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By Kelly McGinley
May 19, 2005

What's all this hullabaloo about getting Bill Pryor confirmed as a federal judge? As if getting him and other Bush appointees confirmed will save America. Pryor is no conservative unless there is a paradigm shift taking place right under our nose.

Someone has been monkeying around with the definition of �conservative Republican�. It appears to be evolving. It hangs on to the butt end of liberalism and follows it wherever it goes. Rush Limbaugh talked about Arthur Finkelstein as if he were a great conservative, yet this guy is a homosexual who went to Massachusetts to marry his partner. Reports on Jeff Gannon also claim that he is a conservative Republican, yet it appears that he is a homosexual prostitute who was given access to the White House. Gentleman's Quarterly did a story last month on all the homosexuals being outed in the Republican Party.

Homosexuals are brilliant strategists. They have infiltrated the Republican party. Many high ranking Republicans embraced them with open arms. Bush himself has appointed more homosexuals than Clinton. Yet, the Republican party has little or no tolerance for moral conservatives who try to stop illegal immigration, abortion and the homosexual agenda.

There may have been a time when Bill Pryor behaved like a true conservative, but that time is long gone. One of his most recent deeds is voting to continue the government forced killing of Terri Schiavo. He had the opportunity to save her 5 times yet he allowed her murder.

Pryor was the ring leader in the removal of Alabama's 10 Commandments monument and the attacks on Chief Justice Roy Moore. As Attorney General, he was the lead prosecutor in the ethics trial where he asked the court to remove Chief Moore. This was a 180 degree turn from his previous promises to support the public display of the 10 Commandments and support Moore in his battle with the ACLU. Before Pryor's Judas betrayal, he was the lead speaker at a 10 Commandment rally in Alabama with about 30,000 in attendance. In his speech he claimed that the reason he went to law school was to try to stop judicial tyranny.

As Attorney General, Bill Pryor encouraged the spread of gambling in Alabama even though our Constitution prohibits all forms of gambling. He aided and abetted pedophile priests here in Alabama by allowing the law to have a big hole so that priests and bishops could continue the secrecy of abuse.

While Attorney General, Pryor had the opportunity to stop child pornography being sold at Barnes and Nobles. Of course he did nothing. Pryor now claims that he will uphold Roe v. Wade even though it is not constitutional. He has reversed his positions so many times his neck must be sore. He is a right wing conservative one day and a left wing liberal the next. Who can trust him?

President George W. Bush appointed him as payment for his show of liberalism here in Alabama. Most Republican appointees from Nixon on down have been a disgrace to this country. According to Western Washington University, of the 900 Federal Judges now serving; Nixon appointed 231, Ford 61, Reagan 378, Bush Sr. 362, Bush Jr. 100. Pryor's pattern shows he will align himself with the Souters of this country. Bush appointed pro abortion liberals to the bench in Texas and if Pryor is any indication of the type of nominees he has chosen, then move over O�Conner, Warren, Powell, Blackman, Breyer, Kennedy, and Souter. The legacy of the new conservative will continue.

During the last 30 years when we have seen God outlawed, babies murdered in the womb, and homosexual marriage becoming a right, the majority of judges making these decisions are Republican. Roe v. Wade was decided by a majority of Republican appointees. A Republican majority court brought us Lawrence v. Texas. A majority of Republican judges voted to kill Terri Schiavo. Judge Richard Kramer, a Republican Catholic, judged in support of homosexual marriages. The latest disgusting decision in Nebraska by Judge Joseph Bataillon, a Clinton appointee, overturning the vote of the people to ban homosexual marriage, had the yea vote of every Republican. This Republican assent was a common practice during the Clinton terms.

Looking at the decisions coming out of our Republican majority courts across this country, the new definition of conservatism is wide spread. These courts have brought us murder of children, outlawed God, legalized sodomy, covered for pedophiles and perverts, and forced killing of the disabled.

Christians need to wake up and learn the new definition of being a conservative Republican and see if it aligns with God's Word. Republican Judge Greer, the main one that ordered Terri Schiavo's death by starvation, was kicked out of his church. We need more pastors like Greer's that have the courage to practice tough love and separate from hypocrites. Let's expose these wolves in sheep's clothing. Not vote them in. The three monkey mentality "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil" of Republicans by evangelicals is destroying our country.

Could the real problem in America be that there is a new definition for "Christian"? Could the new definition be called; Tolerance & Political Correctness?

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Could the real problem in America be that there is a new definition for "Christian"? Could the new definition be called; Tolerance & Political Correctness?