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By NWV News Director, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
October 30, 2008

In spite of the fact that the presidential election is only a week away, some Americans are continuing their quest for access to Senator Barack Obama's original birth certificate supposedly on file in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he and his campaign claim he was born.

So far efforts to achieve the obviously simple goal of viewing a presidential candidate's birth records are being met with one roadblock after another. Making it even more suspicious is the fact that the vast majority of the mainstream news media are avoiding the issue of Obama's birth certificate as if it were the plague.

Except for some radio talk show hosts, conservative bloggers and a few TV newspeople, the mainstream media -- always willing to carry the water for the liberal-left -- are purposely ignoring the simple fact that Obama and his camp are stonewalling efforts to prove or disprove his being born a citizen, according to political strategists such as New Jersey's Mike Baker.

According to the US Constitution: "No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty five years, and been fourteen Years a resident within the United States..."

"When Arnold Schwarzenegger ran for -- and won -- the governorship of California, many in the liberal Republican establishment and the new media lamented the fact that he was not an American-born citizen and therefore was ineligible to run for president of this nation. Now it seems these same people are looking the other way to avoid exposing Senator Obama as an unconstitutional presidential candidate," said Baker in an interview with

One of the largest efforts to expose Barack Obama as an illegal presidential candidate was initiated by Philip Berg, an attorney in the so-called battleground state of Pennsylvania.

Berg, the Plaintiff states in court papers that he is a life long Democrat who had always been proud of his Party:

Plaintiff is a licensed attorney in good standing and has taken an oath to uphold the United States Constitution. Plaintiff and many other citizens of the United States have donated money and time to Democratic Presidential candidates as well as to the Democratic National Committee, in reliance on promises and assurances made by the DNC in the Democratic Party Agenda. It provides that the Democrat Party’s goals, among others, are to “restore accountability, honesty and openness at all levels of government,” to “restore the Constitution and protect the civil rights and liberties of all Americans” and to “uphold the Constitution.”

To uphold the Constitution includes making sure that the Presidential candidate is eligible to serve as President pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of our United States Constitution and that such candidate runs a fair and legitimate campaign.

In vetting the Presidential candidate the DNC and FEC are required to ensure the eligibility requirements pursuant to our Constitution are met and the Presidential candidate, if elected, would be eligible to serve as President. To be eligible and qualified to run for and/or serve for Office of the President of the United States a person must be a “natural born” citizen. United States Constitution, Article II, Section I. The natural born citizen clause has prohibited many prominent Americans from becoming President, including Governor Schwarzenegger and former Secretaries of State Madeleine Albright and Henry Kissinger.

The DNC has nominated Obama as the Democratic candidate for President of the United States. There are many unanswered questions regarding Obama’s citizenship status:

1. Is Obama a “natural born” United States citizen?
2. Is Obama a “naturalized” United States citizen?
3. Is Obama a citizen of Indonesia?

Unfortunately, Judge Richard Barclay Surrick ruled that Philip Berg, an attorney in the state of Pennsylvania, lacked standing to bring such a suit. This ruling was a slap in the face of Berg, who once served as a deputy attorney general in Pennsylvania.

While Berg claims he will appeal Judge Surrick's decision, it may be much too late should Obama win the November 4 election.

Berg said, "I am totally disappointed by Judge Surrick's decision and, for all citizens of the United States, I am immediately appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court."

"This is a question of who has standing to uphold our Constitution. If I don't have standing, if you don't have standing, if your neighbor doesn't have standing to question the eligibility of an individual to be President of the United States - the Commander-in-Chief, the most powerful person in the world - then who does?" he asked.

"So, anyone can just claim to be eligible for congress or the presidency without having their legal status, age or citizenship questioned, Berg stated in a press statement following the judge's ruling.

"According to Judge Surrick, we the people have no right to police the eligibility requirements under the U.S. Constitution," Berg added.

Meanwhile, in Hawaii, the Obama campaign is being equally successful in preventing the examination of a legal birth certificate.

The Hawaii Supreme Court has denied efforts by mainland political columnist Andy Martin to obtain a copy of Barack Obama’s original Hawaiian birth certificate. See the full ruling.

Martin, a self-described “legendary Chicago muckraker”, issued a press statement several days ago to announce that he is in Honolulu to “investigate” Obama’s background in Hawaii.

Part of his examination was to include obtaining a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, verifying that Obama was in fact born in Hawaii and not out of country. To be qualified to run for president, candidates must be born in America.


"Obama has refused to release personal documents including his birth certificate, leading to suspicion among some voters that he’s covering up his true place of birth out of country," Martin told the Hawaii Reporter.

