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by Chuck Morse

In the wake of the devastating military invasion of New York City and Washington D.C., virtually all voices on the left have expressed solidarity with our government and nation in this crisis. Some have even gone as far as to wrap themselves in old glory, an idea that would have filled them with hate and scorn before they heard the news. Patriotism at a time like this is appreciated from any quarter, and perhaps there have been some genuine conversions, particularly amongst the young whose leftism is almost entirely a response to social pressure and coercion, but, as George Santayana said, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

    We must not forget the centerpiece of the left-wing faith which is a dialectical outlook on life and politics. This means that there is no such thing, for the leftist, as objective truth or morality, only "progress" toward the goals of socialism as espoused by approved "theoreticians" at a given time. Anything goes for the left, and in fact, any action, including mass murder and total slavery can be considered virtuous if conducted in the name of leftist "progress" which is to say if conducted by themselves, the self described vanguard of history. This is why, according to the "Black Book of Communism," the communist, with the acquiescence and a large degree of support from a vast international network of fellow travelers and camp followers, were able to liquidate over 100 million people in the twentieth century.

    In June, 1941, the Communist left in this country suddenly, in fact virtually overnight, became pro American and even pro Capitalism. This was in response to Hitler's invasion of the beloved Stalinist Soviet Union an attack known as operation Barbarrosa. Previous to Hitler's double cross of the Soviets, the Communist left was anti American and pro Hitler. While Hitler and Stalin divided up Eastern Europe, the Communists, along with their extensive orbit of influence, advocated that President Franklin D. Roosevelt stay out of World War II and stop war preparations. The leftist propaganda machine, during this period, worked overtime with screeds accusing Roosevelt of being a Fascist warmonger. Communist controlled unions went on strike to slow down war preparations as they did at the Allis-Chalmers plant in Minnesota.

    Once the two socialist behemoths, National Socialist Germany and Soviet Socialist Russia, were at war, and once left-wing Russia was threatened by their former ally, the Nazi's, the international left made a 180-degree turn and became pro war and pro West as a way to help draw America in on the side of the Communists. After Hitler's defeat in 1945, and the Communists emerged victorious, the left made another 180- degree turn and resumed its anti-American policy. This was in response to the famous March 1945 "Duclos Letter," an article by French Communist official Jacques Duclos, published in the communist press and widely distributed, that signaled that the war against America and the West was to be resumed.

    While the American left is presently supporting our government in its efforts to respond to the present situation, old habits die hard. An example of left-wing thinking comes from Kevin Gray, an activist and contributing editor to Black News in Columbia, South Carolina. Grey states that "People who feel hopeless fly into buildings. And now we're going to get mad and kill them."

    I don't recall any other situation where people who felt "hopeless" responded to this feeling by flying into a building. While its impossible to fathom what the terrorists were feeling when they committed this act, their alleged hopelessness certainly couldn't have been the result of poverty, they harken from the oil rich Middle East. I can't imagine what could've created such hatred in their souls for the American people and government to precipitate this. I can't imagine why our government wouldn't "get mad" and seek to kill the people who are guilty of killing us by the thousands for evil reasons.

    Gray explains the event by informing us "U.S. policies have caused enormous levels of death and destruction around the world." He presents as his examples, "Nicaragua, Chile, Iraq, Cuba, Palestine, Timor, and Cambodia." I didn't realize that we were responsible for the "death and destruction" in the Communist Nicaragua of Ortega, the Communist Chile of Allende, the Communist Cuba of Castro, the Bath Socialist Iraq of Saddam Hussein, one of the richest leftist leaders in power today, or the Communist Cambodia of Pol Pot, where the dictator liquidated about a third of his own population as he marched around with a copy of the Communist Manifesto in his hip pocket. Blaming the US for these communist charnel houses is a pretty bizarre conspiracy theory to swallow for most of us, but not for many on the left. If anything, we should ask G-D's forgiveness for not doing more to rescue these peoples from the brutal jackboot of left-wing terror.

    Gray fears that a declaration of war will "rather than reduce the threat of terror strengthen the existing tendency toward a racist and classist police state." The stock and trade of the left has always been to fan the flames of racism in this country as a means to further the development of the police state they rail against. They seek a police state that they hope to control, as they do in all of the examples Gray gives of states that engage in "death and destruction" against their own people.

    Gray's views reflect, to varying degrees, the America hating views of much of the left. For whatever reason, leftists are on the right side for now. There is no doubt some political reason for this. Any belief that most leftists, at least witting leftists, have embraced America, with our capitalist system of freedom, individual rights, and private ownership, is quite naive. A leopard cannot change its spots.

Chuck Morse is a radio talk show host in Boston Massachusetts. His web site: