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By Attorney Rees Lloyd
December 14, 2010

...At Taxpayer Expense

In the midst of "the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression," and while the liberal Portland, OR, education establishment is pushing for yet another bond issue to be paid by increased property taxes, the Progressive liberals who run the Portland Schools, will initiate in 2011 a new program of super-cheap, almost-free $1.75 breakfasts for non-needy adults in taxpayer-paid school facilities, along with $1 breakfasts for all students and free breakfasts for students on reduced or no fee status.

It is a new "progressive" liberal program which should not be emulated elsewhere, and should be terminated forthwith in Portland.

The Portland Schools' program is apparently Portland-wide. The specific advertisement/offer/notice of this new program which was forwarded to me pertains to West Sylvan School, decidedly not a poor school. Please note in particular that the program, appears to be designed primarily as an additional benefit for unpoor education bureaucrats, administrators, teachers represented by the National Education Association, and other staff. But it also appears to be an open-ended offer, with no limitation on what adults can enjoy $1.75 breakfasts in schools funded by taxpayers. The Portland Schools offer for West Sylvan states:

"Dear West Sylvan parents and staff,
"Starting January 3rd, 2011, we will be serving a hot and cold breakfast in the hallway outside of the cafeteria at 8:30 am every Monday, as well as days when there is no break. Please visit Ana, the kitchen lead, in the hall to pick up your delicious and nutritious breakfast. We will continue to offer cold breakfast during your normal breakfast time at 8:30 am and hot breakfast at your normal scheduled break at 10:35 am Tuesday through Friday. Breakfast is only $1.00 for students, $1.75 for adults and free for all students on reduced or free priced meals. Your breakfast will meet 1/4 of the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDAs) for children for many vitamins and nutrients and will include a juice, milk and entree, so come hungry! Please remember you can put money on your child's account at or bring a check or cash to the cafeteria." [Boldface emphasis supplied.]

It is signed by Kristin Palmer, RD, Program Manager, Portland Public Schools Nutrition Services, Office: 503-916-3572 I Cell: 971-227-3463, and forwarded by Cate Boyce, Principal.

Ah, isn't that nice? Isn't Liberal Progressivism grand? Now, poor, oppressed school bureaucrats, administrators, teachers of the very rich NEA, other staff, and, apparently, affluent parents, chauffeurs, or nannies, shall be guaranteed a cheap breakfast in a taxpayer-supported public school. How totally "Liberal," as might be said in Portland, the Principality of Political Correctness. It is something that, for instance, Portland's Liberal Progressive Mayor Sam Adams, an admitted homosexual predator on a teenage intern, could cheer about, since he and other homosexual predators and pedophiles can now trip on down for a cheap $1.75 breakfast inside a Portland School with all those young targets of predation available.

No matter how happy this new cheap breakfast in the schools program may make Progressive Portland Mayor Sam Adams and other predatory homosexuals, or pedophiles, I have four fundamental questions:

First, just why is it that the non-poor West Sylvan School bureaucrats, administrators, teachers, other staff, and the generally affluent parents of students at that school, are entitled to a $1.75 breakfast for adults in school facilities funded by taxpayers?

Second, since the Portland Schools' offer of $1.75 breakfasts to "adults" is without limitation, i.e., the offer is apparently extended to all adults, just how do the Portland Schools intend to control, or keep out from the school grounds and schools themselves, adult homeless, illegal aliens, convicted felons, Somali or other jihadist Muslims bent on bombing children for Allah like the Christmas Lighting Terrorist, child molesters, pedophiles, homosexual predators like Mayor Sam Adams, or the hordes of youthful but over-18 dope addict "street people" in Portland?


Third, if "all adults" are not in fact to receive the taxpayer-subsidized $1.75 adult breakfast offered, how is it that the Portland Schools purport to provide this taxpayer-subsidized Almost Free Breakfast as a benefit for some adults while denying it to others? Does that not expose Portland taxpayers to banshee cries of "discrimination" from race and class hustlers, and put taxpayers at risk of lawsuits alleging discrimination and/or violation of equal protection?

Fourth, who authored, and who authorized the promulgation of, an offer of $1.75 breakfasts to "adults," without limitation, in public school buildings, and why is it that such persons are still employed at taxpayer expense?

Indeed, consider this latest fiasco of free-spending Liberal Progressivism in Education: $1.00 free breakfasts for kids, totally free to those on "reduced or free priced meals," plus only "$1.75 for adults," apparently all adults.

