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By Attorney Rees Lloyd
May 21, 2011

Obama's Naming New Navy Ship For Cesar Chavez Is An Insult, Not A Tribute

President and Commander-in-Chief Barack Hussein Obama (Allah be praised!), one of only two U.S. presidents in the modern era who never deigned to serve in defense of their country before believing themselves entitled to lead it (the other being Bill Clinton, President Fellatio), has reached a new nadir in political pandering for votes from homosexuals and Hispanics.

First, the New U.S. Navy is being "transformed" by Obama through its new politically correct post-Don't Ask/Don't Tell policy embracing open homosexuality on what were formally war ships, even to the point of the New Navy having announced that Navy Chaplains would perform pseudo-marriage ceremonies for homosexuals in Navy Chapels – quickly "susppended" (not withdrawn) following a national outcry.

In short, the new war ships of the Obama-transformed New Navy will be floating "Love Boats" for homosexual trysts and perhaps even quasi-marriages of same-sex bride and groom.

Second, regarding Hispanic votes, Obama's Secretary of the Navy went to San Diego to announce on May 17, 201l that a Navy cargo ship being built there will be named the "U.S.S. Cesar Chavez."

The political pandering of this announcement, as well as its exploitation of Cesar Chavez' non-violent achievements and name, could not be more patent, or shameful.

Congressman Duncan Hunter, a Marine veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan who represents the San Diego area, quickly criticized the Obama regime's self-serving announcement. Hunter issued a public statement that if the Obama Navy wants to recognize "the Hispanic contribution to our nation, many other names come to mind.

Hunter referenced in particular Marine Sgt. Rafael Peralta, who was killed in action in Iraq and been nominated for the nation's highest medal of valor, the Medal of Honor.

"Peralta is one of many Hispanic war heroes—some of whomm are worthy of the same recognition," Hunter said.

Hunter also referenced, the late John Finn, who did receive the Medal of Honor for actions on December 7, 1941, when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor.

Hunter is right. I worked with Cesar Chavez for over two decades, including some twenty years as one of his lawyers. Cesar Chavez is, in fact, an American-born, third-generation American, and an American hero. He did volunteer, at the age of 17, to serve in the U.S. Navy in WWII in defense of his native country, the United States. He served in the Pacific Theatre. However, he was not ever ordered to serve in a combat zone.

But Cesar Chavez was a hero not for what he did in war in military service, but what he did in peace by humbly living his profound Christian faith in working to assist American farm workers through a policy of creative non-violence to establish a union. In doing so, Cesar Chavez succeeded in creating for the first time in history a viable union of farmworkers, where more than one hundred attempts to organize farmworkers by well-funded international unions had failed. Until Cesar Chavez, every nascent union organized by international unions had been broken.

Cesar made history, and was a hero, but based upon his profound belief in non-violence, which belief stemmed not just from the example of Gandhi, or American Henry David Thoreau's "Theory of Civil Disobedience," but from the doctrines of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Further, Cesar Chavez was a man who eschewed all personal publicity and celebrity. He was a reluctant national and international celebrity. He refused millions in offers for his life story for movies and authorized biographies, because he insisted it was not about him, it was all about the cause of the farmworkers.

As for his military service, in all the years I was with Cesar Chavez, and as the public record will verify, Cesar Chavez never once cited or used his status as a U.S. Navy wartime veteran to advance himself, or his cause, let alone claim any heroism in the military service.

Further, in all those years, he never defined himself as a Hispanic-Latino-or Mexican civil rights leader, and refused to use the term "La Raza" to identify himself, his followers, his union, or his cause, telling me use of the term itself was racist.

Now, in the transformed Navy of Obama, Cesar Chavez is transformed into a war hero for whom a Navy ship is to be named. He would never have sought such a thing.

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Cesar was a great man and hero because of his selfless service for others, his personal humility, his refusal of personal aggrandizement or celebrity, and his profound Christian faith which he lived existentially, not merely rhetorically. I will always walk in his shadow.

For Commander-in-Chief Obama, who is transforming the U.S. Navy warships into homosexual Love Boats, to cause a Navy ship to be named for Cesar Chavez is not a tribute, but an insult, transforming Cesar Chavez in death what he never was in life.

� 2011 Rees Lloyd - All Rights Reserved

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REES LLOYD is a longtime civil rights attorney and veterans activist whose work has been honored by, among others, the California Senate and Assembly, and numerous civil rights, workers rights, and veterans rights organizations. He has testified as a constitutional expert at hearings before the U.S. House and Senate representing The American Legion.

He has been profiled, and his work featured, by such varied print media as the Los Angeles Times and American Legion Magazine, and such broadcast media as ABC's Nightline and 20/20, Fox News In The Morning, and, among others, by Hannity. His writings have appeared in a variety of national, regional, and local newspaper, magazine, and other publications. He is a frequent radio commentator, and a sought after speaker.*

[*For identification only. The views expressed here are solely Rees Lloyd's and not necessarily any person, entity or organization he may otherwise represent. ]












In short, the new war ships of the Obama-transformed New Navy will be floating "Love Boats" for homosexual trysts and perhaps even quasi-marriages of same-sex bride and groom.