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By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
July 24, 2013

In keeping with the advice of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel -- to never let a good crisis go to waste -- President Barack Obama took to the microphone on Friday and during his comments on the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin tragedy he questioned whether or not Florida's so-called ‘‘stand your ground’’ law has a positive influence on peace and public safety in American, according to law enforcement officials who spoke to

Obama suggested positive measures that the American people should implement such as sensitivity training for local law enforcement officers.

"This may sound reasonable to Obama's liberal-left supporters, but in the context of the Zimmerman trial, it's meaningless," said former police detective Sid Franes, who is African American.

"First of all, everyone associated with the case including the prosecutors said race was not an issue in the case. Second, the case had nothing to do with police relations with the black community. A cop didn't shoot Trayvon Martin," said Franes.

"The Obama administration attack on stand your ground laws suggests the White House cannot tolerate the individual right to self defense and the right to use force of arms in self-defense," said John Snyder, a gun rights expert and a board member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police.

"Obama's attorney general, Eric Holder," noted Snyder, "said the other day with regard to stand your ground laws that, 'it's time to question laws that senselessly expand the concept of self-defense.' The attorney general does not value stand your ground laws to protect the right to self-defense, to protect life itself from prospective criminal attack."

Snyder, who's a former editor with the National Rifle Association (NRA), claims the Obama government does not recognize the natural right to life itself, let alone the right to keep and bear arms to defend life.

"It opposes the right to life, and now is trying to use its power to force people to act against their religious conscience and pay for insurance for abortion," he said.

"Basically," said Snyder, "the Obama administration refuses to accept the concept of natural right. Whatever rights this government recognizes come from the state, and not from nature or nature's God.

Snyder added, "Obama and his political and media supporters just can't seem to get through their heads that law-abiding citizens need to be able to get guns and use them in legitimate self-defense. About 100 million Americans own about 300 million rifles, shotguns and handguns. Americans buy over 10 million firearms a year and use guns in legitimate defense over a million times a year."

Snyder said, "Obama and company don't understand that America is gun country. Firearms are at least as American as apple pie."


While President Barack Obama, black civil-rights leader and thousands of protesters are absorbed in the George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin episode and its aftermath, a 6-year-old African American girl was shot and critically wounded as was a 52-year-old woman during their attendance on Saturday night at a vigil and memorial event for a victim of street violence, according to a police detective familiar with the case.

"As many cities throughout the nation are witnessing protests and the news media are all abuzz on Sunday over President Barack Obama's Friday comments on race, violence and Florida's 'stand your ground' law, there is practically no coverage of this case of viciousness," said Det. Lawrence Kerrinson.

According to Chicago police, Quianna Tompkins and dozens of Chicagoans were at a vigil for Brandon "Bones" Snipe, a victim of Chicago violence who was gunned down when he was 24-years old five years ago last Friday in the "Windy City."

The sound of gunshots rang out during the memorial and little Quianna was hit by a stray bullet, said Det. Kerrinson, a 25-year law enforcement veteran.

According to several local media accounts, one of the suspected shooters was captured by police, but there were other suspects involved, all of them identified as black teenagers or young adults.

"[Quianna] is fighting for her life as we speak," Tompkins' mother, Juannakee Kennedy told reporters at the hospital.

According to Chicago's NBC affiliate, Kennedy begged for those observed running from the scene of the shootings to "give themselves up to Chicago police officers."

"Please, I know you didn't mean to do this on purpose," she said. "Please don't go through life with guilt on your heart. We forgive you. We just want some justice for our baby."

The 52-year-old woman, who was another innocent bystander shot, has yet to be identified by police officials.

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Witnesses said they saw the woman turn around with blood gushing from her chest and that a "Good Samaritan" applied pressure to the profusely bleeding wound as he requested bystanders to telephone "911."

"So far, it's not clear what the motive was for memorial service shootings," stated Kerrinson during a telephone call with Law Enforcement Examiner.

As of July 21, 2013, there were 220 homicides committed in Chicago, a city well on its way to duplicating or surpassing it's 2012 statistic of 509 homicides, according to DNA Info.

The majority of the victims were black or Latino, according to statistics.

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Obama suggested positive measures that the American people should implement such as sensitivity training for local law enforcement officers.