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By Mary Starrett
17, 2004

�If ye love wealth better than liberty and the tranquility of servitude better than the animated contest of freedom, then crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly on you and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen�go from us in peace, we ask not your counsel or your arms.� -- Samuel Adams

There are two words which have been haunting me; words that say what most of us find too horrifying to ever completely believe.

Those words are: BUSH KNEW.

Election year politics in full swing dictates a national discourse on questions of budgets, Medicare schemes and foreign policy , no issue even comes close to being as important, nay, grave, as the questions still unanswered about who knew what about the events of September 11, 2001.

While the administration reluctantly agreed to an �investigation� we know historically these probes yield nothing the powers-that-be don�t want revealed.

It�s a foregone conclusion that with the investigators ( lead by Sen. John McCain) top heavy with Yalies like Bush, nothing, but nothing will come from this Kabuki Theater of a probe.

Critical thinkers knew early on that the sanitized version of what happened on 9-11 never did pass the smell test.

I was hosting a radio program at the time of the attacks and instantly asked some apparently disturbing questions about the event. I say �hosted� past tense- because my questions were evidently too disturbing. I was chastised by station management for adding salt to the wounds of the nation�s grieving people. I should never have made �allegations� that higher ups in our country�s government could ever have allowed this to happen.

Soon after I was no longer hosting my daily program.

I never stopped asking those tough questions and neither have an ever-increasing number of Americans.

Within days of the attack I was privileged to have on my program a man who wound up becoming the pre-eminent investigator of government foreknowledge. Former LAPD narcotics investigator Mike Ruppert (who also knows something about how asking tough questions can cost you your job) first started kicking up dust when he proved that the CIA was trafficking in drugs back in 1977. Since then he�s gone on to probe the big geo-political whoppers that the media sock puppets won�t touch. He currently publishes the FROM THE WILDERNESS ( internet newsletter containing a time line on 9-11. Ruppert�s offered anyone who can dispute his (well-documented and footnoted) facts a cool $1000.00. So far,no takers.

For those who still recoil at the very concept that our president and those in higher levels of government knew, I offer a sampling of tidbits which should at the very least give you something to ponder. I share this information in an abbreviated form. This is but a small example of what you�ll find on

In the summer of 2001 an Iranian man called US law enforcement with word that there would be an attack against the World Trade Center during the week of September 9th.

Later that summer Jordanian spooks confirmed an intelligence intercept - passed onto Washington- that gave a heads up about a major attack inside the U.S. using aircraft. The code name of the operation was �The Big Wedding�.Officials denied they�d received such a warning despite the fact that published documentation exists.

Months before the September attacks the National Security Agency intercepted phone conversations between bin Laden and Mohammed Atta. The Knight-Ridder story states the NSA didn�t bother passing this information on to other agencies.

These factoids make you wonder why NO ONE in any federal agency ever lost a job over this stuff. No one in over 115 federal agencies. It�s as if they all said in unison � I know nothing�.

Reports show that the summer before 9-11 Russian intelligence notified the CIA that 25 terrorist pilots had been training for missions involving hijacked planes. While these types of things were happening Osama bin Laden was receiving care for a kidney disease at an American hospital in Dubai. While there he met with a CIA official.

(Note to readers: this is the same Osama we were(at one point) hell bent on hunting down like a dog.)

In July, 2001, Attorney General John Ashcroft stopped flying commercial aircraft because of security issues. He later said he didn�t know what the security threat was. Interestingly, Ashcroft wasn�t the only one privy to this type of warning.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, S.F. mayor Willie Brown also received a �do not fly� warning. His came during the night. On September 10th.

I read this story verbatim from that paper on the air September 12th. Radio station higher ups dismissed it as �coincidence�.

Exactly one month before the bomb attacks on the WTC and the Pentagon, U.S. Navy Lt. Mike Vreeland, jailed in Toronto on �fraud� charges, wrote details of the impending attacks and sealed them in an envelope which he gave to Canadian authorities. The Toronto Star even published a story about this chilling piece of information.

Weeks before the attacks Russian president Vladymir Putin ordered Russian intelligence to warn the U.S. government�in the strongest possible terms� of imminent attacks on airports and government buildings.

During the same time President Bush received detailed briefings that Osama bin Laden might be planning hijack bombings. CBS and CNN both reported that.

In late August the Dow Jones dropped almost 900 points pointing to a major market collapse.

August was a busy month for intelligence, it seems, because, according to a 13 page memo written by FBI officer Colleen Rowley (remember her?) FBI higher ups had ignored urgent warnings from around the world on imminent attacks.

The first week of September, according to MSNBC, a caller to a talk radio show in the Cayman Islands gave warning of an imminent attack on the U.S. by bin Laden.

A freshman at a high school near where I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, who had just emigrated from Pakistan reportedly said �Do you see those two buildings?�Pointing to the WTC he added � They won�t be standing there next week�. Newspapers, the FBI and local law enforcement received this information after the attack. So some kid in Brooklyn knows something�s up and the president of the United States doesn�t?

Four days before the attacks Florida governor Jeb Bush signed a two year emergency executive order giving the state�s National Guard authority to assist law enforcement in the event of disasters or �terrorism�.

Within days of the attacks, Put Options(bets a stock will go down in value) were purchased on United Airlines. To give you an idea of why this couldn�t simply be normal trading activity- 4,744 of those options were purchased as opposed to fewer than 400 betting the stock would go UP! And we�re all over Martha Stewart for HER insider trading?

On September 10, 2001, more than 4,500 Put options were purchased on American Airlines. No other airlines showed these types of trade purchases. United and American. Just another in a long string of unbelievable coincidences?

On September 9, 2001 President Bush was handed plans on the overthrow of Al Qaeda. MSNBC reported that.

According to a story in Newsweek you may have read, top Pentagon officials cancelled plans at the last minute for trips they�d scheduled for September 11th.They cited security issues. Too bad the men in the snappy uniforms didn�t share that juicy security warning with the other passengers.

On September 11th, employees of a company called Odigo, an instant messaging firm based in Israel with offices in New York received threat warnings of the WTC attack less than two hours before the first tower was hit.

Should you, at this point, still maintain the president didn�t know consider: For close to an hour, after four planes have been hijacked no one �notified� the president. He was reading a story about a goat to some third graders in Florida. When an aide stepped in to tell him -in a whispered description that took al of 4 seconds- the president remained expressionless and continued reading the goat story.

Fighter jets were never scrambled to intercept the hijacked planes. Sources say there were none available.

That irritating Emergency Broadcast System which those in radio deride for taking away valuable program time- was never activated. Why not?

A hijacker�s intact passport is found amid the rubble on Vesey street in lower Manhattan. Steel girders melted, airplanes disintegrated, buildings crumbled. The paper booklet emerged in good enough shape to read the name and see the likeness of the supposed hijacker of one of the planes.

It�s asking too much to believe this stuff.
But many of you will believe it next November.
You�ll remember the first word:
You�ll forget the second word: KNEW.

� 2004 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail







"A freshman at a high school near where I grew up in Brooklyn, New York, who had just emigrated from Pakistan reportedly said �Do you see those two buildings?�Pointing to the WTC he added � They won�t be standing there next week�.