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By Jim Kouri
Posted 1:00 AM Eastern
April 1, 2008

The Global Poverty Act (S.2433) is expected to come up for a vote in the US Senate any time before the November presidential elections, according to conservatives who fear it is a giant step towards handing over US sovereignty to the United Nations and foreign governments.

This is the newest liberal-inspired plan to allow a United Nations style tax on American citizens, according to officials at the American Conservative Union.

ACU officials say that this "sickening bill could potentially force the United States to spend as much as $845,000,000,000.00 on welfare to third-world countries."

While the Senate record of Sen. Barack Obama may appear to be a bit lacking for a man seeking the presidency, he has taken a leadership position in pushing forward this unique piece of legislation. While the idea of eliminating global hunger and disease throughout the world would appear to be a good thing, critics of the Obama-sponsored senate bill say this legislation appears benevolent only on the surface.

"This is the same tax on Americans that the socialists and New World Order enthusiasts have been dreaming about all these years. Americans are a generous people and may believe their leaders want to help the impoverished, but it is an idea that in reality is just one step closer to One World Government," claims political strategist Michael Baker.

"The socialists would like nothing better than to tax the people of the United States with the blessings of liberal-left American politicians and activists," he said.

According to critics of S.2433, since no one wants to be on the record as not wanting to combat poverty, some politicians -- without a doubt -- will feel pressure from some of their less courageous colleagues to go along with a policy they believe is harmful to the American people. Plus members of the news media have shown themselves to embrace socialism and will help to let this horrendous Obama-sponsored bill passed, without alerting Americans about its ramifications.

"This is all part and parcel of the New World Order: Third-World countries taxing the American people," said award-winning actor and political activist Michael Moriarty.


"These Maoists and Stalinists realized they could never bring people in other countries up to the standard of living we have in the United States. So, what do they do? They try to drag down the American people so that they are as poor and miserable as the impoverished in other countries," accuses Moriarty, who is a regular contributer to

"It is not humane to burden the American taxpayer with billions in additional foreign aid. It is more than unacceptable," he added.

"How do liberals fight poverty? They make more people poor," said a New Jersey school teacher who has been critical of this nation's government schools.

"If history is to be our guide, American 'foreign aid' often winds up lining the pockets of Third-World tyrants and bureaucrats who hate America and do very little to help those who are truly in need," she said. "Remember the United Nation's Oil for Food scandal?"

The educator points to the United Nation's Oil for Food criminals who made extraordinary amounts of money while the Iraqi people went hungry as an example of the failure of internationalists to help people.

"I'm always reminded that when politicians say they want to help you, the best thing you can do is run away from them as fast as you can. They're not in the business of helping people -- they're in the business of grabbing as much power for themselves as possible," said Baker.

Phyllis Schlafly recently said in a speech before the members of the ACU:

"Obama's costly, dangerous and altogether bad bill (S. 2433), which could come up in the Senate any day, is called the Global Poverty Act. It would commit U.S. taxpayers to spend 0.7 percent of our Gross Domestic Product on foreign handouts...

"$845 BILLION is hardly a drop in the bucket and, yes, that's in addition to our Foreign Aid programs, which, in 2006, cost American taxpayers almost $300 BILLION!"

"If the Democrat-controlled Congress passes this bill, the United States will have taken the first step toward the complete surrender of our national sovereignty," Baker said.

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In a statement released by the ACU, the officials at the conservative organization wrote:

"The American people will be watching and will not tolerate massive United Nations-style giveaways that are passed in the dark of night -- or in broad daylight for that matter. S. 2433 is a stealth bill and a dagger aimed at the heart of America's sovereignty."

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"This is the same tax on Americans that the socialists and New World Order enthusiasts have been dreaming about all these years...