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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
January 2, 2008

Fox News Channel's exclusion of Texas Congressman Ron Paul from an upcoming Republican presidential debate is creating a ripple effect throughout the country, especially on the Internet.

This important Fox debate is scheduled for January 6 in New Hampshire, less than one day after two back to back Republican and Democratic debates are being held at the same location sponsored by ABC News and the Internet's

According to Ron Paul supporters, rallies will be held, letters to newspaper editors written, boycotts of Fox sponsors initiated, and telephone calls to Fox News' headquarters, located in the News Corp building in Manhattan, to voice complaints regarding the shabby treatment of candidates such as Rep. Ron Paul and his fellow Republican, Ambassador Alan Keyes. Keyes has been practically ignored by the news reporters covering the presidential races in both major political parties.

"The fact that, in 2004, windbags such as Rev. Al Sharpton were included in all of the Democrat presidential debates should tell Americans -- especially those calling themselves conservatives -- that Fox is no different than the rest of the liberal-left news media," claims former NYPD detective and US Marine Sid Francis, himself an African-American.

"Why is the news media so quick to accept contrary viewpoints from leftists, but demand conservatives tow 'the partyline?'" said Det. Francis.

Also, there is talk among Rep. Paul's workers and volunteers of contacting all shareholders of the company that owns the Fox News Channel -- Rupert Murdock's News Corp -- and they are advising stockholders to "dump their shares."

Ron Paul stated to members of the media: "They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will."

"They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative," said Rep. Paul.

"Congressman Paul is doing better than many other Republican candidates, yet he's the one being excluded from an important political event. Even the Democrat Party hasn't blackballed Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who many believe is a distraction at best, a clown at worst," claims political strategist Mike Baker.

"What is Fox [News Channel] afraid of? Why not allow a man who set a record for single-day campaign fundraising to participate in a debate with other so-called conservatives?" adds Baker.


Ron Paul told Boston Herald reporter James Pindell that the decision to exclude him from a debate on Fox News the weekend before the New Hampshire Primary is proof that the network "is scared" of him.

"They are scared of me and don't want my message to get out, but it will," Paul said in an interview at a political stop at a New Hampshire diner. "They are propagandists for this war and I challenge them on the notion that they are conservative."

"Given Ron Paul's support in New Hampshire and his recent historic fundraising success, it is outrageous that Dr. Paul would be excluded," said Ron Paul's campaign chairman Kent Snyder.

"Dr. Paul has consistently polled higher in New Hampshire than some of the other candidates who have been invited." Snyder continued, "Paul supporters should know that we are continuing to make inquiries with Fox News as to why they have apparently excluded Dr. Paul from this event." attempted to contact Fox News Channel's executive producer in charge of the Republican Presidential Debate, Marty Ryan. However, Mr. Ryan did not respond to requests for information about Ron Paul's exclusion from the debate. also contacted Fox public relations manager Irena Briganti about Rep. Paul's impending absence from the January 6 debate. One person from Fox News' Manhattan headquarters stated the event is "not a debate, but a forum." However, she failed to explain the difference.


"Fair and Balanced" Fox News is all out promoting a liberal Republican like Rudy Guiliani who is anti gun, pro-gay rights, and pro-abortion, a Manchurian candidate like John McCain a proponent of illegal immigration, a flip-flopper like Mitt Romney, and a phony preacher like Mike Huckabee a politician that never meet a tax he didn't like, they blackball Ron Paul and Alan Keyes, said a police officer in New York who supports Ron Paul.

According to, ABC and Fox News Channel are limiting the number of Republican candidates invited to debates this weekend just before the New Hampshire primary. Fox News claims it has limited space in its studio, which leaves Rep. Ron Paul out of the weekend debate, according to the AP/CNN story.

"They must think we're all morons if they expect us to believe that a multi-billion dollar corporation like Fox can't accommodate all legitimate presidential candidates. I think Fox's executives are in for a shock," added Mike Baker.

Fox invited five GOP candidates to a forum with Chris Wallace scheduled for its mobile studio in New Hampshire this Sunday. Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, Sen. John McCain of Arizona, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Sen. Fred Thompson of Tennessee received invites, leaving Paul of Texas and Rep. Duncan Hunter of California on the sidelines, according to Fox News Channel's biggest competitor, Cable News Network (CNN).

"This proves that Fox News is neither Fair or Balanced. Fox News wants to limit the people's choices. Does Fox News think the people are stupid and can't come to a sensible conclusion on whom to vote for? Is this why they are keeping Ron Paul and Alan Keyes from the debates? Or, is there something else? Like an agenda perhaps?" said the veteran New York City cop.

"Fox News will decide on who the Republican candidate will be and CNN will decide who the Democratic candidate will be. By blackballing those two fine men (Ron Paul & Alan Keyes) proves to me that the whole thing is rigged from the get-go. At the end you will have two choices, Tweedly Dee and Tweedly Dumb, promoting the same globalist's agenda" the police veteran added.

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Police Times Magazine -- which is published by the American Federation of Police -- recently praised Congressman Ron Paul for his legislative assistance to the law enforcement community. For instance, Rep. Paul introduced a bill (HR 3304) that would provide top-notch body armor for US police officers.

AFP president Dennis Wise said," I would like to applaud [Rep.Ron] Paul for his support and forward thinking in trying to help make law enforcement officers across our nation safer each day."

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"They must think we're all morons if they expect us to believe that a multi-billion dollar corporation like Fox can't accommodate all legitimate presidential candidates. I think Fox's executives are in for a shock,"