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By NWV News Writer Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
November 19, 2013

Democrats, Republicans and Independents come together to defeat big government socialism.

Josephine County Oregon - The voters in Josephine County, sent two messages on Election Day, November 5, 2013: they will not support big government and socialist programs and they will not support compromising RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) who have all but abandoned conservative-libertarian principles of small government and freedom from oppressive laws and regulations. [Link]

Before the people decided “enough was enough,” the Josephine County commissioners, Democrat Cherryl Walker and RINO Republican Keith Heck had decided to pass ordinances on the residents (without their vote) that created new regulations including oppressive enforcement of environmental ordinances such as solid waste disposal and other regulations designed to hurt citizens in their wallets and pocketbooks with big fines and penalties.


The RINO-Karl Rove wing of the Republican Party is all but disowning the conservatives and libertarians within the “big tent.” They make derogatory statements about the Tea Party movement, provide fewer GOP campaign dollars to these popular candidates, and anonymously leak information – sometimes out-and-out fabrications – about their fellow Republicans to the liberal-left news media who are more than happy to write negative stories about the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.

Josephine County is a tiny example of the fiscal crises cropping up across the United States. Like its larger counterparts, Josephine County was quickly becoming a fiscal basket-case.

As with the Obama administration and many states’ governments, the question is how to pay for the government’s hugely excessive budgets. Josephine County was trying desperately to increase incoming revenue and they created an alternative funding scheme that may well be headed toward a backyard near you, if it’s not already there.

"They have unilaterally installed an extravagant expansion of the bureaucratic power of the County. It is a grand experiment in alternative funding," said Attorney Jack Swift in an NewsWithViews article.

Swift described Walker’s and Heck’s power-grab:

"First, every County Department head has been appointed as an 'enforcement officer.' It is the function of enforcement officers to investigate, issue citations for, and prosecute all violations of any County ordinances, codes, or administrative rules. Alleged violations are not complaint driven. Investigations are triggered upon any reasonable grounds the enforcement officers can discover. Under the scheme, Department Heads are in turn empowered to designate employees in their departments as enforcement officers. In return for undertaking this bureaucratic workload, provision is made that all fines collected for offenses will be paid to the department issuing the citation. A true bureaucrat might view this as a dream come true - the bureaucrat is given extraordinary enforcement power over individuals and is in turn paid to exercise that power against those individuals."

The Josephine County Republican Central Committee voted to pass a resolution opposing these measures last June. Since then, they received letters of support from the Republican Central Committees in 20 other Oregon counties, as well as from the Oregon Republican Party. An 8.5" x 11" flyer was send out to 40 thousand county voters paid for by the Oregon Republican Party explaining the dangers of 4 unconstitutional ordinances. These ordinances were badly written and overreaching, and they are very glad that they were defeated at the ballot box on November 5.

Voter turnout was high for an off year election. According to County Clerk, Art Harvey, voter turnout usually runs about 40% in off year elections, but the GOP had an almost 50% turnout to defeat these ordinances.

“The referendum on the four ordinances succeeded! The voters spoke loud and clear. All four measures were resoundingly defeated,” said ORP’s new chairman, Art Robinson.

And the Code Enforcement Ordinances weren’t just defeated – they were rejected by large majorities. The GOP web site lists the final tabulations as:

Measure     Ordinance                                                    No Votes          Yes Votes

17.53           Solid Waste & Nuisance Ordinance          76.48%             23.52%
17.54           Code Enforcement Officer Ordinance      79.24%             10.76%
17.55           Hearings Officer Ordinance                       80.15%             19.85%
17.56           Environmental Health Ordinance            77.47%             22.53%

But not satisfied with this victory alone, Oregon’s GOP Chairman Art Robinson has filed to run for the Congressional District 4 seat, currently occupied by Democrat Peter DeFazio.

Robinson has faced DeFazio in two previous elections but DeFazio has strong support in the liberal urban areas and the state’s Republican Party failed to give him their full backing as happens when the establishment GOP frowns on Tea Party or conservative candidates.

One of the loyal conservatives in Oregon’s Republican Party, Vivian Kirkpatrick-Pilger, immediately responded to Robinson’s announcement.

“Art Robinson and his family brought strength to our campaign to defeat the 4 ordinances which where on the ballot. They contributed a great deal to Josephine County efforts and we greatly appreciate this. While Mr. Robinson is facing some criticism because he has recently been elected as Chairman of the Republican Party, the Republican Party should support Art in his quest to defeat DeFazio. We should all be very pleased that we may have the quality of the man of Art Robinson in place of someone who has done a bad job for Oregon and have someone who is a conservative and works for the people, not for the conglomeration of liberals in this state,” -Kirk-Pilger stated.

Upon hearing of Robinson’s intention to de-seat him, Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) decided it was time to part ways with the Obama administration’s medical fiasco, Obamacare, and is suddenly attempting to appear opposed to the Affordable Care Act.

Conservative Art Robinson is taking the party to new heights in spite of establishment Republicans (RINOs) attempting to sabotage the conservative "upstarts.” In fact, many GOP conservatives believe what’s happening in Josephine County and in Oregon is doable throughout the nation.

Robinson says that he believes “the Oregon Republican Party must be a coalition of freedom-loving individual Republicans and Democrats, along with Constitutionalists, Libertarians and Independents who are citizens living in Josephine County.”

The Cave Junction resident is outspoken on a number of issues including Obamacare, a government program passed into law using lies, false data and out-and-out strong-arming of the American people, most of whom despise the Affordable Care Act of 2010.

The list of issues and government actions he opposes includes warrantless searches of homes and businesses; enormous fines, jail time and confiscation of private property for minor violations; citizens being accused of "offenses" to be determined and applied by unelected, omnipotent "Hearing Officials" with no judicial review; and bureaucrats being paid their salaries from the money they extract from citizens through fines they themselves collect and the selling of property they themselves confiscate from their owners.

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According to local voters, Robinson is a champion for the conservative-wing of the GOP. He is a supporter of home-schoolers, nuclear energy, and one of the biggest global warming skeptics in the country. The conservatives and libertarians believe that Art Robinson is the right man to fight the current establishment Republicans and the radicals who control the Democratic Party locally and nationally.

"The property, privacy, and freedom of each Oregonian – each American – is no safer than that of the most vulnerable among us," Robinson said,

"In our various political parties and associations, we often argue about what actions should be taken to restore prosperity to the many Oregonians and Americans who are having difficulty making ends meet today. We understand their plight. We know we can help. And, we surely all agree that we should not make their situation worse!" noted Art Robinson.

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The Josephine County Republican Central Committee voted to pass a resolution opposing these measures last June. Since then, they received letters of support from the Republican Central Committees in 20 other Oregon counties...