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By NWV Senior Political News Writer, Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
July 14, 2014

News with Views Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Paul Walter will be the special guest speaker for an upcoming political pow-wow that will address some of the major issues facing the state of Oregon and the United States of America.

According to the chairwomen, Oregon natives Jaye Bell and Ronnie Herne, the event titled, "Patriots Gathering" will bring together some of the state's most influential and forward-thinking individuals who will hear from some of the nation's cutting-edge speakers.

The gathering is scheduled for Saturday, July 19, 2014 from 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m. at Coos County's Pony Village Mall in North Bend (see information below).

"The idea for this gathering is to acquaint people with an overview of some of the important topics going on today. It is meant to be uplifting in that the Speakers will present on successes, or on projects that will likely be successful," said Bell and Herne in a statement.

People who are actually doing something will be featured as speakers and will be attending, according to the chairwomen.

"We are trying to create some personal liaisons between the counties. Few exist now and Coos County is relatively isolated, being distant from any interstate corridor," they added.

The goal of "Patriot's Gathering" is to bring together in a relaxed setting a series of topics and speakers with an intellectually honest and patriotic audience. "We want people up and moving, mingling. This will not be a TV show," Bell and Herne said.

Besides Paul Walter's keynote address, speakers will discuss topics such as Agenda 21, federal land use laws, urban renewal, the Oath Keepers movement, the Oregon State Lottery initiative and other important issues. The presenter will include Rae Copitka and Loma Wharton; Rob Taylor; Rob Pell; Ronnie Herne; and others. is dedicated to revealing lies, innuendo and agendas - wherever they may be. Our political affiliations are not to the left or the right, but to "what is right and true."

Our goal is to bring you the best news and commentaries on current events that may be manipulated or controlled by the mainstream media.

Our aim is to enlighten, educate and awaken people to the real issues facing this country and the world today.

Under Paul Walter's leadership started publishing in June of 2001. A Constitution-defending conservative, Mr. Walter noticed the Internet was awash in a sea of websites that were mouthpieces or sycophants for the establishment Republican Party, the liberal-left Democratic Party, as well as the feminist movement, the environmental movement, the Christian Right, etc.

According to NewsWithViews associates, the popular Internet publication believes the nation is on the wrong track and it's not a Jewish, Christian, or a Muslim issue; nor is it a conservative or a liberal issue; nor a Republican or a Democrat issue. It is a Right or Wrong issue.' mission statement includes the proposition that "truth is UNIVERSAL. Everyone can recognize it but, some reject it. Truth and honesty unite, while lies and deception divide. Bare in mind that Truth is hate to those that hate the Truth."

Paul Walter has made certain that remains a voice of reason and patriotism while not allowing its affiliation with any religious organizations or political groups. "We believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind," Mr. Walter has often said.

Paul Walter born in a socialist communist country, immigrated with his family to United States (Legally) in 1958. Served in the US armed forces in Germany during the Cuban Missile crisis under John Kennedy's administration. He has first hand knowledge of how Communism works. "It's hell because they turn the people against each other," "they divide, then conquer and rule, and they don't believe in God eather." says Mr. Walter

Paul Walter published a 114 year old history book that was discovered by accident that contains the complete banking history of how the Banksters took over the United States, titled: The Coming Battle.

"Patriots Gathering" will be an event that may very well change the state of Oregon for the better. With a lawless federal government, a corrupt tax system, greedy political leaders who place profits above patriotism, and a news media that has little regard for the First Amendment and honest journalism, it's up to the American people to effect change as it was understood by our founding fathers.

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"'Patriots Gathering' may be the first volley of a statewide revolution that brings Oregonians back to the philosophy of freedom as outlined in the founding documents -- the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution," said political consultant and attorney Michael Baker.

Patriots Gathering information:

Date: Saturday, July 19, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. (Pacific)
Place: Pony Village Mall, Room 157 B, near Macy's
1611 Virginia Avenue
North Bend, Coos County

For further information including travel directions, telephone Jaye Bell or Ronnie Herne at (541) 396-4200

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According to the chairwomen, Oregon natives Jaye Bell and Ronnie Herne, the event titled, "Patriots Gathering" will bring together some of the state's most influential and forward-thinking individuals who will hear from some of the nation's cutting-edge speakers.