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By Mary Starrett
18, 2004

I often joke that loyalists to King George W. Bush could watch him assault a nun on TV and somehow find a reason to excuse his behavior- like they do now- after each new piece of damning information that shows the current president to be inept and blatantly dishonest.

"Missing" military records? Not a prob- they can't keep track of ALL that stuff�

Misleading the American people on justification for the war�? Can't blame the prez, he was only going by the information intelligence officials gave him�

Prior knowledge of 9-11? Nah, there was nothing at all odd about the president reading to a room of third graders for a full 7 minutes after being "informed" of the carnage in New York.

What's it going to take before the base that elected Bush 43 figures it out. Some point to Bush being a "Pro-life" president. They're wrong there, too. Bush is a pro-abortion president if ever there was one. For those who still labor under the delusion that they're supporting a man who supports the unborn, dig this:

Bush said four years ago he would not outlaw abortion through a human life amendment. He could have but he didn't. Bush recently made it clear he would not use abortion as a litmus test for his judicial appointments. Why not? And since the G.O.P. controls both houses why can't the guy get his judges confirmed?

W. and his "pro-life" buddy Senator Rick Santorum threw pro-life Congressman Pat Toomey right under the bus when they both campaigned for the very pro-abortion Senator Arlen Spector. Let's see, "pro-life" Bush and Santorum backed a screaming pro-abort when they had the chance to help true-blue friend of the unborn, Patrick Toomey get elected.[1]

W. looked away while the FDA approved the abortion pill RU 486. The "Laci Peterson" bill signed by the president (which included the unborn child as a separate person in the murder of the mother) contains a clear exclusion for killing a child when it's done for hire- as in abortion.

Bush is wanly defended by those who consider themselves pro-life when they point to the few grandstanding gestures he made regarding abortion. The for-life crowd likes to tout the president's signing of the "partial birth abortion" ban as one indication of his commitment to the unborn. Fact is, that piece of legislation contains an exclusion for the "health" of the mother, which could mean her mental health. So if having a baby would stress the woman out and thereby compromise her mental state, heck, that late- term termination would be A-ok! What's it going to take before the truly God-fearing, those genuinely concerned about how many dead babies this country disposes of each day, get that George W. Bush fooled 'em once and is on target to fool 'em again?

Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka was officially nominated in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania a few weeks ago. During his acceptance speech Mr. Peroutka said:

� "We wondered what kind of country sends mothers and daughters and wives�to fight its foreign-undeclared-wars�we wondered about what kind of administration declares war on something so vague�and so undefined as terrorism. Since terror is not an enemy but the tactic of an enemy, we wonder how such a war could ever be won. How could such a war ever end?...We wondered that it's the same sort of country that tortures and executes more than one million of its unborn every year."[2]

So what's it going to take? When we have a righteous, God-fearing man on the ballot in most states, shouldn't we make sure we don't waste our vote this time?

I say we do it.

I say we vote for Peroutka and leave the results to God.


[1] J. Condit, Network America
[2] Michael Peroutka, Presidential Nomination Acceptance Remarks 6/25/04

� 2004 Mary Starrett - All Rights Reserved

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Mary Starrett was on television for 21 years as a news anchor, morning talk show host and medical reporter. For the last 5 years she hosted a radio program. Mary is a frequent guest on radio talk shows. E-Mail








What's it going to take before the base that elected Bush 43 figures it out. Some point to Bush being a "Pro-life" president. They're wrong there, too. Bush is a pro-abortion president if ever there was one.