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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
October 12, 2007

The United States Senate is preparing to vote on October 15 for a bill that will authorize the feds to turn over hundreds of millions of dollars to radical feminists. It's believed that Democrats and Republicans will attempt to "bribe" female voters with huge handouts that has little basis in fact.

According to Jim Peterson, president of the non-profit organization and a devoted advocate for men's rights, now that the House of Representatives passed a politically-correct spending bill, the Senate is expected to follow suit with earmarks for feminist groups and government agency programs geared toward the appearance of helping women.

What's being called a "radical feminist spending bill" authorizes $430 million to feminist groups and including appropriations for many departments, agencies, state and local governments. For instance, according to Peterson, over $200M is being allocated for women's shelters, while $3 million is earmarked for "stalking prevention", and $10M for protection for college women from violence. Also, $63 million is being earmarked to encourage arrest policies by local police agencies.

"This part of the bill is obscene," Peterson told Men's News Daily.

He also warned the GOP in his statement, "No Republican who votes for this [bill] will ever see their office again after the next election."

This bill is the latest in a series of federal government giveaways that are rationalized by advocates using faulty statistical data and phony studies, according to conservative activists. For example, there are programs still giving women money and incentives to enroll in medical school. But, according to conservative activist Michael Baker, more women are enrolled in this nation's medical schools than men.

"While 45% of medical school admissions are male, 55% are female. As far as undergraduate degrees, women obtain more bachelor degrees than men in the US," said Baker.


Terri Lynn Tersak at, writes that "American taxpayers already support the Violence Against Women Act and other domestic violence programs to the tune of $1 billion a year. So what's gone wrong?"

Tersak asserts, abuse shelters, operating under the guise of protecting victim confidentiality and thus unaccountable to the American taxpayer, have become more concerned about generating revenue than serving true victims. Shelters are constantly looking for ways to increase their caseload.

So if they have open beds, they often will admit a woman who simply claims to be "battered" -- with no evidence to backup her claims.

In recent months, according to Ms. Tersak, True Equality Network has been conducting an investigation of abuse shelters in 21 states. This investigation involves the woman going to a shelter saying she needs help. In most states, policies permit women to stay in a shelter for 72 hours without filing a formal complaint of abuse.

In another case cited by Tersak, shelter staffers were observed arranging for shelter clients to provide sexual favors to law enforcement officers in exchange for their false testimony in court.

Tersak also asserts that "our domestic violence system has become flooded with trivial and false claims of abuse. Remember David Letterman who was hit with a restraining order last year because he allegedly sent mental telepathic messages to a woman in New Mexico he had never heard of?"

Those claims are making it impossible for the voices of true victims to be heard. The Maryland based think-tank, RADAR: Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting -- has recently released two reports that illuminate the problem. Most statutory definitions of abuse are so broad that almost any "action" qualifies as "violence."

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"Feminism is a multi-billion dollar industry and, with spineless, pandering politicians having access to billions of taxpayer dollars, it will continue to grow as an industry. Feminists talk like 1960s Hippies, but they act like the Mafia if you displease them," said Mike Baker.

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He also warned the GOP in his statement, "No Republican who votes for this [bill] will ever see their office again after the next election."