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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
February 5, 2008

Police officials in Oregon announced that they had arrested high-profile attorney Jerald Keene after receiving a request from police in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, to have Keene arrested and booked.

Colorado police detectives strongly suspect that Keene is the alleged attacker in a case involving sexual assault of a 13-year-old boy around Christmas of 2006. A KPTV news story claims Keene knew the boy prior to the alleged sex attack

Police sources say that Keene is now likely to face extradition to Colorado to answer to the charges leveled at him by the victim and the sex crimes detectives handling the case..

Keene is an appellate lawyer with Reinisch-Mackenzie, which is based in Tigard. Most of his cases focus on workers' compensation and he has spent much of his time in the Oregon Court of Appeals and the Oregon Supreme Court.

A colleague and friend who wanted to remain anonymous Keene is a "lawyer's lawyer" and a man of great integrity.

According to an Oregon Conservative news story, Jerry Keene has been a guest speaker at Republican leadership events pushing for the acceptance of same-sex marriage by conservative political activists and politicians.

Whenever Keene is introduced to an audience by his closest friend and fellow attorney, Kelly Clark, who admits he is attorney for the so-called Christian conservative Oregon Family Council, while at the same time he's a lawyer working for Pro-same-sex, basic-rights organizations that promote abortion and same-sex marriage.

According to a local news story in the Portland area, Keene is seen and heard practically reprimanding Republicans -- especially Christian conservatives -- about how wrong he thinks it is that he and his partner would be denied the right to adopt children just because they are gay. Yet, Keene has never been censured or obstructed from airing his views to conservative organizations, said a New Jersey political strategist, Michael Baker.

"While I don't support gays adopting babies and other activities reserved for the traditional man-woman marriage, I -- nor any of my colleagues -- have never attempted to silence a gay Republican speaker. See if you'll observe that kind of tolerance by a crowd of liberals and left-wing activists who disagree with your position," said Baker.

"Having served as state president of Log Cabin Republicans from 1995 to 2000" wrote Betty F. in a letter to her local television station's newsroom, "Keene has always been supportive of the activities of gay activists."

"Praise the Lord that Keene was arrested. Pray that he will be punished for his alleged crime against this little boy, and others who [sic] he may have hurt," she wrote.

While gay and lesbian activists enjoy a strong presence within the Democrat Party, there are many homosexuals who are attempting to gain power within the Republican Party.

The largest group of Republican gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals and transgenders is the Log Cabin Republicans, a group of liberal-left politicians, activists and supporters who favor same-sex marriage, homosexual adoption of children, and other issues of interest to gays.

While not as well known as the Log Cabin Republicans, gay Capitol Hill staffers and their supporters -- including several members of Congress -- created the Gays, Lesbians & Allies Senate Staff (GLASS) Caucus.

Although GLASS is bi-partisan, one of it's co-founders, Lynden Armstrong, is an employee of Sen. Pete Domenici (R-N.M.), who also claims to be a staunch conservative. Armstrong is quoted as saying that he has received significant support for the GLASS Caucus from members. However, Armstrong admitted that many Republican staffers "have been reserved about getting involved" in the work of gay political groups.

One of their leading spokepersons is Republican political consultant Chris Barron, who often refers to himself as a "conservative." Barron is the president and CEO of the New Jersey-based political consulting firm CapSouth Consulting, LLC.

According to their press kit, CapSouth is a "full-service political consulting firm offering a range of services, including: media relations, direct mail, political analysis, government affairs and general political consulting."

Jerald Keene's work for the Log Cabin Republicans, the nation's oldest and largest organization of Republicans dedicated to freedom and fairness for gay and lesbian Americans is impressive, but many political activist are suspicious of his motives for being Republican and attempting to pass himself off as a "conservative."

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But while obviously liberal-left in their political philosophy, the firm isn't shy about claiming to represent "conservative" candidates.

"Don't get fooled by these people. These are Republican candidates and operatives who espouse conservative values and principles around election time, but side with the liberal-left lawmakers during their terms," warns Baker.

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Whenever Keene is introduced to an audience by his closest friend and fellow attorney, Kelly Clark, who admits he is attorney for the so-called Christian conservative Oregon Family Council...