Martin, who authored “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” is the Executive Editor and publisher of


Besides blocking access to Barack Obama's birth certificate and other documents, the Obama camp is using what are being characterized as intimidation tactics to silence opponents.

For example, the Obama campaign has threatened to sue media outlets in Missouri that air ads that are negative and misleading about the Democrat presidential contender. This in addition to flash-mobbing and phone spamming against David Freddoso because of his new book The Case Against Barack Obama, in addition to banning signs at rallies on taxpayer free-speech protected properties.

According to author Mike Parrish, Obama's campaign workers asked the Department of Justice to prosecute the American Issues Project for telling the truth about the Senator and his political views.

"It appears they are little concerned with American values and much prefer community agitation a la Saul Alinsky, an avowed Marist. Perhaps they will be slightly more concerned about the higher profile response of Missouri’s Governor that brings this to national attention," said Parrish.

This is the statement that Governor Matt Blunt’s office released.

Gov. Matt Blunt today issued the following statement on news reports that have exposed plans by U.S. Senator Barack Obama to use Missouri law enforcement to threaten and intimidate his critics.

“St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, and Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign Senator Claire McCaskill have attached the stench of police state tactics to the Obama-Biden campaign.

“What Senator Obama and his helpers are doing is scandalous beyond words, the party that claims to be the party of Thomas Jefferson is abusing the justice system and offices of public trust to silence political criticism with threats of prosecution and criminal punishment.

“This abuse of the law for intimidation insults the most sacred principles and ideal of Jefferson. I can think of nothing more offensive to Jefferson’s thinking than using the power of the state to deprive Americans of their civil rights. The only conceivable purpose of Messrs. McCulloch, Obama and the others is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate, to suppress support and donations to conservative organizations targeted by this anti-civil rights, to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.

“Barack Obama needs to grow up. Leftist blogs and others in the press constantly say false things about me and my family. Usually, we ignore false and scurrilous accusations because the purveyors have no credibility. When necessary, we refute them. Enlisting Missouri law enforcement to intimidate people and kill free debate is reminiscent of the Sedition Acts - not a free society.”

In addition, received complaints from rank-and-file police officers that they are being forced to help the Obama campaign by providing men and women in uniform to stand with the Senator during campaign stops.

"This is going on in cities and towns where the mayors or city managers are Democrats or weak Republicans," said former NYPD detective and US Marine Sidney Francis.

While Obama uses cops as props and goon squads, the truth of the matter is that the vast majority of police officers in the US does not endorse or support Barack Obama.

In one incident Senator Obama's campaign attempted to silence a sheriff in Florida who dared to utter Obama's middle name:

Lee County, FL Sheriff Mike Scott never expected to create a firestorm when he used the full name of the Democrat Party's presidential candidate "Barack Hussein Obama."

At a rally in Estero, Florida, for GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the highly decorated law enforcement executive was the pre-rally speaker for the Palin appearance. As with most political rallies, the job of pre-rally speakers is to warm-up the audience.

According to GOPUSA's Bobby Eberle whether the audience is cheering wildly or booing loudly, the pre-rally speakers are there to wake them up and get them going. So Sheriff Scott stepped to the podium and said, "On November 4, let's leave Barack Hussein Obama wondering what happened."

Apparently, saying "Barak Hussein Obama" in public might just get you a visit from the FBI. Just ask Sheriff Mike Scott who is under investigation for referring to Obama at a campaign rally by his full name.

Sheriff Scott responded to Obama's goon squad by saying: “I absolutely, unequivocally don’t regret saying it,” Scott told the News-Press on Monday. “In order to be a speaker at this event, I had to give my full name — Michael Joseph Scott — to the Secret Service, even though I’m the sheriff of Lee County. So why would I apologize? Is there some kind of double standard here where I have to give my full name, but I can’t use his?"

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"If Obama becomes president he will eventually be exposed as a fraud, but it will be too late. The Democrat Party will have control of both houses of Congress and the White House. And too many Republicans have become big-spending liberals who are willing to go along with a socialist agenda as long as they keep their jobs," adds Mike Baker.

"These will be dangerous times, mark my words: the police and the military will be used against American citizens. Think of Waco, Texas, but on a national scale," warns Det. Frances.

"An Obama presidency may be the beginning of the end of the US Constitution," he said.

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Apparently, saying "Barak Hussein Obama" in public might just get you a visit from the FBI. Just ask Sheriff Mike Scott who is under investigation for referring to Obama at a campaign rally by his full name.