. And I�m equally sure that as we degrade in life style, education, and our individual liberties are completely eliminated, our children will be raised in a world none the wiser of past freedoms. The beacon of freedom and freedom for the masses are to be forgotten and eliminated from the history books � much akin to the elite canon-pickers of days gone by.

The Baby Boomers are a large part of the current American population, and we are rapidly aging. The timing of the global governance take-over and the Martial Law system, in my opinion, is impeccable. The globalists have done their homework and their system is masterful. Too bad that we�ve been kickin� back, drinkin� beer, getting� high, watchin� the tube, loadin� up our credit cards, and buyin� $200,000 cracker boxes while the big boys were laughing all the way to their banking positions, political positions, and million dollar overseas homes and mansions inside of conservation corridors � the lands where the masses dare not tread.

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Kissinger once referred to the bulk of humanity as �useless eaters.� Perhaps he was being generous. Just don�t be surprised when units of men and women, with new generation weapons, are walking down Maple Street in Americana, USA, and demanding your papers, cash, food stores, and houses. Just keep watching TV. It will tell you what to do when the catastrophe(s) strikes. See you in camp.

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Nancy Levant is a life-long writer, a believer of God, country, Constitutional and individual rights. She resides in rural Southwestern Ohio. She has worked professionally with children since 1974 and is an ardent supporter of home schooling.

Nancy Levant has done radio and television interviews, has been a guest speaker in many venues including college campuses, schools, Indian reservations, human service organizations, and has been the president of a youth sports organization.

Ms. Levant just completed 'The Collapse of Intuition', a non-fiction book about the decline of instinctual and intuitive abilities in American women. Equally, she is a writer for freedom and land rights issues and opposes the United Nation's Agenda 21 implementation in America.










The Baby Boomers are a large part of the current American population, and we are rapidly aging. The timing of the global governance take-over and the Martial Law system, in my opinion, is impeccable.