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By Sarah Foster
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
July 16, 2011

NewsWithViews columnist Laurie Roth – a national radio talk show host for over 10 years – is known as the Annie Oakley of the Airways, after the famous 19th century sharpshooter who never missed her mark. It’s a title she says was given her by her listeners because, they told her, “you always hit the mark; you’re always on target.”

Roth is hoping that her ability to aim and hit the mark with words and ideas will score votes for her in the 2012 national election. She is seriously considering running for the presidency of the United States as an independent, realizing it will be an uphill struggle every step of the way.

"I know this will be like climbing up Mt. Everest in a bikini with no oxygen as far as difficulty,” she said in a news release posted on her website. “But I love my country and believe I have the right ideas at the right time” -- ideas that are “boldly American and freedom loving.”

Roth, 50, and her husband live in Elk, Wash., a community in Spokane County near the Washington-Idaho border. She hosts a three-hour nightly radio show in addition to writing a weekly column. The couple has two children: an eight-year-old son and a daughter, 14.

Roth told NWV she had thought about entering the primaries under a party banner, but although “there are good parties and people out there,” she feels she could get her message across better if she were not connected to a party, but identified as a conservative independent.

She said a number of people had been encouraging her to throw her hat in the ring, but that it was Michael Carlin, editor and publisher of Century City News, a print and Internet publication in Los Angeles, who “put a fire under me” when he was a guest on her radio program about nine months ago.

“We were talking about how to get this country back on track, and Michael said it was going to be a very different election than any we’ve ever seen,” Roth recalled.

“He said that this time there are a hundred-million tea party people we’ve never had before, plus there’s the dramatic increase in the use of social networking – like Twitter and Facebook.”

“I think it’ll be prime pickings for an outsider to swoop in and take all the cards in the deck,” Carlin told her.

Then he said: “as a matter of fact, I think you should run.”

“A Real Person”

Roth admitted she was flattered, but protested, saying she didn’t have a hundred dollars --”and I’m not a global elitist or a lawyer or a politician.”

Carlin countered her objections. “That’s precisely why you should run,” he exclaimed. “You’re a real person. You’ve been covering the issues on radio for 10 years and writing articles about that long. We need a real person to run for the White House, not another politician or lawyer.”

He pointed out that Roth had a comeback story of her own that could be a metaphor for the comeback of the country – surviving a near-fatal motorcycle accident in 2005.

“You survived and rebuilt your radio show without any money,” Carlin reminded her. “You did it with hard work. You’re a mom, you’re a survivor; you’re a real American.”

Roth plans to release two books this month. The first, The People’s President, explains in 10 chapters her vision for the country, what she believes in, and what she would do to fix and inspire America. The second, Two Minute Warning, addresses America’s compromised condition and a strategic recovery.

According to the news release, some of Roth’s Platform ideas include:

A 2 percent consumption (point of purchase) tax and the eradication of all other taxes, including the ones most familiar to voters: Income Tax, Payroll Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Gas Tax, Property Tax and Estate Tax. If no categories were exempt, and all taxed, $10-20 trillion dollars a year would be available for the federal budget. This would easily provide funding for Roth's stated goals: Taking care of U.S. citizens, getting completely out of debt, and putting American priorities back in the forefront.
Energy Independence: Gather leaders from all fields and types of energy: oil, natural gas, nuclear fission and fusion, alternative fuels and solar. Establish an aggressive plan to become energy independent in 4-6 years. Disconnect from OPEC.
Secure Borders: Stop $200 billion per year drug traffic. Stop people from entering our country illegally.
Create Jobs: Implement energy and transportation infrastructure projects in the U.S. and provide appropriate Federal Funding. Also, create jobs by reigning in regulation, taxation and litigation.

Besides her run for the presidency, which she is still considering, Roth has started “The Roth Revolution” -- ”to draw patriots together in a social networking association. It is free; members can blog, chat, post pictures and speak their mind on the issues to the many that are joining in,” she writes.

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“I will be blogging and communicating regularly with you myself, putting out the Roth Report, providing cutting edge faxes for you to send to congress on critical issues facing us and exploring ways we can together make a difference. Just go to The Roth Show and click on the Roth Revolution banner. Tell your friends to join also. Together, we will take our country back.”

Contact:; or call The Roth Show at: 1-866-388-9093

For Roth for President campaign information contact Sheryl McGrath, Exploratory Committee Coordinator:; cell phone: 509-939-5673

The campaign website is expected to up and running in two weeks:

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Roth plans to release two books this month. The first, The People’s President, explains in 10 chapters her vision for the country, what she believes in, and what she would do to fix and inspire America. The second, Two Minute Warning, addresses America’s compromised condition and a strategic recovery.