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By NWV News writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
July 15, 2011

More and more Americans, especially conservatives and Libertarians are calling for the end of the Obama juggernaut to "fundamentally transform" the United States into a nation of progressive experimentation on the road to becoming part of a world government. Even in the U.S. House of Representatives, congressmen are using terms such as "hinder" or "end" in their proposed legislation to stop Obama's liberty-crushing executive orders and laws.

For example, the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-TX) yesterday introduced the Hinder the Administration’s Legalization Temptation (HALT) Act (H.R. 2497), legislation to prevent the Obama administration from abusing its authority to grant massive administrative amnesty to illegal immigrants.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Border Security and Enforcement First Immigration Caucus, will introduce the companion in the Senate this week.

Over the course of the last year, the Obama administration has sought to circumvent Congress and use executive branch authority to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the United States. Last month, Administration officials caved to pressure from their liberal base and announced changes to Secure Communities, GOP lawmakers have stressed.

The Secure Communities program keeps neighborhoods safe by identifying illegal and criminal immigrants in police custody who have been arrested and fingerprinted, police officials told NewsWithViews.

They claim the changes made by the Administration could open the door to allow millions of illegal and criminal immigrants avoid current immigration laws.

Specifically, the Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, issued two memos to agency officials on how to exercise “prosecutorial discretion,” such as granting deferred action, deciding whom to stop, question, arrest, or detain, and dismissing a removal proceeding. While this authority is justifiable when exercised responsibly, the Obama administration has made clear that it plans to use this authority recklessly.

“Congress has defeated amnesty for illegal immigrants several times in recent years but this has not stopped President Obama from trying a backdoor amnesty. Over the course of the last year, the Obama administration has ignored the will of Congress and the American people by using executive branch authority to allow illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S," said Congressman Smith.

Adding insult to injury, U.S. taxpayers finance the enormous number of court appeals filed by illegal immigrants -- through their taxpayer financed legal counsel -- deported for criminal convictions and fraudulent marriages.

The suspected pervasive corruption allows deportable aliens to evade hearings without consequences and permits more than 1 million removal orders to be ignored by the Obama Administration, say officials with Judicial Watch, a public-interest group that investigates public and political corruption.


“While this authority is justifiable when used responsibly, it’s clear this Administration plans not to use but to abuse these powers, warns Rep. Smith.

"If the President gets his way, millions of illegal immigrants will be allowed to legally live and work in the U.S. without a vote of Congress. That is why I have introduced the HALT Act, which will prevent the Obama administration from granting a massive administrative amnesty to illegal immigrants. The Obama administration should not pick and choose which laws it will enforce. Congress must put a halt to this administrative amnesty,” he said.

“The Obama administration has taken steps to pass their amnesty agenda through executive order and completely bypass Congress. In the Senate we’ve already rejected some attempts at granting amnesty for illegal aliens by defeating the DREAM Act in last year’s lame duck session," said Senator Vitter.

"The administration has now taken their amnesty push to new levels by attempting to give DHS officials and other agencies the ability to grant amnesty, which is exactly why we’re introducing the HALT Act. Awarding amnesty over the objections of Congress and the American people would be a slap in the face to taxpayers, and especially to legal immigrants,” he stated.

Obama Threatens Gun Owners in Border States

Another issue that President Obama and his minions have tied to illegal immigration is gun control. While the U.S. Supreme Court routinely upholds the Second Amendment, that hasn't curtailed the liberal-left's drive to take guns away from U.S. citizens.

In the midst of a growing scandal in Obama administration -- especially within the Justice Department and the office of Attorney General Eric Holder -- regarding an Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives operation that turned into a fiasco, President Barack Obama is threatening to violate U.S. citizen's Fourth Amendment rights to own firearms for self-defense and sport.

Obama is expected to issue an executive order making it more difficult for citizens living in states such as Texas, Arizona and New Mexico to legally buy firearms.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) on Monday criticized the Obama administration’s decision to impose these new reporting requirements for gun sales in states along the U.S.-Mexico Border.

“Monday’s announcement follows months of controversy over the ATF’s Fast and Furious program that allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico without any way of preventing the guns from being used for illegal activity. One of the guns was used in the shooting death of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry. It is the height of hypocrisy for the Obama administration to restrict the gun rights of border state citizens, when the administration itself knowingly and intentionally allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico," said Rep. Smith.

“Limiting the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens is not going to solve the problem of guns being trafficked into Mexico. An additional reporting requirement won’t stop drug cartels from getting weapons. This rule unfairly punishes citizens in Border States who have the right to purchase firearms to protect themselves and their families from dangerous drug traffickers and human smugglers," the lawmaker added.

A recent report by the Government Accountability Office revealed that only 44% of the Southwest border is under operational control of the U.S. Border Patrol.

"Forty-four percent is a failing grade. If the Obama administration is serious about preventing guns from being trafficked to Mexico, they simply need to secure the Southwest border, not restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens,” stated Chairman Smith.

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While President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder denied knowledge of Operation Fast & Furious, according to law enforcement sources, the rationale for the operation that went awry was that Attorney General Holder and his staff at the Justice Department wanted to show proof of his, and other Obama administration officials', statements that the majority of firearms used by Mexican drug cartels originated in the United States and are smuggled into that drug war-torn country.

In addition, investigation into this and other actions by President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder and Secretary for Homeland Security Janet Napolitano show that they knowingly distort figures to hide from federal lawmakers, state political leaders, and the American people the rampant corruption in this nation’s immigration court system as well, according to Beltway watchdog group Judicial Watch.

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Senator David Vitter (R-LA), Chairman of the U.S. Senate Border Security and Enforcement First Immigration Caucus, will introduce the companion in the Senate this week.