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By John Longenecker
November 7, 2007

The Supreme Court Of the United States will soon decide whether to hear Heller v. District Of Columbia, a case about gun bans and frustration of a civil right in high crime areas. This can have a profound impact on the country as there are already gun bans in place in cities, in states, in public buildings, workplace, U.S. Parks, big box shopping centers, airports, civil aircraft and school campuses, all of which have proven to be adverse to the community when a shooting takes place as completed. Where shooters enter and kill in a matter of seconds, they find the gun ban locales to be as advertised � victim disarmament zones. And where crime is rampant � gun crime and non-gun crime � it is largely because the targets are unarmed and unable to fight back. It is because they are talked out of their own defense.

However the issue is framed, whatever becomes at-issue, must consider specific truths, including original intent, previous cases, germane findings and miscarriages of justice which the can be corrected. Do gun bans serve the public, or are they adverse to the public? Do citizens fear their officials more than they fear the thugs who come to rob and maim them? What will be at-issue?

Guns serve a distinct purpose in America today. Non-gun owners believe that it�s to oppose Tyranny, so let�s look at this a moment. In 1776, Tyranny was abuse of due process backed by official force. It usually is. It�s a word few can barely comprehend, much less relate to 2007 kitchens, schoolyards and workplace, but if we come to understand the purpose of the second amendment � and the eighth, ninth, tenth and fourteenth which support it � the issue becomes clear. Substitute the word Dependency - compelled dependency on agencies to the exclusion of the citizen involvement - and you can then see more clearly a Tyranny in 2007. You can begin to see how Gun Control affects non-gun owners.

The beauty of this problem to balance its horror lies in the fact that this is not a government-wide policy, but merely the foible of a small number of mistaken officials and activists. Much government throughout the U.S. supports concealed carry of weapons and has not taken this affirmation back. More than 2 million adults have permits to carry concealed, and some states don�t even require a permit. With a majority of states of the union affirming concealed carry for their constituents, how to fight crime is also quite clear where they live. It also reflects a trust of their constituents, a trust they have not had reason to regret. Gun ban locales have the highest crime rates, where activists have dissuaded officials from their oath of office. Gun Control Policy is not opinion of latitude in governance � it is ask officials to abandon their oath.

Here is what 2A is really all about in a nutshell: The Founding Fathers had had it up to their necks with abuses of due process. The Crown of England tightened its grip on the Colonists who had thought the Colonies would be an extension of England, but it was not to be.

In defeating the Crown, the Founders of America defeated abuse of the law, and remedied it all by declaring the citizen as Supreme Authority. They knew that this Authority must be backed by lethal force and forever if the nation was to survive future abuses. Thus, the Second Amendment was not written for citizens, it was written for officials. It was not written about guns, it was written about abuses of due process. The amendment was not written for that time, it was written for all time, including the future, for any age, any era.

Within the meaning of the second amendment, Militia meant the Everyman, every able-bodied person on two counts: i) Today�s U.S. Code Title 10, Subtitle A, Part I, Section 311, spells out Militia and affirms this, and; ii) that National Guard was not contemplated or created for another 130 years.

In modern America, crime is a tool for social engineering, including Commerce. You can see it used and abused for the incoming RFID Chip technology, the national ID Card, various surveillances, shared databases, and all sorts of so-called remedies for crime, but the one remedy which could impeach all of these is not even on the table, and even opposed in public announcements.

Independence, citizen authority and liberty as superior to official opinion.

In America, liberty is one of the last obstacles to looting the nation. Cottage industries support the policies and technologies which not only furnish the Flea � the tiny RFID Chip you don�t want on you � but they also exist to remedy mistakes anticipated by the technologies in errors, mixed identities, omissions, drone abuse, retaliation, etc. Officials and activists point to crime and violence to justify their leading the guidance of the next years, so without crime and violence, the picnic ends.

As the Founders had feared, today, Crime is used as an excuse to disarm Americans. Anti-hate, anti-violence policy is a boondoggle. The boondoggle is in the practice that Crime is used for a host of new technologies alleged to fight crime and violence. Not only do these pre-emptively accuse, indict and criminalize the honest citizen and not work at all, but this is not where crime and violence are fought, anyway!

I write often that crime is not fought by chasing it � crime is caught by chasing it, and long after-the-fact, long after the heartbreak, the scarring and the adverse social change crime brings, long after the tragic statistics are logged. Whole industries depends on violence, and they depend on your not being involved in your own defense. I write often that crime is not fought by anti-crime policies � crime is fought by meeting it -- with authority and superior force. The Founders knew that bluff and straw policies backed by force would try and disarm the authority of the nation.

One must be aware of this original intent and how it applies to 2007 America across time. The Founders did not fear weapons of the future � their greatest fear was abuse of due process in the future of the new nation.

At present, various anti-crime policies are breeding further and further compelled Dependency on agencies which cannot take your place as the first line of defense in the most critical moments of a violent crime. Discouraging weapons leads only to increased violence in one-sided aggression, as Gun Control Policy obfuscates citizen authority to act when facing grave danger alone. Dependency is the greatest threat to America at this hour.

Discouraging armed self-defense makes about as much sense as discouraging citizen CPR when EMS cannot arrive in time. Concealed weapons and citizen first-aid, the Heimlich Maneuver and CPR have an utter identity of values in the public interest.

They are Identical.

Most households do not know that police have no duty to protect individuals. As a head of a household, one might find this useful. If you like the Supremes, try Castle Rock v. Gonzales, Supreme Court, 2005. "No constitutional right to police protection." This has been true since the formation of an organized police force in the U.S. Gun control policy hides this and other useful data.

For numbers hounds, the FBI reports about 11,000 people are shot to death each year, mostly crime-on-crime shootings. The FBI also reports that the number of times a violent crime is de-escalated by an armed citizen using their own gun is about 2.5 million per year. Compare.

But will this mean anything in gun control policy? It hasn�t so far.

The average household might prepare for root canal, traffic accident, unemployment, or illness, but how the household will meet, manage and even survive violent crime is the most neglected area of household management.

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What Heller may decide, if the Supremes take the case, will not be a test of words of art or even precedent, nor will it become Government versus Constituents, but a test of original intent for our sovereign authority in how a handful of representatives and activists may not craft rhetoric or policy in boondoggles to disarm the supreme authority of the nation � the citizen � for gain.

� 2007 - John Longenecker - All Rights Reserved

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John Longenecker was one of the first Paramedics in Los Angeles EMS. Today, he a father of three, author, columnist, talk show guest and founder of the Good For The Country Foundation, a 501(c)(3) patriotic think tank examining policy adverse to the public interest.












The average household might prepare for root canal, traffic accident, unemployment, or illness, but how the household will meet, manage and even survive violent crime is the most neglected area of household management.