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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
January 11, 2008

The news media and Republican Party bigwigs may be happy with a John McCain candidacy for President of the United States come this November, but a lot of law enforcement officers will probably sit out election day if McCain is the GOP presidential candidate.

United States Border Patrol agents are not happy with Senator John McCain (R-AZ) since he voted for the Amnesty Bill (S. 2611). And they're not being quiet about their collective anger over the senator's actions and remarks.

According to members of the agents' union Local 2544, Senator McCain has never been a friend to rank-and-file Border Patrol agents. Local 2544 represents US Border Patrol agents in Arizona, McCain's home state.

"He routinely ignores correspondence from Border Patrol agents and often gives the impression that he is just too big and too important to deal with us," they said.

"He attempts to undermine our mission at every turn and actively supports the criminals who violate our laws. He always tries to downplay the fact that illegal aliens knowingly and willingly violate our laws, and he is a close ally on immigration matters with Senator Ted Kennedy, who we believe is the biggest disgrace of all time in the United States Senate."

These law enforcement agents point to Senator McCain's "imperious attitude" towards rank-and-file Border Patrol agents and his complete disdain for their mission has been evident for many years.

"We will not bother listing his website [for citizens to write to him] because it's obvious he couldn't care less what the average American thinks and he isn't up for re-election until 2010."

And these agents aren't just singling out McCain for their ire. Senator Arlen Specter (R-PA), who sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee, is also in their sights. They point to how Senator Specter, at the last minute, put a clause in the Senate's shameful immigration bill that forces the United States government to "consult" with Mexico prior to planning or building any fences or barriers on our border.

"Not on Mexico's [side of the] border, but yes, on United States soil. We can't wait to see this fencing project after the "consultations" take place. Maybe they can even appoint "Congressman" Raul Grijalva to lead the "consultations" for the United States of America."

The agents said that this is the same Mexican government that sends millions of Mexican citizens here illegally to steal jobs and send billions of dollars back to Mexico. This is the same Mexican government whose soldiers smuggle drugs and shoot at Border Patrol agents. This is the same Mexican government that is corrupt to the core. This is the same Mexican government that uses its consular officers to sue the United States government.

"While McCain pleases the special interests with his support for illegal aliens, local cops in cities like New York have to deal with the crime and criminals being imported from Mexico and other countries," said Police Officer Edie Aguayo.

"And then the mainstream media try to cover-up cases in which cops are murdered by illegal aliens," the decorated officer added.


The Senate passed a shameful immigration bill at the urging of an equally shameful George W. Bush, fresh off his dune-buggy riding jaunt in Yuma surrounded by a bunch of adoring, star-struck Border Patrol managers, quipped the agents.

"This bill cheapens citizenship in this country (again), it throws the rule of law out the window (again), it places unconscionable burdens on DHS (verifying the identity of every illegal alien in this country within 90 days), it repeats, and at a minimum, quadruples the worst immigration mistake in the history of this country.

"it sells out our sovereignty by forcing the American government to "consult with the Mexican government" before planning or building any border fences, it encourages more widespread fraud than this country has ever seen (you'll see what we're talking about if this actually passes the House), and it is completely unenforceable and will overwhelm the system," the agents said in a statement submitted to the US Senate.

"You [McCain, Kennedy, Specter, et al] have succeeded in placing the morale of frontline Border Patrol agents in the toilet just when we thought it couldn't possibly get any worse," said Local 2544 officials.

John McCain's first-place showing in the New Hampshire primary did not impress many conservatives including former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX). During a Fox News Channel interview, the man known to friend and foe alike as "The Hammer" criticized McCain in an interview Wednesday with FOX News.

"There's nothing redeeming about John McCain," DeLay said.

The Texas Republican went on to say that McCain "betrays conservative principles."

When asked on which issues McCain was not a conservative, DeLay did not mince words. He said: "[T] here's tons of them" and then he listed Senator McCain's positions on immigration, the International Criminal Court, environmentalism, his support for affirmative action and taxes. He also called McCain a "hypocrite" when it came to lobbyists.

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"[McCain] appealed once again to independents," DeLay claimed. "He's not going to go much further than New Hampshire," he predicted. contacted Senator McCain's campaign headquarters for his response to the statements made by Border Patrol agents and others, but our efforts were met with negative results.

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The Senate passed a shameful immigration bill at the urging of an equally shameful George W. Bush, fresh off his dune-buggy riding jaunt in Yuma surrounded by a bunch of adoring, star-struck Border Patrol managers, quipped the agents.