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By Dianne Linderman
November 25, 2009

Why couldn’t any thoughtful, strong, business-like, entrepreneurial, well-spoken mom with vision and ideas who loves her country be the president of the United States? It has always pissed me off that unless you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, you won’t be able to rise to power with the rest of the quacks! If you have not received your degree and the approval of the uppity-up liberal professors from a name-brand university that indoctrinates and trains the minds of America’s youth, then you are degraded and dragged through the media’s arena. They devour you, spit you out with the rest of their victims and then call you stupid.

My father has always liked the saying, “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” Education is a doubled-sided sword; we all need to be educated, but who is doing the teaching? Who taught the first teachers, and who died and made them royalty? Who questions their authority, and how do we know what they are teaching is right? The media, politicians, doctors, lawyers, and all the powerful white-collar professionals are taught the same message by the unbreakable chain of powerful, elite universities. We all buy into the belief that we all must fit into the same box, read the same books, and look, act, and spout the same type of rhetoric, and the moment an unusual, free-thinking, independent woman is introduced to our country it simply freaks out everyone who has become so comfortable in that box.

Let this be your first experience meeting an average, real, true American patriot. Sarah Palin did not ask to be thrust onto the world’s stage, but is now compelled to speak her mind. The day that McCain unearthed her from her happy life, I believe she accidentally slipped through the cracks, and before the media knew what happened, they lost their footing. God forbid, if the media does not anoint you as the next leader, then you must be bad, because you did not ask their permission to be yourself and rise to power! The exciting part is that one of us is on the loose, using the freedom that has always been available to us, and she is an example of what we all can achieve. The power of a real American is undeniable. I believe the reason why so many liberals hate her is because she has reached this place in her life without going down that predictable path where so many lose themselves, but instead is forging her own path with her soul and her independent nature fully intact.

It has become a challenge to explain life to my 14-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. They see the media approving of Barney Frank, with all of his personal improprieties, and the many other unprincipled politicians who are in power, and they also see how the media treats someone like Sarah Palin. It has also become a challenge to keep my son focused on the college program that is being offered through his high school. The writing assignments are not interesting to him, and he feels like he is jumping through phony hoops to write with passion about something that is meaningless and boring just to get a good grade. I had to tell him the truth! I explained that if he wanted to get a college degree, it is a requirement for him to not be himself. He is a free-thinking, passionate, young entrepreneur attending an incredible private school that is all hands on. He is a straight-a student and wants to get a degree in engineering, but he is hitting reality head on and does not like what seems to be the beginning of indoctrination. Call me naive, but what are we turning out of these colleges and universities, leaders or followers? It takes a great amount of strength not to lose your true self when these types of requirements are thrust upon you and the carrot at the end of the stick is greatness and a degree saying that you are greater than a person without a degree.

My son asked me, “Can’t I become an engineer without going to college? Can’t I create and build because that’s all I dream about? Why do I have to write these stupid assignments to be able to be an engineer? Why can’t I write about what I am interested in, Mom?” I explained to him that it’s for the same reason Sarah Palin is being crucified by the media. “They want you to jump when they say jump, and write what they want you to write, but Luke, watch Sarah. She is smarter than them all, and will turn this fiasco into an opportunity not only for herself, but for the rest of America.” He laughed and understood.

What most people don’t get about Sarah Palin is that she is smarter than those who despise her. Every time you hear anyone say that she is stupid and she could never be the President of the United States, just understand that she is already a leader in our country, and they never saw it happen. All it would take now is an election to make it official. Now, who are really the stupid ones?

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For the past 5 years, Dianne Linderman has been a nationally-syndicated talk show host on Radio America with her live, call-in show, “Everything That Matters, In Life, Business, Parenting and Cooking.

Meet Dianne Linderman: A passionate speaker, award-winning author, teacher, counselor, publisher, and serial entrepreneur who believes that simple dynamic parenting can save our country’s kids! “Let’s teach our kids to be entrepreneurial and help give them self-respect and self-reliance and character!” Dianne’s unique, funny and natural personality, innovative business ideas, parenting skills, and simple healthy cooking segments are a hit with her listeners.

Over the past 30-plus years, Dianne, along with her husband and best friend, David has worked as a counselor for troubled teenagers, owned her own restaurants, built a multi-million dollar company, owned a dozen businesses, started a publishing company, helped build a private school, raised two incredible kids, and consulted for large companies. She has also written a series of award-winning children’s books including, “How To Become An Entrepreneurial Kid,” that promote financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills and attitudes for readers of many ages in a time when economic realities demand that kind of savvy and skill set.

Now she is about to launch her own magazine, “Everything That Matters” to accompany her nationally-syndicated radio show. Dianne has appeared on national television, dozens of national radio talk shows, and has been a speaker for the 2004 Republican Convention representing entrepreneurial moms and women.

Dianne lives in Oregon with her husband, David, and their two children, Luke age 14 and Alexandra age 12. Both children have their own businesses.

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What most people don’t get about Sarah Palin is that she is smarter than those who despise her. Every time you hear anyone say that she is stupid and she could never be the President of the United States, just understand that she is already a leader in our country, and they never saw it happen.