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By Kelly McGinley
April 28, 2004

After the expulsion of Chief Justice Moore by the unconstitutional Court of Judiciary Moore filed an appeal. This meant that the Supreme Court of Alabama would hear his argument. The Supreme Court justices recused themselves, as they should have. The sitting Chief Justice, Gorman Houston, after recusing himself, then took charge of picking the alternate judges from a hat. The court was completely stacked against Chief Justice Moore. It was composed of mostly liberal Democrats (not that the Republican judges rule differently than liberal ones). One of the judges to hear the appeal, Judge Kendall, had chaired the commission that investigated Judge Moore for many years, even illegally confiscated his banking records, trying to find some reason to get rid of him.

Moore is a strict constitutionalist, and his rulings will expose unconstitutional judges and slow down the destruction of our country. Obviously he must be stopped.

It appears the hold up of a decision coming down on his appeal is really to keep him off the ballot this year. The appeals trial was held on February 25, 2004 with the court made up of mostly retired judges, with out much to do.

Judges' rulings usually come down on Fridays so every Friday we wait to hear from the court. Every Friday I get an email from the court that says "no decision today". What is the holdup? Had the decision come out before April 2 the Chief could have filed to run on the Republican ticket. He could have run for a Supreme Court justice seat against a justice that ruled to remove the 10 Commandments. He could have decided to run against Senator Shelby or maybe even for President! However, because of the much delayed decision, the deadline has passed to get on the Republican ticket. Now the only option would be a third party. With the primary coming quickly and the deadline looming to file as a third party, one has to wonder how long they will delay the decision.

Even with this long delay we all know what the decision will be. It is pretty much written in stone. Chief Justice Roy Moore is a threat to the New World Order and must be stopped. Even I, a little fish, was kicked off the ballot last week by the Republican Party. I was running against a RINO (Republican in Name Only) for the State School Board, and with the possibility of winning, I was illegally removed from the ballot. The case is pending.

Let's all watch with keen interest whether this court of mostly retired judges will make a ruling before it is too late for Moore to get on the ballot if he so desires. We all want him to run for something. We want him back in the public arena where the TRUTH can be heard and put into practice. Although he has many speaking engagements, educating the "sheeple" of our constitutional rights, I still want him in office putting a thorn into the flesh of the enemy of freedom.

Kelly McGinley filed two lawsuits to have the 10 Commandments put back in the Alabama State Judicial Building and Chief Justice Roy Moore restored to his elected position. One case is still pending, with a very good chance of getting a hearing. This case deals with the fact that politicians illegally changed our Alabama Constitution dealing with the firing of judges. For more information on Chief Justice Roy Moore see his web page:

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"Even with this long delay we all know what the decision will be. It is pretty much written in stone. Chief Justice Roy Moore is a threat to the New World Order and must be stopped."



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