It is obvious that the primary beneficiaries of this new liberal program of the Progressive Education Establishment in Portland are the education bureaucrats, administrators, teachers, and staff, since they are already at the schools, including affluent schools like West Sylvan School.

While I don't mean to pick on West Sylvan unkindly, since this is a Portland Schools' policy and program, the fact is, West Sylvan is definitely not a poverty-impacted school. Taxpayers with inquiring minds can easily confirm this by checking out the cars dropping kids off at West Sylvan School in the morning: Beamers, Audis, Mercedes, big SUV's abound. Along with, of course, Portland Politically Correct Pius's and Subaru's owned by Liberals who buy them because, as marketing surveys show, "It makes a statement about the kind of person I am." Are such affluent parents entitled to taxpayer-subsidized $1.75 breakfasts? Could they even accept them without shame?

Further, I'm told that some students are even chauffeured to school by full-time chauffeurs or maids or nannies. Just the kind of kids, parents, and teachers, who need cheap breakfasts in taxpayer-supported public school facilities. Will chauffeurs and nannies be recipients of school provided cheap breakfasts, relieving the parents who hire them of the cost of feeding them breakfast?

High-priced and luxury car models are also found in the staff parking lot of West Sylvan, the vehicles of the "overworked, underpaid" administrators, teachers and other staff. Apparently, the poor oppressed administrators and teachers represented by the NEA, which spent over $1-million electing Liberal Progressives, another $1-million-plus for tax-increasing Propositions 66 and 67, and need yet another "bond" measure for "physical plant upgrading" to be paid for by property tax-payers, also need cheap breakfasts at $1.75. How just. How fair. How Liberal.

If the well-paid administrators, teachers, other staff at West Sylvan, and the affluent parents of the majority of the students are to benefit by taxpayer-subsidized breakfasts, how can the same $1.75 "adult" breakfast not be available also to the homeless, for instance? How about illegal aliens? In that regard, one of the reasons that Oregon is a draw for illegal aliens is that they can get away with paying almost no taxes (since Oregon does not have a sales tax) while enriching themselves at jobs on and off the books to remit American dollars back to Mexico, including to buy land there and become patrons themselves. Now, apparently, they can drop in at West Sylvan School for a $1.75 breakfast on their way to a job "Americans don't want," even in Oregon with its 12%-plus unemployment rate.

And what about all those dropped-out, doped-out "street people" for whom Portland, because of its liberalism, is a magnet? How can they be kept out of the schools on a winter morning in search of a nice "hot" breakfast as advertized, only $1.75 according to the Portland Schools offer, with the additional benefit of being able to be among all those young students to influence or to introduce to the wonderful world of drugs and street life?

Is this far-fetched? I think not. Portland Public Schools, by and through Kristin Palmer, RD, and Cate Boyce, Principal of West Sylvan, have publicly offered a "$1.75 breakfast" at West Sylvan School. There is no limitation on the offer. It is, on its face, an invitation to all adults for a very cheap breakfast at the taxpayer-funded school facility.

"Come hungry!" exclaims the Portland Schools offer of $1.75 adult breakfasts, for, apparently, all adults. That is, simply, a patently wrongheaded liberal progressive policy replete with myriad apparently unforeseen consequences.

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It is one thing to provide free or reduced price breakfasts for needy children. It is quite another thing, and a wrongful thing, to invite well-paid, well-fed school bureaucrats, administrators, teachers, other staff, non-needy students, affluent parents of students, and other adults, including on the other extreme the adult homeless, illegal aliens, fanatical Muslim terrorists, or drug addicted street people, to enjoy cheap breakfasts in taxpayer-paid school facilities amidst school children.

In short, the Portland Schools should terminate this ill-conceived liberal Progressive almost-free breakfast program benefit forthwith, along with those persons responsible for it.

� 2010 Rees Lloyd - All Rights Reserved

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REES LLOYD is a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion.

He has been profiled, and his work featured, by such varied print media as the Los Angeles Times and American Legion Magazine, and such broadcast media as ABC's Nightline and 20/20, Fox News In The Morning, and, among others, by Hannity. His writings have appeared in a variety of national, regional, and local newspaper, magazine, and other publications. He is a frequent radio commentator, and a sought after speaker.*

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Indeed, consider this latest fiasco of free-spending Liberal Progressivism in Education: $1.00 free breakfasts for kids, totally free to those on "reduced or free priced meals," plus only "$1.75 for adults," apparently all adults.